Top 5 Business To Start with N50,000 In Nigeria 2022

Zobo business model.


50k naira zobo in Nigerian currency.


It’s possible to start this business for as little as $5,000. People will buy in bulk from you even if you’re selling in front of your house, especially if your product is exceptionally tasty. You and a friend may easily create a zobo together, and you’ll quickly generate enough revenue to cover your costs. Zobo has its own set of health benefits, which you can reap by chilling it. This is especially important in the current heatwave.


Fairly worn clothing…


Okrika, I’ve got 50k in Nigeria.


OK, or Okrika is a lucrative business in Nigeria that may be started for less than $50,000. She began out with just $5,000, but now she’s ready to create her store. This industry is not a joke, and selling female Okrika can be very lucrative. If you can’t get to Cotonou for any reason, you can meet folks who bought clothes from Cotonou and pick out the best ones to resell in your neighborhood or wherever else you think you can make a profit.



The food industry.


50,000 Nigerian culinary items.


I’m a big fan of this business since you have to sell every day. Especially if you live in an area where it is difficult to get to the marketplace and believe me, most of us do. If you are the market for the people, then the money is yours, my brother and sister. It’s not necessary to start with large sums of money if you have access to a farm that produces staples like garri or rice; just start someplace.



Shirt manufacturing.


In Nigeria, the price of a home is $50,000.


You know, the kind worn by actual men, like bank tellers and other office professionals. You don’t need to be a tailor or seamstress to run this business, and you don’t even need to go out and start picking out shirts. Just go to the market, say, ariaria market in Aba, and ask questions about where you can get shirt materials. You’ll be amazed by what you see, including nice shirt materials, but don’t go with the “color riot” option, as you’ll see people asking if you want to sew shirts (nwanne ichoro ikwa akwa) as you’re purchasing.


They’ll do it for you at a reasonable price, in a variety of sizes, and even include a personalized label of your choice. Depending on the amount of money you have available at the time, you can start this business in Nigeria with as little as N50k or as much as N30k.


If you’re considering starting your business, make certain that there is a demand for your product or service. Just use your social media platform wisely. It’s all up to you. Stop chasing girls on Facebook, you jerk. Make money from the data you’ve been wasting by selling it on these services.


Accessory items for mobile phones.





Earbuds, ear pods, chargers, phone bags, screen protectors, and the like are commonplace. Demand for these goods is constantly rising, as you may have noticed. So, this is a business that operates daily, and it’s tied to the sale of food products. In Nigeria, you may start a business selling phone accessories like earpieces for 50k, or even only 10k, if you’d like.


Go to Ali express and place your order for them at an incredibly low price straight from China; believe me on this. It’s possible to resale some of the earpieces we acquire for as little as 200 nairas and get 500, 600, or 700 nairas for them, while others that cost 1000 naira can be sold for as much as 2000 or 2500 naira.


To get started, you’ll only need $10,000, but as your firm grows, you’ll be able to invest back your profits and expand your product line. Using social media can help you sell and distribute to your friends, and you never know if you’ll become the next Jumia.

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