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On Workers’ Day: What Are You Working For?

If you expected this question to go rather that way (points), sorry it goes this way (points again). You are slightly shocked? I know. Nigeria celebrates her May Day today.

The May Day as promoted by the International Workers’ Day is to ensure that workers/labourers/employees and employers all over the world celebrate the value of work, themselves while reviewing labour laws.

May Day also known as Labour Day is an official holiday in several countries and unofficially celebrated in many more. Mind you, employers, business owners and investors have nothing to rest for. They get working with strategic orders that they give to employees, they keep thinking around the clock and about the next move. They relax and enjoy the values that accrue to them via corporations, invest in different deals and watch their financial/wealth column grow.


Beautifully sad, you are a worker, you keep working, yes! You get the reward, credit, promotions, vacations (if available for your kind of work), and hang-outs, get to attend a ball and what have you. However, the harder you work, the more you make someone else richer. Many years ago, (eyes roll) actually 3 years ago when I stumbled upon Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, I changed the way I think towards money, financial intelligence, skill acquisition, influence and life. I had lurked around a friend’s shelf (with his notice though) to get the book. Wikipedia cites that; Rich Dad Poor Dad, a 1997 book written along with Sharon Lechter advocates the importance of financial independence and building wealth through investing, real estate investing, starting and owning businesses, as well as increasing one’s financial intelligence to improve one’s business and financial aptitude.

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A lot of unanswered questions has posed a lot of problem to many people and they seem to ask the same way I am asking now; “what are you working for?” I have no business here to explain hint/keynotes from the book. You should get a copy (send me a mail if you need a free copy). Sadly, many workers/employees only have today to rest and their other 364 (5) days is dedicated to growing someone else purse. The time arises one would/should ask, is the time, stress, dedication and commitment worth it. Many of the things people work for are; money, promotion, fame, family, love partner, mentor, value and many more. Of all these, money seem to be the roaring child everyone focuses on, yet it is the most destructive office to set up a chair as well as the wrong track to start your life time race on.
The story behind Worker’s Day (off) is laced in bouts of victimization workers had to face from owners of means of production. They were subjected to long working hours, low pay, and value transfer to the bourgeoisies amongst many other ills. Eric chase wrote; “Workers had seen first-hand that Capitalism benefited only their bosses, trading workers’ lives for profit. Thousands of men, women and children were dying needlessly every year in the workplace, with life expectancy as low as their early twenties in some industries, and little hope but death of rising out of their destitution. Socialism offered another option”. As this is history, it is not as relevant as what you do today. This will determine years to come which will be wrapped up as history too. Today, I ask what option are you making or taking.
To keep this short and wade off any trace of uninteresting tale or bizarre talk. Life is a push the same way our jobs are a pull. Whatever you do, make sure it is your business, build it, invest in promising ideas, get sponsorship and if it appears no one is supportive, keep working, not for money but for fulfillment. They will come back; I mean everyone whose seed you’ve nourished and those who cursed you as a workaholic. And remember to roll over with a smile at your work place, invent ideas, shape your employees thoughts, inspire them and ensure you all are growing together. The secret to success is working not for money, let money work for you as you invest in ideas and influence lives. I leave you with Robert’s words; “don’t get clunged up in a rat-race of working to earn, then spending and paying tax”.
The government will smile as officials would sponsor their children’s education abroad, the employer/HR Manager gets richer with your hard work. Remember to face your business and know what you are working for.
Don’t react about this post, just think. I am doing the same. Thanks for reading and sharing.
Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Writer, Graphic Artist, Brands Developer, Editor)
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