You’ve made a terrible mistake. You got caught up in a flirtation that led to an affair. Now your partner has found out and you don’t feel good. How do you rebuild your partner’s trust in you?

1. Make Your Schedule An Open Book; Call when you say you would call, be home when you say you would be home, and keep to your word.

2. Give Your Partner The Time And Space To Vent; They might cry, insult, ask many questions, hurl a great deal of judgement at you, all the while you should remain strong, stay faithful, and keep apologizing.

3. Find Out What Your Partner Needs; Do what you can to change the situation and make things better.

4. Be patient; Accept that sometimes it’s going to feel like you’re moving two steps forward and three steps back. It’s going to be frustrating. One day it seems like there’s hope for tomorrow and the next you’re back to square one. Rather than being shocked and over-reacting, be prepared to take positive action.

5. Take full Responsibility; This means taking a deep hard look at why you cheated and how you can ensure you don’t cheat again.

6. Keep your promises; To yourself and to your partner.

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