#TNFashion : How to Flaunt Your Restyled Flat Sandals for Spring Fashion

spring sandals

Spring is one of the best seasons for fashion. Aside from the hot and humid weather that this season could bring for those who love outdoor activities, this is also

a good opportunity for a lot of men and women to flaunt their body with their stylish clothing and accessories. 

Just when you thought everything is ready for the season, that’s when you discovered that your pair of Mephisto flat sandals that could be the perfect complement for your Spring outfit has been damaged or typically run out of style due to long and overdue storage.


With a little styling and renewal you will do, you can definitely enjoy your newly refurbished sandals together with your favourite Spring outfit plus these handy tips.


Sunny and Vibrant Outfit


Spring always remind us of the sunny and vibrant weather that is perfect for outdoor adventure. If you want to take a walk in the park under the Spring breeze, all you need to do is to wear your restyled Mephisto flat sandals with straps to give you the comfort and support you need for a tireless walking together with your classic as a striped shirt and pleated skirt that seems so simple yet so cool.


If you want to go a little more edgy when it comes to clothing style, you can also wear your restyled sandals with a floral top and lady like full skirts or plain coloured trousers to keep a fresh yet compelling look.

spring sandals

Vintage Look


This is one of season’s favourites. Achieving this kind of style is not as hard as what everyone thinks. How to achieve this look? A good pair of vintage tee and a belted full skirt comes perfectly together.

And don’t forget to match it with your unfussy pair of flat shoes and remember the golden rule: outfit should be black to be able to make it a complete vintage look.

Some might not find it suitable on their style preference but once you tried it, you will definitely cannot get enough of it. Another rule to remember a pair of flat shoes is way better than pointed heels in order to achieve that retro-look without going beyond the line.


Simple and Classy

If you want an office outfit that is atypical, make it come true by pairing your restyled flat shoes or sandals with cotton button down sleeves and a pair of white-leg pants and a classic satchel bag for that instant wardrobe update.


This outfit is not only simple and classy but could also give you the most comfortable look the whole day even while running errands at work.


Weekend Stroll


If you no longer want a heavy outfit on your weekend stroll, matching your flat sandals with a quite simple outfit is the best way to achieve a comfortable look without too much of your effort.


The best way to do it is to match your restyled shoes with a striped tank and skinny jeans and a trendy hand bag. It’s not just about the outfit, pull your hair down to achieve a messy hair look and grab your nice pair of shades for that complete weekend stroll outfit that will bring out the best and most comfortable you.


There are more than hundred ways on how to match your flat sandals on your outfit to come up with the trendiest look for this season. As what many fashion experts would say, the ultimate key to wearing the best outfit is to walk and talk with confidence. If you have that secret ingredient, you’re a true fashion star!




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