5 Best Makeup Brush Brands Of 2017

The importance of good brushes for stunning makeup is obvious to anyone who’s ever tried putting on foundation, eyeshadow, or blush with their fingers. There are individual brushes for those who prefer minimal makeup and lavish brush sets for those who take makeup more seriously. Click to see the best deals on makeup brushes in Nigeria and find out which 5 brands produce the best brushes today.


e.l.f. is the holy grail brand for makeup addicts on a budget. This brand releases one successful makeup collection after another, and the price of the products rarely goes beyond $10. Naturally, e.l.f. is also praised for its lineup of makeup brushes, which are both affordable and practical. Foundation and contouring brushes, double eyebrow brushes and brushes for lip lining – there is nothing you won’t find there!   jiji


Spectrum is the go-to brand for those who not only care about the quality of the makeup brush, but also want their makeup drawer to look especially pretty thanks to the cute brushes. Spectrum is beloved both by makeup amateurs and professionals, and it’s not surprising – each one of their brushes ensures quick and precise application of even the trickiest makeup products.


Sigma Beauty

While the two previous brands on our list are more than budget friendly, Sigma Beauty definitely stands on the other side of makeup brush price range. Sigma Beauty is one of the most popular brush brands among celebrity makeup artists. One of the best things about Sigma brushes, besides their unparalleled quality, is the brand’s ability to keep up with the trends: they were one of the first ones to release contouring and strobing brushes.




Zoeva is another makeup brush brand that is as pretty as it is comfortable to work with. Zoeva brushes will be the highlight of your vanity table, especially if you buy a brush set in a branded makeup bag. Plus, Zoeva is famous for their specialty sets – for example, a whole set dedicated to eye makeup with every brush for eyeshadow and eyeliner you can imagine.



Even people who aren’t that keen on makeup know what MAC is. MAC is perhaps the most famous professional makeup brand, so it’s clear that their brushes are also greatly respected among makeup artists. You need to know quite a bit about makeup to choose the right brush in MAC’s lineup, since there is no brush collection as extensive as what this brand has to offer.