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Why WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram go down simultaneously

It is no longer a news that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook’s services are seemingly experiencing technical glitches since earlier on Wednesday.

The outage appears to be global, with media reports and tweets revealing that the issue is prevalent across Europe, USA and Africa as well.

Some Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users cannot upload photos, videos and files.

Facebook, which owns all three apps, said it was aware of the issue and was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible”.

Why are the apps down?

Experts said from a technical point of view, there will always be the occasional disruption between connected apps and services due to the complexity of the services they’re offering.

Most of the servers and storage are shared among the different apps, services or platforms. When one breaks, it may very well affect all the other services connected to it.

Facebook experienced its worst outage ever back in March. It rendered Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp unusable for up to two days.

Users were unable to log into their accounts or share posts on Facebook and Instagram. On WhatsApp, messages couldn’t be sent or received. The social media giant blamed it on a “server configuration change.”

Earlier today, Facebook experienced technical issues which affected WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, owns WhatsApp and Instagram too. Since founding Facebook, Zuckerberg has taken an aggressive strategy when it comes to acquisitions.

Acquiring Instagram
Zuckerberg knows what he is doing, too. When Facebook purchased Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion, the image sharing site was not generating revenue and offered limited features.

Skip to 2019 and Instagram is worth $100 billion. It has been generating revenue since on-platform ads were introduced in 2013. Today, Instagram generates more revenue than Facebook.

Acquiring WhatsApp
Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for $19.3 billion. While WhatsApp has been generating revenue for years before being bought by Facebook, its user base had spiked since 2014.

Within just four years, it can boast more than 1.5 billion active users, surpassing even Instagram’s user base.

How are they connected?