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How To Trick Your Body Into Building More Muscles Without Lifting More Weights

There is a high possibility that you are keen about getting stronger or building more muscles but you don’t want to go through the stress of lifting more weight. You can do this by simply changing the demands of your training, which can help you challenge your muscles in an entirely new way.

If you’re looking to make your workout more effective without increasing the amount of weight you lift, you might want to give one or more of these methods a try.

Reduce Your Rest Period
Rest periods are one of the most important but sadly overlooked parts of a successful workout. If you spend too much time in between sets doing other things like checking your phone, then you lose the stress or tension on the muscle.

You may however want to decrease your rest period to intensify your workouts and keep your body moving. Keeping a close eye on the clock and challenging yourself that way will help ensure you’re not just going through your workout session aimlessly.

However, there’s a limit to this technique. For instance, you can’t decrease your rest periods to 30 seconds or less and expect to have a solid set.

This is because you will be too gassed to even come close to completing your reps. But if you’ve been resting for two to three minutes between sets and the amount of weight you’re lifting doesn’t warrant that long of a rest period, try resting for 45 seconds to one minute instead.

Switch Your Stance
If you’ve been doing the same squat stance for years, chances are your body will get used to what you require of it. So, instead of adding more plates to the bar, why not try changing the position of your feet?

By simply changing your base of support, you change the way the body anchors and supports an exercise. This can be achieved by tweaking your foot position or by moving to a split stance or single leg stance, as well as by changing machine angles and levels. This changes the base of support, which challenge the muscles. All these can help you twist your sleepy muscles or tired moves.

Change Your Hands
Positioning is also important when it comes to your hands. Changing to a neutral grip when performing exercises like back rows and pull-ups helps the long bone in your arm, the humerus, stay in proper alignment with the rest of your body.

This can help you alleviate shoulder stress, including wear and tear of your shoulder joint over time. More so, besides preventing injury, this can ultimately clean up your movements—which makes your lifts more effective.

Change Position Of Your Load
Changing the position of the load you are lifting is a sneaky way to trick the body and brain. By simply changing where you place the weight, you change how your body responds to manage it.

For example, when you set up to perform a dumbbell lunge, chances are you drop your arms down straight and hold the dumbbells by your sides. It is better you switch things up a bit. Hold the weights by your shoulders, one up and one down, or Zercher style.

Another way you can tweak things is to actually drop or reduce the amount of weight you use, and offset the load on one side of the body, hip, shoulder, or overhead. This imbalanced load challenges your core, your balance, and a whole lot of other things that have an effect in building your muscles.

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