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Travelstart Nigeria and KLM airlines sponsor the Nigerian female Bobsleigh team for the winter 2018 Olympics



Almost recently the Nigerian female Bobsled team re-wrote history as the first African team to participate in the winter Olympics. And until now many people do not know the names of these talented women or didn’t even know we had a Bobsleigh team not to talk of it being feminine. The-Nigerian-Bobsled-Team

Meanwhile, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Travelstart Nigeria, which arguably has a cheap flights rates has partnered to make flight provisions for the Nigerian female bobsled and Skeleton team for the summer Olympics happening in South Korea. Travelstart Nigeria announced this on 24th of January, 2018 ahead of the Olympics games.

The Nigerian bobsled team and Skeleton federation will take off from Murtala Muhammed Airport and fly through Amsterdam before alighting at Incheon International Airport in the capital city of South Korea.

Travelstart Nigeria
Travelstart is the parent company of Travelstart Nigeria. With headquarters in Cape Town South Africa, Travelstart Nigeria originated in Sweden and commenced its travel services in the late 1990’s –precisely 1999 –as the pioneer of Stephan Ekberg –a travel visionary. Most importantly, Travelstart is Africa’s biggest online travel agency. Since it came into inception, Travelstart has lasted almost 2 decades as an operative online travel agency. With the current staff base of over 200 members, Travelstart has succeeded in strengthening and unifying Africa’s immigration system. In its quest to further broaden its scope, Travelstart Nigeria operates extensively through subsidiaries in Kenya, Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria, Turkey and some other countries.

Travelstart launched its platform in Nigeria in 2012 and fortunately, it has succeeded in strengthening its staff base in the country. Currently, Travelstart Nigeria works vigorously on the backbone of 50 staff members who have made it possible for the travel agency to perform massive flight operations. Statistics show that over 500 airlines have performed flight operations spanning across 11,000 or more destinations.


In acknowledgement of its remarkable flight operations, Travelstart Nigeria was given a prestigious award for the Best Blog. This award, which came in 2017, is affiliated to the Nigerian Tourism and Travel Awards. With regard to its convenient, safe and reliable travel services, Travelstart Nigeria has claimed an incredible stance for itself. Most importantly, Travelstart Nigeria boasts of cheap flight charges and if you’ve been looking for a pleasant online platform to book affordable flights, don’t hesitate to visit

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a scheduled airline established as far back as 1919. It is quite unique and highly commendable for having maintained its original brand name for nearly a century. Interestingly, KLM is the world’s oldest scheduled airline that has not changed its brand name since establishment.

KLM is a high-profile airline and it has been labeled with remarkable achievements particularly for the worldwide flight operations it performed in 2016 using over 200 aircraft. Through these operations, the company made the mouthwatering sum of €10 billion and further succeeded in recruiting a massive staff of 32,000 persons from its Amsterdam base.

With the help of its key subsidiaries –namely KLM and KLM Cityhopper –the KLM Group boasts of a massive inventory comprising 635,000 tons of cargo as well as the total of 30 million passengers.

In 1947, KLM commenced its Nigerian operations using a DC-4 to execute scheduled flight operations from Amsterdam to Kano. Due to the need to expand its flight operations to suit the satisfaction of Nigerian customers, KLM commenced scheduled flights in 1961 and in the populous city of Lagos.

The Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton Team
As it prepares for the forthcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, the Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton team maintains its repute as a team of vigorous, passionate and courageous females who are waiting to mark Nigeria and Africa’s first appearance in Winter Olympics. Having proven their remarkable abilities by qualifying for the upcoming Winter Olympics expected to be held in South Korea, KLM is ready to support the Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton team in the belief that the team’s outstanding qualities encompass the company’s objectives.

The Nigerian team

The historic team in question is made up of three individually gifted women that found a way to put their strengths together and make history in the names of Seun Adigun, Akuoma Omeoga and, Ngozi Owumere. They are the first in history to represent both Nigeria and Africa as a whole in the sport of bobsleigh. Ngozi has a background work apprentice in a mortgage industry but is now a full-time student pursuing a doctorate degree, Akuoma is the brakeman of the team and also an established healthcare recruiter, Seun – the driver of the team – is currently a chiropractic student (this is a medical field of study concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the spine). She is also studying for a dual degree of doctorate of chiropractic in the Texas Chiropractic College and masters of Science in exercise and health science at the University of Houston clear lake. These women are perfect examples of why you can achieve go on to achieve it all. The winter Olympics will begin on the 9th of February and end on the 25th of the same month. On the 24th of January Travelstart and KLM Airlines agreed a deal to fly Nigeria to the winter Olympics in South Korea.



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