Here’s Why The Obamas May Not Be Invited To Prince Harry’s Wedding

For those of you hoping to see the Obamas at Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s fairytale wedding in May 2018, your hopes may have just been dashed. Sources close to the royals have revealed that America’s former president may not be invited to the regal ceremony.

While it is no secret that Prince Harry, 33, and Barack Obama’s, 56, have a serious case of bromance, reposts have it that Harry has been advised not to invite his African American friend to his wedding.

The reason? Apparently, the Foreign Office has warned the young couple against having a ‘political’ guest list. Although the reports have not been confirmed, it is alleged that the Foreign Office believes that inviting Obama would strain relations with America’s current, Donald Trump.

The royal biographer, Duncan Larcombe, claims that chances of the Obamas getting an invitation is slim to none because the Foreign Office is nervous about upsetting the very unpredictable Donald J. Trump.

It should be noted, however, that during the wedding of Prince William and Kate, no heads of state were invited to the ceremony. However, Larcombe noted, ‘religious leaders, members of the royal family, and Commonwealth countries’ were invited. It is expected that Harry and Megan will have a similar protocol.


VIDEO: Donald Trump Meets President Obama In White House


President Barrack Obama has met with President-elect and republican Donald Trump at the White House in Washington DC.

Billionaire Trump, against all odd, defeated Democrat and politician Hilary Clinton in the historic November 8, elections.

Obama had rejected Trump’s presidency prior to the election, declaring his support for fellow Democrat and his former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.




United States President Barack Obama says his government has confidence in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to special adviser to the president Buhari on media and publicity,Femi Adesina, the US leader said this during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 71st edition of the UN General Assembly.

Obama described Buhari as a man of “integrity and honesty,” declaring his administration would assist Nigeria within the short period it has left.

“We have confidence in your leadership. There are some difficulties you face, but this administration is willing to assist in the short time we have left,” Adesina quoted Obama as saying.

“You have made real progress in defeating the brutal organisation called Boko Haram, and that was achieved because of your leadership.”

Obama also reportedly offered a hand of fellowship to Nigeria “in the final and comprehensive defeat of Boko Haram, resolution of the Niger Delta crisis, which would help ramp up oil production and increase revenue, resolving the humanitarian crisis in the North East, recovering stolen money, and revamping the economy”.


He described Nigeria as a big and important country in sub-Saharan Africa, and said his country looked forward to a framework for sustained partnership between the two nations.

In the meeting, Buhari assured Obama of the progress of his administration, and the efforts being taken towards resolving the economic crisis.

He also expressed optimism that the problem of militancy in the Niger Delta region would soon be resolved.

“We are making definite progress on how many factions of the militant groups exist, their leadership and operational basis, and we have equally sought the cooperation of the oil majors,” Buhari said.

“In a short while, I believe the issues would be resolved.”

He thanked America for helping in the area of security by providing armaments, training for Nigerian troops, and sharing of intelligence, which has been crucial to the degradation of Boko Haram.

Buhari added that Nigeria was open to support in combating the humanitarian crisis currently ravaging the north-east region.