Stylish Ways To Rock Your Ankara Dungarees

Ankara prints have been turned and styled to different outfits over the years. It is of no doubt that we have ankara shirts, trousers and other styles you can think of for men and even for women. This is just to say the ankara prints are ever versatile. In this post, I gave different styles of how the ankara fabric can be crafted in any style as a dungaree, making the dungaree trend one to try for the weekend.

Dungarees are one of the fashionable clothing that have refused to go out of style, not only because they are super comfortable but because they are super stylish if rocked properly. If you have been at a loss about how to rock your Ankara dungarees, these are some stylish ways you can rock them to create different looks.

Armless Top

Ankara Dungarees 3

Collared Shirt

ankara Dungarees 4

Crop Top

Ankara Dungarees 2

Short Arm Top

Ankara Dungarees


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