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We are in the 21st century “the social media age” so most people find themselves on at least two social media platforms to communicate with their loved ones (lol yeah my dad- whatsapp and Facebook) .
But as of recent it’s not all about sending and receiving messages it also entails showcasing and sharing your day to day activities, platforms like snapchat and instagram supports this feature.
The app we are focusing on is snapchat.  
Snapchat is a social media platform that supports posting videos and pictures with wonderful filters ( filters that save lives on a bad face day) for 24 hours, the videos run for 10 seconds.
I love this app and by the way you can add me up @niniolu to catch up my drama and activities.
Do you know that snapchat can benefit in more ways than you can imagine if properly utilised? I bet you didn’t know well let me show you how.
-If you tap on the discovery panel on snapchat you find variety of options you can pick from.  In this section articles and videos on different subjects are uploaded and I bet you it’s enlightening and eye opening
– Some sections you can find on the discovery panel are
1.CNN- For latest news update
2.IGN – For game lovers sports – For sports updates and news
4.National Geographic – For animal lovers
5.Tastemade – For foodies like myself
6.Mashable – For news on phones, computers and anything techie
 Ps- You can subscribe to any one of your choice. 
 So I  implore you to click on the discovery panel and believe me you will know more.
    Any thoughts,questions,observation on this post you can leave it in the comment section below and i will reply for sure. Thanks for reading,have a lovely day and hey BE GREAT
     Ini cares

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