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You know we were told many stories, yes, like other kids in the Quranic School, we listened with rapt attention to the different stories from our Alfa, some of them are true, some are fabricated and some are over exaggerated, but all is for our good to teach us some morals and everlasting truth. This story is among the few accounts that appeared in both the Holy Bible and the glorious Quran, well, I have been privilege to read both from cover to cover, so I have authority to write these few lines.
This story fascinates me any day any time, please don’t mind me, I don’t
think the way you think most of the times, in fact, sometimes, I think
something is wrong with me, because I don’t think horizontally like most
people, I think both ways, horizontal and vertical, you know when you mix BLUE & YELLOW, you should have a GREEN, that is common reasoning,but not for me, I asked why not PURPLE, and will not stop there but will tryto make it a PURPLE, I have also thought of it as a little child, why must we open our eyes to see, because we can as well see with eyes closed but I ended up in the gutter the day I tried it. Now to my fascinating story,remember the father of all nations [Abraham in the Bible and Ibrahim in the
Quran] on the mountain in obedience to God’s word to sacrifice to Him is
only son, the one he love so much, this old man was just obeying God, the two literature were both explicit in reporting this story, he was ready to
carry out God’s instruction when God gave another command, and out of 
the thicket, a substitute was provided for the sacrifice. Now, this is my own thinking, imagine Abraham getting so excited and zealous about his calling,imagine Abraham getting so used to God, imagine Abraham switching off his phone so as to concentrate on the sacrifice, imagine Abraham killing his only Son as a result of communication break with his creator, that is my
own seemingly irrational thinking…he will kill the son, and worship God,
and will receive the blame forever, but not ABRAHAM, he remained on the cutting edge, he maintains his stature in the spirit, he remained stead fast and still operates on the same frequency for transmission and thus save his son, please his God, restore the son back to the mother and laid the foundation of EID-KABIR for us.Fellow countrymen and women please do not switch off your phone lol, GOD STILL SPEAKS, open your spirit mind to always receive fresh and updated
instruction from God…this is 2012, please don’t stick to Windows 2000 or office 2003 or Internet explorer 5, or to your Nokia 3310…let us move on,
 Ade Atekoja

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