She has a boyfriend but continues to flirt with me – what should I do?

Do you want to discover the most common indicator that a woman isn’t interested in you, which has probably caused you hours of confusion? 

Even though she has a boyfriend, the girl you’ve just met flirts with you. If you’re interested in her, these contradictory cues might be both exhilarating and discouraging, depending on how strongly you feel about each one. To add to the thrill, you believe she is unsuitable for your needs. But it’s depressing because she’s flirting with you, even though she has a partner. You’ll have to put your faith in her somehow if the two of you decide to spend time together. How would her spouse feel if he found out that his girlfriend was flirting with another person? You’ve got a lot of drama to deal with now. On the other hand, some women may not be flirting with you at all but simply be pleased. In other words, you should think twice before drawing any conclusions about this woman. To begin, let’s examine what exactly is meant by the term “flirting.”

Is She Trying to Make a Play on You?

Simply said, flirting is the act of letting someone know that you have feelings for them in a lighthearted manner. Women may try to disguise their feelings for you, but several telltale indicators will let you know how they feel. Although not all women flirt in the same way (whether or not they have a boyfriend), in general, the following behaviors will suggest that she’s flirting with you:

She scolds her boyfriend for something.

Even if she says she’d love to date you if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she’s not looking for a date; she’s looking for an emotional crush when she complains about her boyfriend. They want you to step it up and give them a reason to break up with their boyfriend and be with you. Rather than a long-term fix of attention, she only wants to cheat on or quit her boyfriend temporarily. She wants attention from her partner, whom she believes isn’t giving it to her.

A woman who’s dating someone else is still vying for my attention.

It’s unlikely that the woman you like is trying to hurt you by acting this way. She may not even be aware of what she’s doing. To find the acceptance and attention that she craves outside of her current relationship, she’s taking flight and exploring her options. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but if you’re in the right place at the right time, you might just be the recipient of her attention-seeking.

She wants to be acknowledged, but she wants to be appreciated by you right now. For the time being, flirting with her could be an emotional fix. As soon as the split between her boyfriend and her is healed, she won’t be flirting with you or needing your attention. Her remorse over having to rely on you for emotional support could cause her to entirely distance herself from you.

She has a boyfriend, yet she still likes me.

Even if she’s smiling at you, touching your arm, and leaning in to tell you that you’re handsome, it doesn’t mean she’s in love with you. Do not take her signs that she likes you and would like you to stay in touch if she didn’t have a boyfriend; she’s just being emotional at this time in her life.

The fact that she has a partner and is flirting with you makes it all too simple for you to assume that she will cheat on him that night if she gives you these overt signals of her liking. Any of you who are thinking that is fine with me. Because even if she had cheated on her boyfriend with you, it doesn’t matter. To avoid a complex and confusing scenario that you don’t want to be a part of, get out and go on.

I’m attracted to her even though she’s in a relationship.

Don’t become too attached to the flirtation, but you can still enjoy it. Do not waste time with her by hanging out with her, listening to her, liking her, or texting her incessantly.

The next time she flirts with you, even though she has a boyfriend, If you don’t want to be her buddy, enjoy your brief flirting and then move on. Other women will be eager to flirt with you in real life. It’s time to give up your feelings for ladies who are already in relationships and instead enjoy a fling with single women.


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