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So i go this in my mail box about two weeks ago and a follow up whats-app chat prompting me to post, my PC crash the day i intended posting and it was fixed yesterday, only for the mail to disappear from my box, i had to chat WALE  to re-mail this, this lines of occurrence makes this story extra- ordinary i serve you the  unedited  TRUE LIFE story of a Nigerian in diaspora.

My name is Musa olaribigbe Taofeek,a Nigerian and native of Ajasse-Ipo,Kwara.I was born on 8th,April 1978 in Lagos Island  to the royal family of Adeyemi  descendant ruling house,Ajase-Ipo, Kwara. My mother, Mrs. Musa Fatimah Adeyemi  was the first daughter of Chief  Adeyemi Hassan  of Ajase-Ipo,Kwara. The chief Osolo of Ajase-ipo town is one of prominent chieftancy title of the  family which is permanent to the lineage of Adeyemi  family and Adelabu Ruling House respectively .Meanwhile, she was a  business  tycoon  in Lagos Island, while my father was clergyman
I am happily married with Mrs Musa Kafayat Olaoye and blessed with 4 children
I attended Ansar –un -deen Primary school where I obtained my first school leaving certificate and Dolphin High School where I obtained my Senior School certificate Examination between 1985-1991.I proceeded to Kwara polytechnic where I was awarded Diploma in Business administration between 1994-1996.I also pursuit some professional qualifications in area of shipping and logistic in the following institution;Nigeria Institute of Shipping(NIS),Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria(IOTA),Ladoke  Akintola University of Technology, Ocean Education Research Centre(OERC) Mumbai,India

The genesis of my problems is dated 5th, November, 2014, there was breaking news of the death of Chief Osolo of Ajasse-ipo (Hourable Adeyemi  Daudu( Osolo of Ajasse-ipo 4).The exit  of said chief (Hourable Adeyemi Daudu) was a nominee of my family lineage then (Adeyemi ruling house).Surprisingly enough, I was chosen after some  rigorous spiritually, culturally, traditionally and intellectually checks. The oracle man pronounced that I was nominated to become the next chief of the land. The Opposition ruling house (Adelabu Ruling House) become furious . This triggered a lot of controversies and havoc over the two royal houses. There is one Mr Abolarin Teslim of Adelabu Ruling House who has a personal interest to become the next  chief whilst  objected the oracle man .
As a result of this, the houses divided into two  factions. The supporters of Mr Abolarin Teslim stood against me. Meanwhile, the man started levied death threat  on me to drop the stool of chieftancy.Although, he belongs to different secret culties (Ogboni fraternity) and thereby wanted to use the influence of secret society(ies)  to overwhelm. He tried to bring up some uncongent reasons that I belong to the female side of royal family, although I have wider education far better than him both  age wise and life experience is better. One of my Uncle (Mr Adeyanju  Nurudeen) stood firmly.


On 7th,December,2014,It was around 10pm along Broad street by Tinubu square in Lagos island  where I packed my car to do some shopping for my family and some bandit attempted to kidnap me  to unknown location.I was a severely beaten and injured but they ran away when people are rushing down to my aid. They stabbed me with sharp object on my eye then rushed down to hospital  at Lagos island general Hospital. Despite this ugly incident,I received phone calls  from  Mr Abolarin Teslim regarding his  death threat .
At  this instance, My uncle Adeyanju Daudu  urged me to flee for the fear of  persecution and death.Meanwhile, during the period, I have already given  an admission to studies  MBA program in Romania  at University of Babes Bolyai,Cluj Napoca (UBB), which is totally coincidental with the death of the chief and perhaps my nomination as a next chief. We reported the case to police station at my locality for findings and they put the case under investigation. Henceforth,I fled to Romania as a result of fear of persecution to commence  my studies  at the said University.
As a result of shocked and fear of persecution, I developed psychological problem that led to hypertension in Romania. This adversely affected my academy pursuit so much where i was placed under intensive care.
However, I was in Romania thereinafter till  June, 2016 after my semester examination that I decided to sneak into Nigeria  to see my family. My uncle arranged all the miscellaneous expenses to be incured .Upon my arrival in Lagos, my dearest wife advised me to abandon the chieftaincy for the opponent candidate( Mr Adeyanju Teslim) and travel back to pursue my program in Romania but my uncle and other family supporters insisted that I must become the chief of the land(OSOLO OF AJASSE-IPO) as it was revealed by the oracleman and perhaps oracle of the land has highest authority and power to be prevailed. After some days in Lagos, I received phone calls from the opposition candidate strongly vowed that my life is in danger and unsafe. They learnt that I resided in Romania and that I cannot hide anywhere in the world so they will surely get me.
Unfortunately,my uncle was assassinated in a cold blood at one fateful night by  assailants. After some minutes that the operation is being  carried out, I received a phone call from unknown person notifying me about his death and assuring that I will be the next to be killed. As a result of this, I have to flee to back to Romania for the safety of my life. While returning to Romania, I still got message from the said opposition that, very soon, their mafia in Romania shall execute me without stress. The message developed in me again with  deep fear and become psychological and personal disorder.
In order to find everlasting safety to my life, I decided to flee to France to seek for the protection from the French government. I entered Paris, France via Bucharest, Romania on the 7th  July 2016
Finally, I hereby seek for protection in order to avoid the brutality and killing threat from this opposition ruling house. It is surely that my life will not  be safe if I return to my country of origin. I hereby appeal to the protection agency to look into my case carefully and give a due consideration.

written by;  Musa olaribigbe Taofeek

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