Seven new rule changes in the Premier League next season

Football’s governing bodies are always striving to making football a better sport.

And they’re doing a… great job.

Here are seven new rules coming to the Premier League next season.

New premier league rules

To prevent time wasting, players can now leave the pitch at the nearest point to them.

No more slow walks to the fourth official, taking your wrist tape and shin pads off.

Free-kick walls
New premier league rules

With a defensive wall of three or more defenders, attackers are not allowed within one yard of the wall.

This will supposedly stop opposition players interfering with the wall. That doesn’t seem fair though.

Drop balls
New premier league rules

Officially no more drop balls! An age old, chaotic method of restarting play is no more.

Whoever touches the ball last gets the ball. Pretty simple.

Goalkeepers’ behaviour for penalties
New premier league rules

Goalkeepers have long been menaces when preparing to face penalties, but they’re being watched.

Next season, they will officially not be allowed to:

Touch the goal frame
Move along their line
Sprint off their line
Stand behind the line
Goal kicks

From next season, a goal-kick is in play from the moment the ball is kicked.

Before, a goal-kick had to leave the area before being in play. Not anymore.

New premier league rules 4

A goal scored directly from the hand/arm will no longer be allowed.

This had long been the case, but even accidental handballs will be punished. Take notes, strikers!

New premier league rules

Players can now be booked for their celebration – even if the goal is disallowed.

We have absolutely no idea who thought this was a good idea. But we’re hardly surprised.

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