Adeleke Vs Oyetola: Supreme Court to rule on Osun guber election today

The Supreme Court of Nigeria has fixed today, Monday, to deliver judgement in the appeal filed by Ademola Adeleke against the election of Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun State.

The Registry of the Supreme Court had disclosed today as the ruling day to parties involved in the case.

Adeleke is praying the Apex court to dismiss the ruling of the Appeal Court that upheld the election of Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The election tribunal had declared the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) party candidate, Adeleke, as the winner of the governorship election held last year.

Oyetola, APC and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) appealed the majority judgment at the Court of Appeal.

On May 9, 2019, the Court of Appeal upheld the appeals by Oyetola, APC and INEC.

The appellate court set aside the judgment of the election tribunal, upheld the result as declared by INEC and affirmed Oyetola as the winner of the election.


Osun rerun election results as announced by the INEC

The collation of results for the Osun State governorship supplementary election results is ongoing at the INEC collation centre in Osogbo, the state capital.

Stay with us for updates.

The collation process commenced with the returning officer for the election reading out the results from Saturday’s vote.

However, here are the results of today’s rerun election as announced by INEC

Unit 17 Ataoja ward 5

Units 1&4 ward A
APC: 280
PDP: 122

Unit 12 ward 7
APC: 455
PDP: 36

The announcement is still on, kindly stay on the site to get instant notifications, or message us on whatsapp to get updates on your whatsapp.


APC’s Oyetola defeats PDP’s Adeleke in rerun

The APC candidate has shot into the lead after the rerun election on Thursday.

Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) has defeated Senator Ademola Adeleke of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the race to become the next Osun State governor.

The Osun State governorship rerun election took place on Thursday, September 27, 2018, just days after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the original September 22 election to have been inconclusive.

This was because the victory margin of 353 votes of first-placed candidate, Adeleke, over second-placed Gboyega was less than the 3498 votes cancelled in seven polling units.

The rerun election took place in the affected polling units on Thursday and the results announced at the polling units shows that Oyetola will become the state’s next governor.

In the results that were announced by INEC officials at Orolu Ward 08 PU001, Oyetola acquired 111 votes while Adeleke only got 3. In Orolu Ward 08 PU004, Oyetola won 198 votes to Adeleke’s 15, and his lead only got even bigger in Ife South, Olode Ward 07, PU12 where he scored 283 votes to Adeleke’s 15.

In Ife South Osi Ward 8 PU10, Oyetola scored 172 votes to Adeleke’s 21, and recorded a bigger margin in Ife North, Ward 10, PU2 where he scored 126 votes to Adeleke’s 2. In Osogbo Ataoja Ward 05 PU 017, considered to be APC’s stronghold, Oyetola won 299 votes, while Adeleke got 165.

Despite his impressive performance in Saturday’s election, Adeleke beat Oyetola at just one polling unit, winning 64 votes over the APC candidate’s 41 in Orolu Ward 09 PU 003.

Oyetola won the rerun election with a difference of 835 votes as he acquired a total of 1160 votes to Adeleke’s 325.

When Adeleke’s previous lead of 353 is added to his tally in the rerun, he’s still 482 votes behind Oyetola, meaning that the APC candidate is set to be announced winner of the election.

The final official result is expected to be declared at the INEC secretariat in Osogbo, the state capital.


Breaking: Protesters storm INEC office in Osogbo

Protesters on Monday stormed the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, to protest against the rerun declared by the electoral body.

The protesters who were seen carrying various placards and chanting solidarity songs demanded that the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the September 22 gubernatorial election, Senator Ademola Adeleke, should be declared the winner.

Some of the protesters who spoke with journalists said the mandate of the PDP candidate was stolen and must be restored for peace to reign.

They added that a rerun is a total waste of time because the people of Osun had already spoken with their votes.

The chairman of the Osun State chapter of the Conference of Registered Political Parties (CPP), Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, called on INEC to have a rethink of the decision.

He said, “INEC has no right to declare the votes concluded by the electorates as inconclusive”.

“The young and old in Osun chose Ademola Adeleke as their governor-elect. We are calling on INEC to have a rethink and declare the people’s choice as the winner”.

He added that the history of the June 12, 1993 election would not be allowed to repeat itself in the state.

INEC had declared the Osun governorship election inconclusive because of the cancellation of results and snatching of ballot boxes at some polling units in Ife North, Ife south, Orolu and Osogbo local government areas.

Consequently, a rerun has been scheduled to hold on Thursday 27, September 2018.



Quick facts about Osun guber rerun election

Osun election
Following the Saturday’s inconclusive Osun State governorship election, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced Thursday, September 27 as the new date for a rerun which will take place in seven different polling units across 4 local governments in the state.

The affected Local governments are Ife North, Ife South, Osogbo and Orolu local government area.

With the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) polling the highest number of votes among the 48 candidates, he was, however, not declared the winner because the margin of his victory was only 353 votes, and could not earn him victory when weighed against the number of votes cancelled, which amounted to 3,498 votes, INEC said.

The total cancelled votes in seven polling units amount to 3,498, a figure far exceeding the margin with which the PDP candidate defeated his All Progressives Congress opponent, Gboyega Oyetola.

Here are the polling units the rerun will take place

Orolu Local Government, Ward 9, Polling unit 001, 393 registered voters

Polling unit 004, 387 registered voters

A polling unit in Ward 9 in Orolu, 167 registered voters.

Ife North Local Government Area, Ward 15, unit 010, 502 registered voters.

Ife South, Ward 16, two polling units, 812 and 502 registered voters respectively.

Osogbo LG , one unit, 884 registered voters.

Featured/Opinions News

Will Osun’s inconclusive election end Tinubu’s reign in Lagos?

“When shall we meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?” asks the First Witch in Macbeth, William Shakespeare’s shortest and grimiest tragedy.

The Second Witch replies: “When the hurly-burly’s done. When the battle is lost and won.” Just as the Third Witch says, “That will be ere (before) the set of sun.” And together, the three witches chorus: “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.”

This article was written by By Tunde Odesola.

It was published in The Punch on Monday, September 24, 2018

Fair was foul, and foul was fair in the Osun State governorship election held on Saturday, September 22, 2018, a day when democracy was stripped naked before sunset and raped to the applause of voters while a number of induced observers looked away in pretentious ignorance.

“You can’t rig in areas where you’re not popular” was a crazy phrase which found its way into Nigeria’s political lexicon in 2007, the year when President Olusegun Obasanjo pronounced election a do-or-die affair.

Election in Nigeria has remained so ever since with modifications in modus operandi, however.

Today, the death of impoverished voters on election days has been replaced by monetary inducement while faith and hope have succumbed to despair and compromise.

Voters don’t harvest death and violence on election days anymore, now they reap beforehand, in one day, the yield of four impending seasons – democracy is truly growing in Nigeria. Mortuaries no longer overflow on election days, voters’ pockets do.

An innovative and cheerful giver, anti-corruption Nigeria has reinvented voting to include cash awards to ease voters’ pain in the sun and rain just as the mass movement of mercenaries across states continued unabated.

After more than 14 hours of agonizing wait, the Independent National Electoral Commission announced in Osogbo, Osun State capital, on Sunday that the keenly contested governorship election was inconclusive, lowering high blood pressures across the country.

The reason for INEC’s declaration is tenable because the 353-winning margin between the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Ademola Adeleke and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gboyega Oyetola, was lesser than the 3,498 voided votes in the election.

By vote figures, the dancing Adeleke squeezed victory from Osun rock to the shock of fervent APC supporters, who looked forward to the cult-like figure of the Jagaban of Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and charismatic Governor Rauf Aregbesola, to not let Osun go to the opposition. But the mask of invincibility has been torn.

The APC is licking its wounds, ruing some missed opportunities and wishing it had done things differently in some aspects.

The same thing goes for the PDP which could have won the election if it avoided some needless ego squabbles that made some chieftains of the party, like ex-Speaker Adejare Bello, defect at the last minute.

Bello, who was deputy governor to Senator Iyiola Omisore in the Osun 2014 governorship election, won his Ede area by over 400 votes. Like Adeleke, Bello is from Ede; he declared his ambition to become governor long before Adeleke, but he doesn’t have the financial muscle of Deji Adeleke, the immediate younger brother to the late Serubawon of Osun, Isiaka Adeleke.

Deji supported his younger brother, Ademola, for the Osun-West senatorial district seat, which the boogieing Ademola won by defeating the candidate of the APC, Chief Mudasiru Husain.

In the worst case scenario, Bello and his supporters across Osun would have mustered at least 2,000 votes for the APC. If you minus 2,000 votes from APC’s votes and add them to Adeleke’s votes, the voided votes would have been much lower than the margin of difference between the two parties, giving ultimate victory to Adeleke.

These are many more ifs of governorship election. From the outset, the election was for the Rauf Aregbesola-led APC to win or lose – despite a growing disenchantment to some policies and actions of the state government.

With the final results, the APC was far more popular than the PDP, but it failed woefully to manage its popularity and crises, and set itself up for a defeat long foretold. If the APC had curbed the intra-party squabble that saw the immediate past Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Moshood Adeoti aka Shehu, dump the ruling party for the Action Democratic Party, the 49,000 votes Adeoti recorded in the election could easily have fetched victory for the APC.

There are several other bigwigs of the APC like Oluomo Sunday Akere, Alhaji Fatai Diekola, Chief Peter Babalola, Chief Bayo Salami, Alhaji Azeez Adesiji, Chief Lai Oyedutan, Dr Demola Onifade, Chief Dotun Adeyemi, etc who left the APC in protest of alleged marginalization and favoritism of politicians from Lagos State in the cabinet.

Despite paying civil servants half salaries occasioned by the downturn in the state’s economic fortunes, if the APC remained as one entity, it would have trounced Adeleke, who had an F9 in English Language and failed to sit for other subjects in his West African Examination Council Ordinary Level exam in 1981.

Also, if the leading opposition candidates were truly committed to ending the rule of the APC in Osun, they should have formed a common alliance and presented a candidate to face Oyetola in the election, but it appeared that each candidate was driven more by personal ambition rather than the need to unite against the APC.

Last-minute talks broke down among the candidates of the PDP, SDP, ANDP and the African Democratic Congress led by its gentleman candidate, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade.

Apart from the ‘ifs’ and ‘ifs not’ of the election, the issue of rampant vote buying by the APC and the PDP was a sore point of the election.

No doubt, the outcome of the election was vitiated by systemic vote-buying which saw a vote going as high as N6,000 in Osogbo and N5,000 in Ede even as two-party agents were caught with large sums of money at polling booths to induce voters.

Unlike in the Ekiti election where votes were bought openly, in the Osun election, votes were bought mainly on the night before the election with buyers and voters swearing to oaths.

In doing an appraisal of his tenure, its strengths and weaknesses, Aregbosola should have a rethink of the single uniform for all primary and secondary school students in the state as this has remained a major talking point against his government. The Aregbesola government, had no doubt, opened up Osun to innovative developments, but his government failed to marry the successes recorded in infrastructure with a compassionate ear to the yearnings of the citizenry, who faulted the merger of schools and the change in their names, among other calls.

However, I don’t see any sense in the clamour for the governorship to go to Osun-West senatorial district because I’m an advocate of the emergence of the best brains at any point in time and the fact that such a clamour breeds mediocrity and complacency.

It is not in doubt that the non-appearance of Adeleke at three consecutive governorship debates made many see Omisore as a more credible alternative and gave their votes to the Ife-born engineer. It’s also arguable that Adeleke’s appearance at the debates could also have nailed his ambition if he bungled questions at the debate and revealed the suspicion in some quarters that he doesn’t possess the capacity to govern.

It wasn’t only voters that got induced before the election, the clergy also got their hands soiled by filthy lucre as some pastors and imams predicted that certain politicians would win the election. In a viral video,a particular pastor of a white-garment church predicted Omisore would win the election.

But the most shocking aspect of the election is Aregbesola’s loss of his Ijesa community, an indication that the days of APC invincibility in Osun were over, and a warning to Tinubu to be wary of Akinwunmi Ambode’s banana peel in Lagos.

What does the Osun downpour need; a broom or an umbrella?



Osun: PDP to strike deal with Omisore, others

There were indications in Abuja on Sunday that the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party might strike a deal with a former Deputy Governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore, in a bid to win the state rerun governorship election slated for Thursday, investigations by our correspondent have revealed.

Omisore is the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the election in which the candidate of the PDP, Senator Ademola Adeleke, came first with 254, 698 votes while the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Mr Gboyega Oyetola, came second with 254,345 votes.

The Independent National Electoral Commission has, however, said there would be rerun in some polling units where elections were cancelled.

The units, which were listed by the commission, are two in Orolu Local Government Area, one in Ife South Local Government Area, one in Ife North Local Government Area and one in Osogbo Local Government Area.

It was gathered that the PDP had already initiated discussions with Omisore towards winning the two units in his stronghold of Ife.

Apart from Omisore, the PDP was said to be planning to meet with candidates of other political parties that had what a source described as a “worthy outing” during the election on Saturday.

Such candidates, it was gathered, are African Democratic Congress’ Fatai Akinbade and Action Democratic Party’s Alhaji Moshood Adeoti.

Already, it was gathered that a former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, had spoken with Omisore on the need for the latter to support the PDP candidate in the rerun.

Fani-Kayode, who is also from Ile Ife like the former deputy governor, confirmed that he had spoken with both Omisore and Adeleke on the issue.

The former minister told our correspondent that there was a need for the parties to come together and “bury the ruling party in the state on Thursday.”

He said, “Yes, it is true that I have spoken with my brother, Senator Omisore, and our (PDP) candidate, Senator Adeleke, on the issue.

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“I can tell you confidently that both of them are receptive to the idea and I can tell you that we are going to meet together to discuss working relationship before Thursday.

“We are not talking about any condition. We are doing all these for the love of our party and our people. We need to liberate the state from the vultures and invaders of our commonwealth. By the grace of God, we shall do it.”

It was gathered that a former Governor of the state, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, would be involved in a discussion with Akinbade.

Oyinlola, it was learnt, would prevail on Akinbade, who served as the secretary to the state government while the former military administrator was the governor of the state, to support the deal.

Besides that, it was also learnt that the National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, would personally speak with Akinbade, who was also a former state chairman of the PDP while Secondus was also chairman of the former ruling party in Rivers State.

Top sources in the PDP confided in our correspondent that the President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, who also heads the party’s 85-member governorship campaign council in the state, would be involved in the negotiations.

It was generally believed that Saraki’s efforts at bringing the runner-up in the party’s governorship primary in the state, Dr Akin Ogunbiyi, with Adeleke, helped the party on Saturday.

The source said, “We will involve Saraki in our meetings with these men. We cannot afford to lose the election in the state.

“Then, don’t forget that we have a working relationship with all the opposition political parties under the umbrella called Coalition of United Political Parties. We will invoke the spirit behind that.”

Source: PunchNG


Breaking: APC leading with these ten polling units results

After several hours of voting, here are the first five result gotten by Triotinaija.

Ward 04 (Faji/Opete), Odo Otin LGA, unit 5

APC 125
PDP 33
SDP 07

Unit 11 Ward 11, Olorunda LG

PDP – 18
APC – 24
ADC – 0
ADP – 0
SDP – 3

Irepodun ward 5 unit 7

Apc 32
Adp 28
Pdp 21
Sdp 16

Osogbo ward 6 unit 4
APC 50
Sdp 40
Pdp 30
Adc 1
Adp 6

Ilesa Oscoed vote, unit 02
Apc -46
Pdp 43
Sdp -21

Elerin Ward 9 Unit 10
APC 33
SDP 23
PDP 21

Elerin ward 9, unit 2
APC 42
SDP 19
PDP 21

Iperin eyindi word 6
My unit PDP 29
APC 47
SDP 22

Ejigbo LGA.
Ward 9
Unit 4
APC: 81
PDP: 62
SDP: 12
ADC: 2
ADP: 2

Unit 004 Ward 001 Oke Omi Otan Ayegbaju


NSCDC deploys ‘massive’ personnel for Osun guber election

Ahead of Saturday’s governorship election in Osun state, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has deployed a “massive” number of its officers to complement the efforts of other security agencies in maintaining law and order before, during and after the election.

Emmanuel Oke, Spokesman of the NSCDC, disclosed this in a statement issued in Abuja, noting that the officers were deployed from Osun, Oyo, Kogi, Edo, Ondo and Kwara states and will be stationed at black spots to ensure public safety.

Although he did not specify the number of the officers deployed, he said the NSCDC Commandant General, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu, also ordered the deployment of mobile surveillance vehicles and sniffer dogs for the governorship poll.

“This is for the purpose of deterring criminally-minded persons that always take advantage of occasions like this to foment trouble in order to carry out their nefarious activities,” he said.

He added that the commandant also approved the deployment of surveillance/Intelligence unit, SWAT, Medical and Disaster Rapid Respond Team, CBRN Unit, Special Forces and other specialised units for the purpose of beefing up security in and around the state.

He explained that the personnel would be led by Deputy Commandant General in charge of Operations, Hillary Madu Kelechi, and urged them to work effectively with personnel of sister agencies deployed for the same purposes. He also charged them to be diplomatic in their approach.

Also, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has deployed 15,000 personnel and 60 vehicles to man strategic routes during the exercise.

Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), said while Ibadan–Akure expressway would be opened for free vehicular movement, vehicles would not be allowed to drive off the highway into Osun State, as all connecting roads would be blocked.

All roads leading to the state through Iwo, Ila, Orangun, Erin-Ile and others will be temporarily closed from 7 am to 4 pm on the day of the election.


Osun PDP forms coalition with Labour party to defeat APC

In a bid to ensure the victory of the major opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Osun governorship election, a chieftain of the party, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi on Tuesday wooed prominent members of the Labour Party to support the PDP.

With the state’s election holding in four days time, Ogunbiyi made this request while meeting with Labour Party’s bigwigs in Iwo Local Government Area of Osun.

In a statement signed by Ismail Afolabi, Ogunbiyi’s spokesperson, the former governorship aspirant said PDP is the viable alternative to the ruling All PC in Osun and therefore urged members of LP to align with it in order to defeat APC on Saturday.

“PDP is the most viable alternative to APC. We have to come together to dislodge the ruling party and restore the hope of Osun people,” Ogunbiyi said.

He called on the supporters of the sister opposition party to throw their weight behind PDP so as to dislodge the ruling party and emancipate Osun people.

“We are all on the same page in our struggle to build Osun of our dream. However, the political reality on ground requires a strong coalition and unity of purpose.”

Moved by Ogunbiyi’s statesmanship, the Labour Party’s bigwigs renounced their membership of their party and declared support for PDP.


Osun Election: INEC to hand over uncollected PVCs to APC, use fake NYSC members – CNPP

Ahead of the September, 22 governorship election in Osun State, the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), in Osun State on Tuesday raised the alarm of a purported plot by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to allegedly hand over the over 400,000 uncollected Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

Also, the conference added that information presented at its disposal has revealed that there are plans by the commission to engage the services of fake members of the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) for the Osun governorship polls.

CNPP raised the alarm in a Press Release issued by the conference on the alleged plans by the electoral commission to thwart the will of the people in the Osun State governorship election on September 22 this month.

According to CNPP, it has uncovered an alleged fresh clandestine plot by INEC to ensure that all the uncollected PVCs in Osun State were made available for the APC and their Lagos cronies already in some parts of the state to vote during the governorship election.

“We are using this medium to alert the public, especially the good people of Osun State to an alleged plot by the ruling APC and the INEC to perpetrate undemocratic act by planning to hand over the over 400,000 unclaimed Permanent Voters Cards to Osun APC and its Lagos allies with the intention to distribute the said Voters Cards to their ‘agents from Lagos to vote’ in various polling units across Osun State, it said.

CNPP emphasized that the alleged plot by the INEC is capable of frustrating all efforts by the people of Osun state and the stakeholders towards having a free, fair, credible and violent free election in the state come September, 22.

“It is unfortunate that as all hands are on deck towards having a free, fair, credible, violent free and generally acceptable governorship election in our dear Osun State on September, 22, this year, which is now a few days away the umpire body could be thinking of an alleged move to thwart the expectations of the people of Osun State in having a successful poll. We are hereby tasking all the people of Osun and the concerned stakeholders to call on the INEC to stay away from any act capable of having negative effect on the election.”

On the alleged plans to engage the services of fake NYSC members as polling officers, CNPP cautioned INEC and those planning such evil to have a rethink as the people of Osun State would stand against any act of electoral fraud and malpractice before, during and after the September, 22 governorship election in and across Osun State.

In view of the alleged plans, we are urging the security agencies and the good people of Osun state to be vigilant and nip in the bud the alleged plot by the INEC and the APC at diverting the over 400,000 uncollected PVCs for an unholy and undemocratic means.

Kolawole Agunbiade
Conference of Nigeria Political Parties,
(CNPP) , Osun State.


I am the most popular Osun governorship candidate – Omisore

A former deputy governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore, believes his popularity will earn him a big success in the September 22 governorship election in the state.

Most Popular osun governorship Candidate – Omisore

The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) said this during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.

“I am the most popular candidate in Osun State now,” he said. “The issue is that Osun politics is Omisore and others.”

“Like I said, you don’t just do a bedroom analysis or beer parlour analysis; let us wait and see the result of the election,” he added.

Omisore was deputy governor of Osun State between 1999 and 2003, after which he served as a senator on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He later contested the governorship election in 2014 but lost to Governor Rauf Aregbesola of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The former deputy governor who left the opposition party for SDP in May this year has been criticised by PDP members in the state for his defection.

He faulted the claims that he defected because he knew he would not get the party’s ticket, saying the effect of his departure was evident on the PDP in the state.

Senator Omisore said, “Since I left the PDP, PDP in Osun State has been dead. The point is that Omisore was PDP in Osun State and the PDP was Omisore.”

“The point I left was the fact that I foresaw lack of internal democracy,” he claimed. “Our convention was held, party officers were chosen; the National Working Committee (NWC) now cancelled all convention decisions against the Supreme Court judgement.”

Responding to those questioning his credibility to contest in the coming poll, the SDP candidate asked his critics not to be in a haste and wait for the outcomes of the election.

He also played down the claims that he was desperate to become a governor, stressing that the electorate would decide who they want to succeed Governor Aregbesola.

“The people determine their leader, the people determine who is popular, the people determine who is credible,” said Omisore.

“I’m not desperate, if not I won’t go to any party. The people of Osun State have an interest in Omisore, not any party.”