Women Will Love You More If You Love Books – Researchers

Believe it or not, there is a very high chance that, that woman you are crushing on or the one you have only got eyes for will get to like you better or even fall for you if you love books! Strange isn’t it? But science has proven that your love of reading may actually make women swoon around you.

However, for women to get to swoon around you, you may have to be interested in reading certain books.

The simple truth is women that are nerds are to say the least, cute and there is no denying the fact that they can hold the attention of men in a special way. The same things apply to guys that are nerds and new research suggests that women actively seek out men who have their noses in books.

The research was conducted by Dating site eHarmony and they analyzed dating profiles of a number of persons in an attempt to figure out what listed hobbies receive the most matches.

The Researchers found that men who say they enjoy reading a good book received 19 percent more matches when compared to those who don’t mention reading. Another good thing is the same applies to women, who received three percent more matches.

If you are keen about increasing the number of matches you get on dating sites and apps, you may want to include the list of books which are your all-time favourites in your profile.

In this particular study, men who said they are fans of the books “Screw it, Let’s Do It” and “Like a Virgin: Secrets They Don’t Teach You at Business School” had a whopping 74 percent increase in messages as opposed to men who didn’t include any love of books in their profile.

The type of books you read seems quite important and if you read certain books, you may want to avoid listing it in your profile. Be sure not to mention the Harry Potter series as your favourite book as it led to a 56 percent decrease in messages for men who did so.

Books that encourage creativity and those that touches the reality of life seem to be ahead in the ones that will make women swoon. So, it looks like it’s time to hit the bookstore or the library and get busy with reading those books that will not only give you a larger pool of knowledge but also score you points with the ladies.

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