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I’m sure most of you must have heard a lot about JAMB being dreadful and scary, especially if you’re writing for the very first time. UTME stands for united Tertiary Matriculation Examination, which is known to be a major prerequisite for gaining entrance into tertiary institutions (Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education).

JAMB is not exactly what it looks like by the words you hear. I believe if you prepare well, you should get a good result and if you don’t, the reverse is the case. There are several ways to failure but the only way to success is Hard work. It may not come easy and convenient as expected but it will be worthwhile. I believe in the paraphrased adage that says: “Rest is sweet after work is done”. You could be having problems with whether you are prepared for the exam or not.


The following (7) steps can be taken to ensure an A-grade success in the forthcoming examination.

  1. Understand your career & passion: Various candidates and students are out there living another person’s career. Some of them may not be good in Science but due to peer influence, they decided to join and as it turns, becomes unbearable. Ask yourself these questions; What do I have passion for? What do I really want out of life? Why do I want to study the course? What do I have to do in future?. Don’t just sit blindly and expect a bright future without asking yourself some questions about circumstances and situations you’ll face.
  2. Read Books: The most important thing is reading of books. I mean your notebooks and textbooks. You only have 4 subjects to work on with English inclusive irrespective of the course whether Science, Art or Commercial. There are cases where you may not understand things in the textbook, go back to your notebooks. These are preliminary but major processes you have to take in preparing for any exam.
  3. Consult a tutor: Cases are where you may not understand both what you were taught in your notebook and those in the textbook, it is best advised to consult someone who knows best. I mean best and not better! Such person could put your it through with some explanations on the problem and tell you other things to know.
  4. Make an outline: JAMB has a syllabus that explains what may be asked in the forthcoming examination. This is like “AOC: Area of Concentration”. Treat each topic carefully until you’re certain that you can solve any problem that comes your way. This really helps so as not to read amiss.
  5. Solve Past Questions Using JAMB CBT Software: This is the best way and one of the help-meets in JAMB UTME examinations. Chances are questions could either be repeated or similar questions can be asked. JAMB does this most times. Answers are being provided to guide you. And also based on the fact that JAMB UTME is a computer based test. A JAMB UTME CBT Software is inevitable.

If you need JAMB CBT Software:

You can Download For Android HERE.


And also download for PC HERE.

  1. Be Attentive and No Cheating: This is very important in the examination hall. As it is now, JAMB is CBT-Based which is learnt to reduce the risk of examination malpractice. However, this can not be fully guaranteed as there are always defaulters. Pay attention to every instructions given and keep your business to yourself. A good student who has prepared well will be confident of his or her own answers.
  2. Be Prayerful: This is the overall shot to give. Irrespective of your religion and the confidence you have in your answers, you should always back up your examinations with prayers. There are cases where you may be confident you did well but result comes bad. Back up your exam with prayers both before and after the examination. Good luck!

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