She was down and close to drained, she needed someone to help get over these pains, but no one seems to be around, her eyes were filled with tears as she sat on the chair and her head buried in her palms. She was so disturbed that she no longer have the strength to fight back her tears, she could not believe her eyes. I am the man she has trusted, loved and supported all her life and is these how to pay her back? she did not even notice my presence in the room, even when I tried to let her notice by letting the door make loud noises, and dragged my foots on the floor, she still did not. When she didn’t realize I was in all this while, it confirmed that she was broken and it’s like she will never find the strength to rise again. She is in this critical condition and she felt like she will never be able to overcome this pain. When she raised her face the tears were gone and her face wore no expression at all, she appears so perfect and her mind was made up to go! Even when the pains lie beneath her pleasant look…

 She’s aware of my presence, she started for the door and I prevented her almost immediately she stood up. She stood still with no effort of resistance; her legs shook as she shivered, with tears dripping down her cheeks. I reached and wiped them off and she crashed into me then, I felt her warmth flowing all over me. She held still for a couple of minutes while I gave her a rub on her back with my left hand and on her head with my right hand, she sobbed and shivered increasingly then, she pushed hard towards me like she was finding a way into me and I almost fell but was saved by the walls. When she pulled back, she stared straight into my eyes that has been fixed on her since these all began and I saw her bright and blissful smiles return, a sudden rush flew into me and I shivered with unsteady legs. Just as I wanted to reach for her she crashed into me again and her pains where all GONE!.

I whispered some words I could not remember into her ears and she listened solemnly in my arms like a baby lulled  to sleep. When I said the last word in my sentence, she jerked off my arms and I got scared. When I looked into her eyes she was filled with furry, her eyes red like a tempered goddess, then the tears came dripping again. Did I hurt her again? Before I could start thinking of what I did wrong, she came towards me with full rage, raised her hands and I close my eyes braced, waiting for couple of slaps or worst, but I felt her hands soft on my cheek and it doesn’t hurt (which means it is not a slap lol) I felt her soft lips on mine, the motion flew into me and I drew her closer with my hands below her waist and she voluntarily moved closer till there was no space between my back and the wall, and the only obstacle between her and myself was the dress, then I wished ADAM never ate the apple that made human see the need for dress. I started to wish we were naked and suddenly she broke the kiss and saved me from my er0tic thoughts….

Then she spoke-: “I don’t care who she is!

Don’t ever hug a lady in the dark again!

Don’t ever open the door of a taxi for her again!

Don’t ever wait till the taxi moves again!

Don’t ever wave till the taxi is not in sight again! (And with every “don’t ever” her voice increased) and

don’t ever act so emotional with any lady again!

Don’t ever! Then I cut in and covered he lips with kiss and I let go after minutes, (with each phrase my voice went low) and I continued by saying; don’t ever forget that my sister is that lady! Don’t ever forget that she’s traveling tonight! Don’t ever forget that I wouldn’t see her years! Don’t ever forget that the streets are always dark at night in Nigeria! And then she cuts in but I was not willing to keep quiet till I made my final point and neither was she willing to keep quiet until she stops me, after minutes of saying don’t ever simultaneously. We heard ourselves chorus “Don’t ever forget that I LOVE YOU! Hands pointed at each other.

We laughed and put everything behind us.

 She is just a woman in LOVE, scared of losing the man she loved so much. she is my fiancée watching me say good bye to my sister at night……

written by: absolute kreativity

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