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Alaka Olanrewaju Mayowa is a young Nigerian who earns a living by creating solutions to problems facing businesses in Africa

In a quick chat with him over the weekend, he sheds more light on how he has managed to help businesses grow organically and his future plans. Excerpt

You’re fondly called Laerryblue. How did you come about the name?

My full name is Alaka Olanrewaju Mayowa and my best colour is blue. My little experience in Germany made me discover my name is pronounced laerry and I decided to name myself “Laerryblue”. It is unique and nobody bears that in the world. Since then, people have known me as laerryblue.

What motivated you to become a social media specialist?

One of the best ways to make money in the world is to create solutions to certain problems and one of the problems I solve daily is to help businesses increase their audience, engagement and help them advertise their businesses to target audience.

There are lot of social media specialists today, what makes you different?

I help African businesses use the social media to target potential customers both geographically and by interests. With my vast experience I understand the African business terrain. I use this knowledge to enhance my services to the African market, dealing with businesses from all sectors/industries.

Is there anything else you do apart from providing social media services?There is one thing you won’t believe, I was motivated to become a digital PR. I was really addicted to my phone that I press my phone 24-7 and couldn’t even do without the internet for a second, then it occured to me that I could use my phone to start making money. Later I found myself sending Broadcast Messages (BC) on bbm. Later on I started charging N1,000 per BC and people were getting great results. I had over 4,000 bbm contacts during the period. Then I started helping clients build their Instagram pages with real and active Nigerian Instagram followers. I went on to set up my own team, we were about 15. It was called “Royals Media Consult” in OAU, with the likes of Deroj (now CEO, Oba Media Consult), Dockthor, Rhozario and many others. My partner – Deroj and I organised several pool parties at the time. After I graduated, I pulled out of the team to start my own “Laerryblue Media” where I also manage and promote musicians, interpret and translate German language.

What is your future plan for Laerryblue Media?

My future plan and dream for my business is to be one of the best digital marketing companies in the world as well as one of the best talent management companies and to become a great employer of labour.

Do you have a team working with you and are you looking to hire more people?

Presently I have people working with the company ranging from the head PR, social media manager, chief strategist, videographer, content producer, digital marketing specialist, graphics designer, to mention a few. I am looking forward to hire more people as the company expands.

What’s your business philosophy?

“What is worth doing at all is worth doing well” and “Whatever you don’t have now it means you don’t need it”.

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