On your way to work, you drive by gorgeous lady walking by the side of the road. You unconsciously swivel your head as your eyes follow her movement and you internally think, “Wow, she’s got great skin! What is she using?”. If you could, you’d actually walk up to her and ask what soap and cream she applies.

And if you’re on the receiving end of the compliments, it’s quite an ego boost when people admire your spotless skin everywhere you go.

Yes, Flawless Milk and Makari works for some (who have the money), staying in an air conditioned room from morning to night keeps one fresh, and Baba God also gave some people skin as smooth and supple as a baby’s bottom. But what are the simple, inexpensive ways to achieve and maintain beautiful skin?

  1. Drink plenty water

To have beautiful skin, you have to make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Taking clean and clear water gives you clean and clear skin. Water provides adequate moisture for the skin and keeps it healthy. Not taking enough water reflects on your skin as it would become dry, flaky and dull.

  1. Eat balanced diets

This cannot be overemphasised. Eating balanced diets consisting of all the food categories translates into beautiful skin. Eat foods rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. Eat less fat, sugar, junk and over processed foods. If you can’t do without junk food, cut your intake gradually. Your skin would be better for it.

  1. Exercise

This is good for your entire wellbeing, not just your skin. Exercising causes you to sweat. This sweat contains all the toxins you have in your body. Thus by exercising, your body releases the toxins along with the sweat leaving your skin healthy and beautiful. Create time to exercise, even if it means walking the long distance to or from work, or around the block.

  1. Sleep well

Ever seen a person and known immediately that the person didn’t sleep a wink all night or hasn’t been sleeping well? Yes? How did you know? Dark circles, bags under the eyes. Sleep revitalizes the skin. It helps the body fight disease and free radicals in the body which might disrupt the proper functioning of your body. Good sleep, good skin.

You know these already? Cool! Try to apply them more consistently. Creams and soaps work externally, but these help bring the beauty of your skin from within. Do your best to combine the two – internal and external – in the best way possible and get/keep that skin you have beautiful.

Do you think any other thing should be added to this list? Do share in the comments section.


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