Nigeria spends over N4 billion on importation of diaper, others

Nigeria has annually spent over N4billion on the importation of diaper, sanitary pads, wipes and napkins into the country,

The Federal Government Thursday described it as unacceptable.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, at a validation meeting, yesterday, on the Draft National Industry Policy, in efforts to encourage local production and stem capital flight, said increased productivity will meet local demand and export purposes, job creation, and economic boost through government industrialisation drive.

In his keynote in Abuja, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Edeth Akpan Sunday, said the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP), which is the industrial component of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), identified demand for nappies or diapers and pants in Nigeria as very low in per capital terms.

He said: “This means, it is a developing category with strong growth prospects considering the high fertility and birth rate by Nigerian women estimated by the United Nations International Children Emergency Funds (UNICEF) to be 5.9 million babies annually.”

He noted that despite the numerous challenges facing the sector, the diaper, sanitary pads, wipes, and napkin industry has recorded steady growth over the years, while workforce has increased, as more jobs are being created both skilled and unskilled in every aspect of the industry.

Edeth, represented by the Director, Human Development in the Ministry, Mr. Alabi Samuel Akintunwa, also said about 20 companies (three in diaper, and 17 in sanitary pads, napkins and wipes) are into the manufacturing of these products, and many more investors both local and international will soon join.

He said the strategies and incentives to drive the industry have been identified for implementation in the policy, and assured of the Ministry’s collaboration with other stakeholders to up scale the dedicated loan facility to the sector to enable the acquisition of modern machinery for higher productivity to fill in the gaps within three years.

Speaking with journalists,, the Acting Director, Industrial Development Department in the Ministry, Dr. Francis Alanemeh, said the validation is the final meeting to make amends before forwarding the draft to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) for approvals.

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ON SUICIDE: The new Nigerian stage play

My friend and Radio brother, Tosin wrote about Suicide and its increasing rate. I had been silent on this issue but I have to make this clear because it’s disturbing.

Refresh your Home page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and major blogs in Nigeria, you would have your eyes fed with sad tales of suicide and post-suicide victims. While still grappling with why they took their own lives, your eyes will also be decorated with the suicide notes they left behind, some in fine writings at that.

Even though Popular Culture and Media, and its social nuances have brought us closer to the world and the idea of the Post-Modern (or if you so wish) your own idea of being Modern in a Post-traumatic Nigerian State, I find it erratic, yet heart-smelting to say that Suicide amongst Nigerian youth is a product of what we consume online and the Nigerian dystopia is enough inspiration to buy a rope or ‘Sniper’.

In the whole of last year, and with the gory statistics of those who had committed suicide this year, the blame had allegedly been pinned to Buhari’s harsh regime. I find this as a shift-blame/blame-shift mechanism.

Sadly, we are trapped in a nation where there are hardly National Rehabilitation Centres or even Forensic teams who would look into the issues and cases of suicides. Don’t be forced to ‘replace your tea with water’ when you discover that in the real sense of it, only 40% of the Suicide cases might actually be true. What if serial killers are out there strategically killing their victims then staging their death scenes and the actual death as a ‘suicide’?

I confidently put it to you that Suicide is a serious issue, that which the right persons are not paying attention to. Your President is in Saudi Arabia at the moment, I don’t think it concerns him (Maybe, when he returns from his 35th ‘Ajala’ excursion)

Suicide is not the way but can be the way to those who are having the thought(s) of it. Let’s help our friends, families and colleagues. Talk to people, monitor (sudden/irrational) changes in behaviours and what have you. Show love.

We have work to do.
God will not stop you from killing yourself; He has given us Choice already. Be guided.

NB: If the government comes for me after this post, don’t be sober, be glad truth prevailed.

Written by Badiru Kehinde


Sa’ad Abubakar, Sultan Of Sokoto Kicks Against Restructuring

The Sultan of Sokoto,  Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, on Monday called on Nigerians to focus on devolution of economy rather than restructuring the country.

Abubakar made the call at the Niger State Investment Submit in Minna.
The summit which attracted economic experts, industrialists and manufacturers as well as some state governors across the country was organised to attract investors in various fields to boost the state’s economy.
He said that the nation was blessed with human and mineral resources needed to achieve greatness.

Abubakar said: “Rather than the clamour for restructuring the country, emphasis should be on Federal Government releasing dams across the country to state governments for massive participation of Nigerians in all-year farming seasons.

“We have the ability and technical knowledge to feed the continent with what we can produce, with the required political commitment, through the provision of modern farming implements for our teaming farmers.”

He also urged Federal Government to ensure early completion of Minna to Suleja road and Ilorin to Kaduna federal roads.
He said that the poor condition of the roads is affecting smooth economic development of the state and the region.

He called on the state government to ensure proper analysis and smooth implementation of programmes put forward by individuals and corporate organisations during the summit.

He said that Nigeria was one of the best countries in the world with various mineral resources needed to better the lots of the public.


I Don’t Know If It’s Nigeria That Is Paying For Buhari’s Treatment:Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, says he is not sure if it is the federal government that is responsible for the medical bill of his principal.

Buhari has been receiving medical attention in London for the past 99 days and the issue of the cost has generated heated controversy between his supporters and opponents.

Before he left Nigeria on May 7, the president had spent 49 days in the United Kingdom, treating an undisclosed ailment.

When he appeared on Politics Today, a programme on Channels Television, on Monday, Seun Okinbaloye, anchor of the programme, asked Adesina, “Who is paying for the president’s treatment?”

“Does it matter at this point?” The presidential spokesman asked, to which Okinbaloye fired back: “We need to know, he is our president. He is a public official. This shouldn’t be shrouded in secrecy.”

Then Adesina said: “I do not know who is paying, but as a president, he has a right to be treated by the country.”

“Nigeria is taking care of the bill?” Okinbaloye asked, and Adesina responded, “Most likely. I don not know for sure.”

The presidential spokesman also discussed his experience with his principal at the Abuja House in London.

Adesina was in the delegation that met Buhari during the weekend.

“The president I saw was sharp, he was smart, he was lucid. The president I saw was almost completely mending,” Adesina said.

“But like I said in the statement we issued, he will come when his doctors say ‘it’s time to go home’.

Dismissing the position that Buhari has not returned to the country because he is too frail to travel, Adesina said: “We can’t depend on the word out there, but I can depend on what I saw with my eyes. I saw the president and I know that he has recovered considerably.

“Once the doctors certify him, he will surely come back… If you know the president, at the peak of his performance when he just assumed the presidency and went to different parts of the world, you will know that he is a man of tremendous energy and tremendous ability.

“If a man was heal and he has mended, that means he can do what he used to and even more.”


Millions lost as LG, Bedmate Showroom caught fire yesterday

Yesterday was a bad day for LG Nigeria and their neighbors, Bedmate furniture as the building caught fire. The showroom located at New Road, Cheveron Drive caught fire at about 3pm and didn’t stop till 10pm.

According to the LG staff, the fire escalated due to slow response of the Chevron Drive fire fighters team. They said they called them as soon as the fire started, but they didn’t turn up on time…


Those responsible for the death of three Queen’s College students must be prosecuted- Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki has vowed to ensure those responsible for the deaths of three students of Queen’s College, Lagos, to be prosecuted. The school suffered an outbreak of Diarrhoea in February. Three students of the school died of the disease while many others were hospitalized.

Some of the students claim that a cat died in their water tanker and they were forced to still use the water to bath despite complains that the water was seriously smelling.
Lagos state government ordered the closure of the school but has now given a nod for it to be reopened tomorrow Saturday April 29th.
In a statement released by his special assistant on print media, Chuks Okocha, Saraki said an investigation would be conducted and those found guilty would be prosecuted.

“I will direct that when this matter comes to the floor as a motion. We will debate and make resolutions. Definitely, there must be an investigation. In every civilised society, it is very shameful that young girls could lose their lives in this kind of situation. The best we can do is to make sure that this kind of incident never happens again. Management must explain how the situation got to this level and anybody who is found responsible, necessarily, they must be prosecuted. I think this would have been easily avoided and we can’t continue to live in a society like this, I want to assure you that we will look into this. The ministry of education, must tell us what they have been doing. We are sure that there has been release of funds, what have they done with it? We need to sit down and ask ourselves what we really need to do to fix education in this country. We cannot continue to watch things get this bad. Any laws we need to amend or any law we need to introduce, we need to address that,” he said


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Policeman narrates the fierce gun battle that led to the kidnap of a notorious militant group in Lagos state

Five suspected militants were arrested by the Lagos State Police on the 17th of April following a fierce gun battle with the criminals at Ogijo in Ikorodu.

One of the officers of the Zonal Intervention Squad, ZIS, Zone 2 Lagos, who was present during the encounter with the criminals said the battle had been a tough one and the criminals proved to be very deadly but they succeeded in capturing some at Ogijo, while a few others escaped.

Among those arrested were; Tochukwu Ohanezim aka Almighty King of the Jungle; Oluwadamilare Ojo, Fatai Karounwi aka Kokoro, Akeju Adeniyi aka Tablet, Oyebanji Agboola and Innocent Ikechukwu.
The police officer, who refused to be named, said Tochukwu Ohanezim is the number 3 in their very notorious gang which is why he is called the Almighty King Of the Jungle. The number 1 and 2 succeeded in escaping and according to Almighty King Of The Jungle, they are now on the water, which is how they got into Lagos in the first place.
“These criminals are suspected militants. They came to Lagos through the water and from there they terrorize citizens. We got intel and went after them. They engaged is in a fight,” the policeman said.
“One of them, this one called Almighty King of the Jungle, he is their oga. During the fight, he was boasting. He said ‘If them no kill Osaze, them go kill Onome’. It’s a proverb. The other top members of their group escaped – Agboola, General, and Vice -, those are their names. During the fight, they were saying that before we will arrest them the village will suffer. This one called Almighty made the statement. They were so sure of themselves that they will succeed but their charm failed them,” he said.
LIB asked him how soon the suspects will be charged to court and he said further investigations will be carried out and hopefully, more people will be exposed. He stated that they were already calling some names and there is hope they will reveal more.

Nigeria’s Breakup Is Inevitable – Senator Okurounmu

A delegate to the National Conference and Chairman of the committee that laid the framework, Senator Femi Okurounmu, has declared that Nigeria’s breakup is inevitable.
While giving his reasons, the former lawmaker said it is not compulsory that Nigeria will remain as one nation, noting that the northern region has been oppressing other regions since independence.

Reacting to a recent statement credited to the British High Commissioner to Nigeria where he was quoted as saying that his country will not allow Nigeria to tear apart, Senator Okorounmu said that the Britain is the major problem of Nigeria.

According to him, Nigerians are now fed up with the British-forced marriage of different entities in the country.

He told Sun, “It is possible for Nigeria to break up, we can’t continue this way and expect people to remain silent. As long as we don’t have equity, fairness and justice in the polity, if Nigeria wants to break, let it be so.

“Forget whatever the British High Commissioner was quoted as saying. It’s even these British that are the architects of Nigeria’s problems. The British caused most of our problems.

“On the eve of independence in 1959, the British colonialists rigged the pre-independence election to hand over power to a Northern political party, the Northern Peoples Congress, NPC, and since then the North has been oppressing other parts of the country, especially the South.

“For the past 57 years of independence, the North has been oppressing other geo-political zones. But for how long will this injustice last, and for how long will other Nigerians continue to tolerate the north’s dominance and oppression?

“One thing I know for sure now is that many Nigerians are tired of this British-forced marriage of different entities and nations called Nigeria, and this is why some are clamouring for self determination. Again, as long as we fail to restructure, the possibility of Nigeria breaking up is a reality.

“It is not even compulsory that we must remain as one nation, especially if one region is bent on keeping others backward. We need to return to a true practice of federalism, as it was in the First Republic. The North is dragging Nigeria backward.

“The current unitary system we are practising which the Northern military leaders foisted on Nigeria is dragging us backward. We should return to true federalism as enshrined in our independence constitution.”5195646_images19_jpeg912c3680a0db10538829e950eea3a209


Oyo-ita Gives Parents Of Quintuplets’ House, Job

Mrs Winifred Oyo – Ita Head of Service of the Federation has promised to give a house to the couple who recently delivered quintuplets at the National Hospital Abuja.

Oyo – Ita made the promise while visiting the children on Saturday in Abuja.

She said that the house will be given under the Federal Integrated Staff Housing ( FISH) Scheme.

She also promised Mr Imudia Uduehi, father of the quintuplets who is a graduate from the University of Ilorin, Kwara state a job with the Federal Civil Service.

Uduehi, at the moment is unemployed.
She described the children as great blessings given to the couple by God on a platter of gold. She said the job offer to Uduehi would enable him cater for the children.

“I am very happy for you and I am standing here this afternoon representing the entire civil service of Nigeria. Today is a day of joy for all of us.

“Indeed you are a couple that has been so blessed by God. You have been married for just two years and God has blessed you with five children at once.

“I want to tell you that the Federal Integrated Staff Housing programme will be made available to you, we will give you a house that can accommodate you , your husband and your five children. ”

Oyo – Ita also presented cash gifts and diapers to them, thanking the doctors for their efforts in ensuring the babies and mother are alive.

She applauded the medical team for taking care of the mother through the period of pregnancy and delivery.

Mrs Oluwakemi Uduehi, mother of the children who spoke on behalf of her family thanked the Head Of Service for her kind gesture.

She is a staff of the National Population Commission.

Dr Bunmi Ladipo who delivered the babies said they were delivered through caesarean section and there was no complication.5195914_quintuplets2_jpg3543577b909f0309ff0061e7d02bb5ae


States yet to meet conditions for second tranche Paris Club refund

Six weeks after President Muhammadu Buhari ordered payment of the second tranche of Paris Club refund to states, the order has not been carried out. Investigations by The Guardian showed that states are yet to fulfill the fresh conditions listed by the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun. The conditions include a monitoring and evaluation of the deployment of the first tranche by the state governments, to ensure that the refunds were judiciously utilized, particularly for payment of salaries.
Adeosun also raised the suspicion that some states must have been overpaid in the first trance settlement, hence the need for a reconciliation of their balances before further reimbursement.
The conditions set by the Finance Minister followed agitation by governors for the release of the second batch payment. When President Buhari resumed work on March 13, after his medical vacation, he was passionate about the need for states to fulfill their obligations to teachers and other category of workers. He ordered the release of the second tranche of about N6000b.
Though the ministry was not forthcoming with information on the status of the monitoring, evaluation and reconciliation of states’ account. Officials who spoke to The Guardian on condition of anonymity, said most states have failed the compliance test.
The Minister incidentally is attending the 2017 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Bank as Nigeria’s head of delegation. However, the Director of Information in the Ministry. Alhaji Salisu Na’Inna Dambatta told The Guardian that nothing has changed since the last time the conditions were set.
The Accountant General of the Federation. Alhaji Ahmed Idris confirmed the situation to The Guardian at the weekend when he said the Finance Ministry, which was handling the exercise, has not sent any instruction to his Office to pay any state.
Ahmed said: “The Finance Ministry is the one anchoring the programme. If any instruction has been sent to my office for payment, I am not aware yet because it has not been brought to my attention.”
A further check at the Office of the Director Funds in the Office of the Accountant General Office. Mr. Alex Adeyimi also indicated that there was no payment instruction from the Federal Ministry of Finance.
Director General of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF), Ashishana Bayo Okauru, said he was not aware the governors were facing any challenge in accessing the funds. Pressed further, Okauru said: “There is a process and they are on track. I’m not aware of conditions set that the governors have not met.”
He referred any enquiry on the matter to the Federal Ministry of Finance adding, “there are requirements towards meeting those conditions, including the availability of funds. I think they are working on it.”
Okauru explained that the states met the conditions set for releasing the first tranche of payments, which included payment of salaries and pensions. He expressed optimism that the fresh conditions, which involves some processes, will be met by the states, to enable them draw on the second tranche.Kemi-Adeosun


Air Force Displays Air Defence Weapon, Test Fires Locally Made Rockets

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has successfully test fired 30.1mm ground to air Inert Head Rockets locally produced by its Research and Development Team. The rockets were test fired during the Weapons Meet at Kwenev Air Range, Makurdi to commemorate the 53rd anniversary celebration of the NAF.
Also produced by the NAF R& D were the ground based rail launcher and vehicle mounted rail rocket launcher. The rocket launchers are fired through a remotely controlled firing based system. Aside from the display of air defence weapon, there was also a spectacular demonstration of weapon delivery by some of the NAF platforms.
The aircraft fired both rockets and canons with high level of precision. A total of 4 NAF aircraft participated in the weapons meet with each arriving over the range with a spacer pass at 200ft for the helicopters and 300ft for the jets. The participating aircraft included Augusta 109 LUH with backdoor gunner, L-39ZA, Alpha Jet and F-7Ni.
The exercise was aimed at sharpening the targeting skills of NAF pilots to acquire and engage targets as well as test the precision of the aircraft in hitting the targets. Four designated targets were identified and the formations attacked the targets one after the other starting with cobra, tiger and aggressor formations.
In his remarks at the occasion, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Gabriel Olonishakin felicitated with the NAF on its 53rd anniversary celebration and commended the commitment of the current NAF leadership for improving the capacity of officers and men. “Today, I am proud to declare that the NAF has lived up to expectation. This sequencing, airmanship and accurate delivery of firepower from the various platforms that participated at the Air Weapons Meet are highly commendable”.
Gen Olonishakin also disclosed that Nigeria can boast of an Air Force that can deliver appropriate air power as witnessed in the North East where the NAF air interdiction, ground attack and close air support missions played a pivotal role in the counter-terrorism/insurgency operations.5196050_fane1_jpgbdb91a0778046fdaf469c5304e137e85


Buhari dying in Aso Rock – Perry Brimah

Perry Brimah, a popular columnists and convener of ENDS [Every Nigerian Do Something], has raised alarm that President Muhammadu Buhari is dying in office.
Brimah in a statement on Friday said Nigeria was being very compassionless to its president and called on the masses to rise against “cabal” locking up Buhari.
According to him, “There can be no denying how chronically ill president Muhammadu Buhari looks when he seldom does appear in public. The last time was last week Friday when Kaduna state governor Nasir el-Rufai came visiting.
“The videos of Buhari walking for Friday prayers bring tears to eyes. His asthenic figure now no more than skin-and-bones as he sat down for the Jummah service was heart-wrenching.
“How can a people be so cold they expose a grandfather to this type of extreme stress and deprive him from his needed rest and medical expert attention by tasking him to lead the world’s most complex nation?
“Have we as a people lost our humanity that we continue to task Buhari like this and not campaign for him to be relieved of our burden and rest towards recovery?
“It is insane to continue to deprive him and the nation by locking him up and burdening him with a challenge too heavy for even a strong young man to bear talk-less an old man who just returned from a 49-day leave in which he received blood transfusions and unknown cocktails of serious medications.
“For those of us in the medical profession, we recognize the president’s loss of hair on his head and facial hair as well as his reported blood transfusions as possible evidence of cancer chemotherapy.
“God forbid, however if this is the condition the president is being managed for that the cabal is hiding from the people, the wickedness of the selfish cabal that forces him to remain locked up, “dying” in Aso Rock instead of receiving best therapy, should be vehemently opposed by us masses.
“Whoever is found guilty of hiding any serious diagnosis the president may have and bundling him back to deteriorate in Aso Rock under pressure of Nigeria’s humongous burden should be dealt with according to the full extent of the law. This is not only criminal but sinful.
“A great fear is, what if (God forbid) president Buhari should collapse? This time he may not yet have handed over to Vice president Yemi Osinbajo as “acting president” and Nigeria may be thrown into the chaos that perhaps some desperate politicians eyeing the presidency seat are secretly plotting for. Nigeria cannot afford to be thrown into such state of dilemma and disarray.
“It’s time for Nigerians to demand full disclosure of the true state of health of president Muhammadu Buhari and immediate best options for him to be allowed to rest and recover instead of being locked up to literally die under the weight of Nigeria”.buhari-620x400


Rashidi Yekini’s old mother wins N2m from millionaire game show

Alhaja Sikirat Yekini is the octogenarian mother of late Super Eagles striker, Rashidi Yekini. She has complained of financial troubles since her son’s demise. On January 23, 2016, Sports learnt that Sikiratu Yekini about her plight since the death of her son. And, we set out on a journey to Ijagbo, a town in Kwara state where she lives, and she exclusively revealed her ordeal. Following that visit, Nigerians reached out and helped her financially.

A man named Suraj Tunji Oyewale, a successful chattered accountant based in Lagos championed a course on his facebook page for some monetary contribution for Mama Sikiratu Yekini after reading our reports on what the woman has being going through, and in less than 48 hours, N220,000 was raised on behalf of the woman. Rashidi Yekini’s old mother with her N2m prize from millionaire game show Once again, help as come her way as she won N2million during her appearance on the popular TV show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

According to Daily Trust, she was assisted by Pa Dejumo Lewis and Binta Ayo Mogaji-Oduleye during its recent annual special edition tagged “Who Deserves to Be a Millionaire?” Alhaja Yekini, happily said: “Also, I am getting to realize that there are still some good people in our midst. Everything is still like a dream to me”, she said in a chat after the show. “When the representative of this company contacted me that he would be coming to visit me‎, all the way from Lagos, and that I should consider him as one of my sons, I could not believe it. He said they wanted to celebrate with me and reward me. He now said something that touched my heart: “we want to do part of what Rashidi would have further done for you if he had been around”. Honestly, I was touched.” “Let me tell you, the essence of events like this in human life cannot be quantified! It gives longevity. That is the feeling I am having now. I am going to live longer. I have just seen life, yet again in another perspective.

“Also, maybe I should tell you that the organizers have assured me of their guidance to enable me spend the money meaningfully,” she concluded, saying the money won would be spent on food and medical needs. Meanwhile Yekini’s former team, the Super Eagles are preparing for the Russia 2018 World Cup.



MC Ajele to Host First Show in Texas

Nigeria’s sought after comedian known for the “turnup” he introduces at weddings, MC Ajele, who has been in Texas will be staging his first career show in United States today (Easter Sunday)  at the very exquisite CUMI Auditorium, Houston Texas.

The comedy show tagged ‘Laugh or Else with Ajele & friends’ is being packaged by US-based Oghene Bouqui Entertainment.
 Ajele’s comedian friends and colleagues in the States who are expected to join him in making the show a memorable one includes, MCPC, Prof B, Wowo Boyz, Bukatar, Segun Pryme as well as Papa K.
 In his 3 months stay in the States, Ajele became a name synonymous to stagecraft and energy when it comes to comedy, content delivery and event hosting. The aforementioned were Oghene Bouqui’s reasons to have him, in no time, stage his own show for his fans.
 Musical performances will be done by: Tomi Favoured, Paul Akadi, Marquion C Johnson, Pascal Dunamis, Lanre Manuel and Yinka sax as well as cultural display by Bata Osun.
 The show according to Ajele promises to be a wonderful one that would surely up give his career a facelift in the comedy industry. MC Ajele is one of AY’s open mic.” competition product back in the days. And he has shared stage with prominent comedians and music artists in and outside Nigeria.
Watch the skit below….