Just In: Crisis as police arrest PDP senator

Officers of the Nigeria Police Force have allegedly arrested Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, the People’s Democratic Party candidate for Kwara South Constituency ahead of Saturday’s elections.

PDP Kwara South Youth Forum Chairman Muideen Abdulrahman in a statement said Rafiu Ibrahim was arrested on Thursday night.

“The reason behind Senator Rafiu Ibrahim arrest is currently unknown and reminiscent of last year’s arrest of Kwara PDP leaders in Kwara South constituency during the bye-election”, he noted.

Although, the police are yet to speak about the arrest, however, the arrest may be unconnected to the clash between supporters of the PDP and the All Progressives Congress in his hometown, Ojoku, on Tuesday.

About two persons lost their lives while many others were injured. On Wednesday, Police said six suspects had been arrested.

However, the arrest has been roundly criticized by people as it could cast a pall over the election process in the state.

The arrest of Ibrahim by the Police shows that “Institutions of state are being manipulated,” said Olu Onemola, Special Assistant on New Media to Senate President Bukola Saraki said.

Mr Ibrahim’s supporters accused the police of inviting and detaining only the senator, while leaving Ashiru to continue his campaign ahead of the election on Saturday.

They said his detention could hinder his election strategy, while conferring advantage on his opponent.

Political atmosphere in Kwara has become increasingly volatile as election day approaches.

The PDP kicked when Mr Egbetokun, once a security aide to APC chieftain Bola Tinubu, was moved to Kwara earlier this month, calling his neutrality into serious question.

The police declined to tell why they did not invite Mr Ashiru for questioning in the aftermath of the latest violence.


Three conspiracy theories to the postponed general elections

Millions of Nigerians went to bed on Friday evening hoping to wake up on Saturday to cast their votes. By the time they woke up on Saturday, a familiar story had played out: the elections had been postponed. For the third successive general election, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) failed to keep its oft-repeated promise of “we’re ready”.

Immediately, theories started pouring forth from various factories. Uche Secondus, the national chairman of the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), accused INEC of working hand-in-glove with the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), because of imminent defeat. The APC, in return, accused INEC of acting out PDP’s agenda. Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate, said it was “hand of Esau and voice of Jacob” — accusing APC of being behind the poll shift. On social media, APC supporters wondered why PDP fans already tweeted that the elections would be shifted at a time other Nigerians did not have any inkling. And so on and so forth.

After sifting through the various conspiracy theories, herr are three major categories.


This theory, suspected to be coming from the PDP, says APC wanted INEC to conduct “staggered elections” in which only 26 states would vote on Saturday while elections would be postponed in 10 states. The presidential poll would be declared inconclusive. Based on the pattern of results, APC, using federal might, would then deploy full security and financial resources to the remaining 10 states to suppress PDP’s votes and claim victory. This strategy, according to the conspiracy theory, was used effectively by APC in Osun state whereby the governorship election was declared inconclusive and voting was allegedly suppressed in the run-off and APC carried the day. This theory says the US, UK and EU, sensing what APC wanted to do, mounted pressure on Mahmood Yakubu, the INEC chairman, not to stagger the elections but shift them to a date on which every state could vote simultaneously.


Faced with the reality that most pre-election opinion polls did not favour them, PDP decided to collude with INEC to postpone the elections and buy time — according to another conspiracy theory propounded by some APC supporters. It is alleged that most of the personnel at INEC were appointed or recruited when PDP was in power and they still owe their allegiance to the party. Therefore, the theory goes, the INEC personnel decided to sabotage the elections at the prompting of PDP so that there would be more time to gain support for Atiku Abubakar, the party’s presidential candidate. PDP supporters have countered this claim, asking why the same INEC staff did not sabotage 2015 elections in favour of the PDP government. Meanwhile, some APC supporters are asking why PDP fans knew beforehand that the elections would be postponed if indeed their party was not working in tandem with INEC.


There is yet another theory — that APC leaders met in Abuja on Wednesday and concluded that the elections were not looking good for them. Security agencies and other government agencies were directed to sabotage the election, thus paving the way for INEC offices and card readers to be burnt, the theorists allege. They further claim that working with INEC insiders, the APC made sure materials did not get to some locations ahead of Saturday so that elections would not hold simultaneously across the country. Those who believe in this theory also link it to theory no. 1 above, concluding that but for the international community, INEC would have gone ahead with staggering the elections. APC supporters have a counter-argument: why would they want the elections moved when they were the favourites to win?


No matter the conspiracy theory that you believe, there is a consensus that INEC was right to have postponed the elections as a result of the issues it highlighted. Many commentators have blamed the electoral body for poor preparations, but Yakubu, in his address to stakeholders on Saturday after the postponement, said there was sabotage, although he did not point his fingers at any particular direction. Whatever theory is right, the indisputable conclusion is that the postponement has created room for conjectures and allegations. It would be difficult to persuade the purveyors that there was no political motive behind the postponement, either in favour of APC or PDP.


What APC, PDP said as INEC postpone elections

Nigeria’s two main political parties have condemned a decision by the country’s electoral authority to delay presidential and national assembly elections by one week.

Polls were due to open at 8 a.m. on Saturday, February 16, and will now take place on Saturday, February 23, authorities said.

“Following a careful review of the implementation of the logistics and operational plan, and the determination to conduct free, fair and credible elections, the commission came to the conclusion that proceeding with the election as scheduled is no longer feasible,” the chairman of Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mahmood Yakubu, said at a news conference early Saturday.

“This was a difficult decision for the commission to take, but necessary for the successful delivery of elections and the consolidation of our democracy,” he said.

Elections for governorships, state House of Assembly and area councils are on hold until March 9, the INEC said.

Parties react

The main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) accused each other of using the delay to their advantage.

“We condemn the postponement of the elections, but urge our teeming supporters to be patient and determined,” a statement released Saturday by incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidential Campaign Council read.

It said Buhari had fully cooperated with the INEC and that the council hoped the commission would “remain neutral and impartial in this process” and not collude with the PDP.

The statement alleged hat the PDP was “never ready for this election,” and accused the party of using the postponement to “orchestrate more devious strategies to try and half President Buhari’s momentum.”

Opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar of the PDP said in a statement on Friday that Buhari’s administration has had “more than enough time and money to prepare for these elections” and accused his opponent of delaying the vote in “hopes to disenfranchise the Nigerian electorate in order to ensure that turn out is low” on the new polling date.

Abubakar urged voters to come out in even greater numbers on February 23, adding that the APC “are desperate and will do anything in their power to avoid” being rejected by the Nigerian people.

“You can postpone an election, but you cannot postpone destiny,” he said.


PDP ruined Nigeria – Buhari

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, left the country in ruins after ruling the country for 16 years.

Speaking at a meeting with a select group of South-east leaders, Buhari criticised the previous administrations for “lack of conscience” while “vandalising” the country.

“The state of infrastructure we inherited was terrible – no roads, the railway was killed and power,” said Buhari.

“They lacked conscience because anybody with conscience will not do what they did.”

Buhari, who will seek re-election in February, said “anybody” could be given the chance to lead the country but not the camp of the PDP because they were reckless with the country’s resources.

“Let anybody lead this country but not the PDP. They were so reckless with the resources of the country,” the President said.

“If you ruin the economy, send your children abroad to get education, won’t they come back?” he asked, adding: “I said it 30 years ago that this is the only country we have.”

The president said the ruling All Progressives Congress got it right from the very beginning that the major problems facing the country were mainly on security, corruption and the economy.

In 2015, Buhari wooed voters with his promises to lift the nation’s troubled economy, end decades of corruption and win the war against insurgency.

But three years after, critics and opposition condemned his administration stating that it has failed to uphold his promises to improve the country’s economic growth.

Recently, a report by Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization in USA, put Nigeria atop the world poverty statistics ahead of India.

Buhari, however, said “we must stay here and salvage it together.”

Source: GuardianNG


Osun PDP forms coalition with Labour party to defeat APC

In a bid to ensure the victory of the major opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Osun governorship election, a chieftain of the party, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi on Tuesday wooed prominent members of the Labour Party to support the PDP.

With the state’s election holding in four days time, Ogunbiyi made this request while meeting with Labour Party’s bigwigs in Iwo Local Government Area of Osun.

In a statement signed by Ismail Afolabi, Ogunbiyi’s spokesperson, the former governorship aspirant said PDP is the viable alternative to the ruling All PC in Osun and therefore urged members of LP to align with it in order to defeat APC on Saturday.

“PDP is the most viable alternative to APC. We have to come together to dislodge the ruling party and restore the hope of Osun people,” Ogunbiyi said.

He called on the supporters of the sister opposition party to throw their weight behind PDP so as to dislodge the ruling party and emancipate Osun people.

“We are all on the same page in our struggle to build Osun of our dream. However, the political reality on ground requires a strong coalition and unity of purpose.”

Moved by Ogunbiyi’s statesmanship, the Labour Party’s bigwigs renounced their membership of their party and declared support for PDP.


Breaking: PDP calls for immediate arrest, prosecution of Adeosun

Nigeria opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party(PDP), has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the former minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun.

Adeosun resigned her appointment on Friday, 69 days after Premium Times published a report that her National Youths Service Corps(NYSC) exemption certificate was fake.

However, the PDP is not satisfied with the former minister’s resignation and has insisted on her immediate arrest and prosecution.

“We acknowledge the resignation of KemiAdeosun from office as Minister of Finance, but insist on her immediate arrest and prosecution for deserting national service and forging her NYSC Exemption Certificate in addition to alleged impropriety and abuse of office,” PDP spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan said in a statement.

“The PDP, therefore, demands an immediate open inquest into the records of the Finance Ministry under Mrs. Adeosun, to unravel all improprieties by the Buhari Presidency cabal, including alleged diversion of oil proceeds, fraudulent oil subsidy deals, leading to high fuel price; depletion of our foreign reserves, embezzling of funds returned by Switzerland and other huge sleazes in the ministry,” he added.

The opposition party also stated that Buhari must be held responsible for all infractions in the finance ministry under Adeosun, as he appointed and retained her despite having information on the certificate forgery.

The “situation that confirms the decadence and lack of due diligence in the Buhari Presidency,” Oklogbodiyan said.

PDP further calls on international community to stop an alleged plot by the ruling party All Progressives Congress and the Federal Government have plans to “secretly” move the minister out of the country.

“The PDP is also aware of plots by the Federal Government to secretly move her out of the country, and for that, we urge the international community to be at alert and ensure she is repatriated to face justice in Nigeria should the Federal Government succeeds in its devious plan,” Ologbodiyan claimed.

Adeosun has since been replaced by Zainab Ahmed, who until Friday was a junior minister in the Ministry of Budget and National Planning.

Source: GuardianNG


Anambra 2017: APC, UPP feud over alleged rigging plot

Anambra State chapter of United Progressive Party (UPP) has alleged that All Progressives Congress (APC) is planning to rig the governorship election scheduled for November 18, 2017, stressing that the party has raised a committee of looters and riggers to carry out the nefarious plot.
In a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Uche Amaku and made available to The Guardian, UPP said: “We became aware of APC’s desperation to capture Anambra State as a sign that Ndi Igbo has accepted the party, when all of a sudden some political deadwoods and former members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who once described APC as a Janjaweed party started joining it.
“As if that was not enough, the ruling party started the usual motions without movement on some infrastructure projects in the Southeast, all in a bid to convince NdIgbo that it means well for the zone, when in fact it maintains its indifference to Southeast through lopsided appointments.”
APC had in a communiqué signed by Deputy National Chairman (Southeast) Emma Eneukwu and Publicity Secretary, Hyacinth Ngwu, named an eight-man committee to oversee the election environment in Anambra and suggest funding and other startegies to win the November 18 poll.
But UPP described the committee as “a high powered team of election riggers and fugitives of the law,” lamenting that “while APC continues its politics of deception towards the Southeast and Anambra State in particular, leaders of the party in the state continue to keep sealed lips over the activities of killer herdsmen dislocating our people from their farms.”
UPP further noted that while the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), continues to entertain Nigerians with discovery of orphaned monies, “we want to warn APC not to use Anambra State as a gateway for its political refugees to launder their loot.”obiano1


Buhari has lied to Nigerians about his achievements – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has come down hard on President Muhammadu Buhari saying he lied to Nigerians with his claim that his government has fulfilled its campaign promises in just two years. While praying to God to allow the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to continue to guide Nigerians and help the country overcome the spirit of lies, deceit and betrayal, the party said: “We read with rude shock and utter dismay, the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Easter message to Nigerians and of particular interest is the paragraph that said: ‘In the almost two years of this administration, we have worked hard to meet the expectations of Nigerians by improving security, especially in the North-East, sustaining the campaign against corruption and have taken steps to revitalize the economy’. Really? “These comments from Mr President are to say the least untrue and an insult to the intelligence of Nigerians who have been at the receiving end of his government’s mismanagement in the last two years,” the party said in a statement issued by Prince Dayo Adeyeye, the spokesperson of the Ahmed Makarfi faction.

The PDP says former President Buhari handed over a buoyant economy to Buhari On security, the PDP noted how former President Goodluck Jonathan made efforts to conquer Boko Haram and procured equipment despite stiff resistance from some of the western powers to sell weapons to Nigeria. This breakthrough, the party said, led to the successful dislodgment of the terrorists before the March 28, 2015 elections. “Nigerians can testify to the gallant display by the Nigerian Armed Forces that allowed elections to take place in virtually all the wards and local government areas of Borno, Adamawa, Kebbi and Gombe states, respectively.

“The result of the election from these states gave President Buhari the edge in the election. APC governors and officials who routinely condemn President Jonathan’s anti insurgency effort conveniently forgot that without the relative peace in those states at the time, there would have been no elections from which they could emerge as governors,” the party said adding that most of the achievements being claimed by Buhari were transferred by Jonathan. Concerning corruption, the party said the president actually failed despite the alleged success it has achieved in the fight. Dayo Adeyeye said the president lied to Nigerians “As we have mentioned in our previous statements, any war on corruption that is selective and targeted at humiliating only leaders and other members of the opposition is a total failure. “The entire anti-corruption war of the APC since inception is just in the media with only one conviction. Many of the cases in courts have been set aside and suspects discharged and acquitted while others are in EFCC and DSS detention centers without trial against their fundamental human rights as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The latest drama in town is the circus show of the discovery of huge sums of money of various currencies and denominations on daily basis without any trace of the owners. “The most absurd of this charade is the macabre dance on the so called $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23,218,000 purportedly recovered at an apartment in Osborne Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

“The government is at the crossroad as the whistle-blower and the EFCC are now shying away from telling Nigerians who owned the monies because undeniable evidence links the monies to the proceeds from the sale of turbines by the former governor of Rivers state and now minister of Transport, Hon Rotimi Amaechi. “It has also been revealed that part of that proceeds was used by Mr. Amaechi to prosecute the campaigns of the APC in 2015,” the party said. The party recalled how Jonathan’s government grew the economy from a GDP of $270.5 billion in 2009 to one of $574 billion and how the party handed over a single digit inflation which is now 17.26 percent.

“The recession we are experiencing today in the country is as a result of the failure of the APC-led administration to properly manage our economy. “The Buhari government is indeed clueless and had no economic plan until March 2017 when it launched the so-called recovery plan. The economy is at a standstill. “Major infrastructural developments that began with the previous administrations of the PDP have been abandoned. Power generation dwindled from over 5,000MW in 2015 to the present all-time low of less than 2,000MW. “The only project of note that this government has ever commissioned is the Abuja- Kaduna railroad which was 99 percent completed by the PDP administration,” the party said.


Makarfi says Former President Goodluck Jonathan was drawn into PDP crisis by David Mark and Gusau

Former President Goodluck Jonathan was actually lured into convening the peace meeting between the two factional chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ali Modu Sheriff and Ahmed Makarfi. This revelation was made by Makarfi in Abuja on Friday, April 14, 2017. Makarfi said that Jonathan was lured into the crisis by a former National Security Adviser, Gen Aliyu Gusau (retd), and an ex-president of the Senate, David Mark.

This revelation was made by Makarfi in Abuja on Friday, April 14, 2017. Makarfi said that Jonathan was lured into the crisis by a former National Security Adviser, Gen Aliyu Gusau (retd), and an ex-president of the Senate, David Mark.

Ali Modu Sheriff walked out on Jonathan at the meeting arguing that he is the most senior member of the party and should be given that respect. Ali Modu Sheriff walked out on Jonathan at the meeting According to Makarfi, the decision to invite the former president to mediate in the crisis was reached at a meeting attended by Senator Ali Modu Sheriff; the party’s national secretary, Professor Wale Oladipo, Senator Makarfi, Sen Ben Obi, Gusau, and Mark.

The Punch reports that Makarfi spoke as he reacted to the allegations made by Sheriff’s deputy, Dr Cairo Ojougboh, that Jonathan was drafted into the peace initiative by Governor Nyesom Wike and Ayodele Fayose of Rivers and Ekiti state respectively.

Prince Dayo Adeyeye, the spokesperson for a faction of the PDP, who spoke on behalf of Makarfi, reportedly said that it was agreed at the meeting that both Gusau and Mark should “approach the former president to convene an all-inclusive meeting of stakeholders in order to chart a way forward for a lasting peace in the party.

“For the record, the last stakeholders Meeting convened and chaired by the former President Jonathan, was not sponsored or organised by Wike or Fayose as alleged by Ojugboh. “The need for the meeting was agreed upon at the residence of the rormer National Security Adviser, Gusau in the presence of Sheriff, Oladipo, Mark, Makarfi and Obi.  “Gusau and Mark were mandated in that meeting to approach the former president to convene an all-inclusive meeting of stakeholders in order to chart a way forward for a lasting peace in the party.”

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described the Peoples Democratic Party’s call for the resignation of President Mohammadu Buhari as ‘ridiculous’.

The APC said that the call was not worth the ink it is written with.

APC in a statement issued today in Abuja and signed by its national secretary, Mai Mala Buni, said it would not return Nigeria to the voodoo economics which was the hallmark of the PDP years in government.

“The attention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is drawn to the latest ridiculous demand by a faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari returns the country to the voodoo economics and reckless fiscal policies the country was subjected to during the immediate-past PDP administration.

“The PDP faction by its demand to return the country to the years where looting of the public treasury was the order of the day, has taken its orchestrated plot to deflect attention from the economic mess it left behind to new insensitive and shameless heights”, the statement read.

“Instead of this charade by the PDP, we advise the PDP and their cronies to apologise to Nigerians and toe the path of honour by returning public funds stolen under its watch.

“While the PDP attempts to fraudulently re-write history and misrepresent facts on its misrule of the country, Nigerians are traumatised on a daily basis on disclosures of the startling level of pillage of the country’s commonwealth perpetuated under its watch.

“Instead of saving for the rainy day, past PDP administrations and their cronies literally looted the public treasury blind, using the loot to build luxury hotels and other properties, stashing loot in farmlands and hidden bank accounts.

“While the APC-led administration is open to and welcomes positive and constructive contributions on resolving the country’s economic challenges, the Party assures Nigerians that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is already employing all legitimate and innovative means to restore the country’s battered economy back to health in the quickest possible time.

“The results of the fiscal and economic agendas embarked by the President Buhari administration to tackle the effects of the country’s diminishing crude oil revenues, falling value of the Naira and resuscitate the economy will be evident soon.

“The APC appeals for patience and cooperation from Nigerians as the President Muhammadu Buhari administration works assiduously to pull the country out of the present hardships and restore the country on the path growth in all facets”, the statement added.



Nobody Can Bring Back The Chibok Girls – Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President as at yesterday  said good night to the Peoples Democratic Pary (PDP) as the party found it self in further crisis s.

He said this in Jalingo, Taraba State capitial while feilding questions from newsmen. He also said that he went to assess some of the projects started during his tenure in order to grow the economy of Taraba and the country at large.

Obasanjo, who said that he had already told PDP ‘good night’, when asked to comment on the lingering crisis in the party which now has two factional national chairmen, said he cannot return to say ‘good evening’.

“In the part of the country where I come from, there is a saying that you cannot say ‘good night’ and come back to say ‘good evening’ in the same place.

“So for me, it is good night for the Peoples Democratic Party, and that’s all,”  Obasanjo said.

He also expressed great confidence that The President Muhammadu Buhari-led government would surmount the present challenges before the country, while he urged the president to complete the hydroelectric project on the Mambilla Plateau.

He went further to assert that- “So far, Buhari has not dissapointed us. I trust him (Buhari); he will not fail Nigerians. I know he will overcome the challenges the country is currently facing.”

Obasanjo said that: “Taraba is a great resource to the nation’s progress,” and added that “the Buhari administration has to continue with the Mambilla Hydro Power Project in order to tackle the energy challenge of the country”.

“I sited the Mambilla Hydro Power Project on the plateau due to the great potentials it has for electricity generation for the country,” he said.

“Nigeria must complete the project because the cost is getting higher by the day, and if we do not do it today we must have to do it tomorrow.”