Makarfi says Former President Goodluck Jonathan was drawn into PDP crisis by David Mark and Gusau

Former President Goodluck Jonathan was actually lured into convening the peace meeting between the two factional chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ali Modu Sheriff and Ahmed Makarfi. This revelation was made by Makarfi in Abuja on Friday, April 14, 2017. Makarfi said that Jonathan was lured into the crisis by a former National Security Adviser, Gen Aliyu Gusau (retd), and an ex-president of the Senate, David Mark.

This revelation was made by Makarfi in Abuja on Friday, April 14, 2017. Makarfi said that Jonathan was lured into the crisis by a former National Security Adviser, Gen Aliyu Gusau (retd), and an ex-president of the Senate, David Mark.

Ali Modu Sheriff walked out on Jonathan at the meeting arguing that he is the most senior member of the party and should be given that respect. Ali Modu Sheriff walked out on Jonathan at the meeting According to Makarfi, the decision to invite the former president to mediate in the crisis was reached at a meeting attended by Senator Ali Modu Sheriff; the party’s national secretary, Professor Wale Oladipo, Senator Makarfi, Sen Ben Obi, Gusau, and Mark.

The Punch reports that Makarfi spoke as he reacted to the allegations made by Sheriff’s deputy, Dr Cairo Ojougboh, that Jonathan was drafted into the peace initiative by Governor Nyesom Wike and Ayodele Fayose of Rivers and Ekiti state respectively.

Prince Dayo Adeyeye, the spokesperson for a faction of the PDP, who spoke on behalf of Makarfi, reportedly said that it was agreed at the meeting that both Gusau and Mark should “approach the former president to convene an all-inclusive meeting of stakeholders in order to chart a way forward for a lasting peace in the party.

“For the record, the last stakeholders Meeting convened and chaired by the former President Jonathan, was not sponsored or organised by Wike or Fayose as alleged by Ojugboh. “The need for the meeting was agreed upon at the residence of the rormer National Security Adviser, Gusau in the presence of Sheriff, Oladipo, Mark, Makarfi and Obi.  “Gusau and Mark were mandated in that meeting to approach the former president to convene an all-inclusive meeting of stakeholders in order to chart a way forward for a lasting peace in the party.”

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Opinion: Here is to a Revolution

Talking about corruption and how corrupt our leaders can be is no news in Nigeria anymore. The news is how easy and lucrative it is to steal big and how stealing big is the only way of bypassing the law. Now the mouthwatering part is there is a prospect of you getting a hero’s welcome, when “against all odds” you “visit” the prison, and you can be rest assured you would not need to complete your “term” in prison.
Reacting to a previous article from my scholar friend, Badiru Kehinde who decried the way supporters of James Ibori welcomed him from prison in London and how preparations are on going to give him a hero’s welcome here in Nigeria.

James Ibori and supporters in jubilant mood after release from prison.
James Ibori and supporters in jubilant mood after release from prison.

I am saying, enough of the (empty) cries and shouts about corruption in high places, in fact James Ibori isn’t the first in this situation, it is actually a trend…there was a Bode George remember? I’m not mentioning other names.

While in prison, it is important to note that as an ex-governor, Ibori was being paid pension of 50 Million Naira yearly (a provision he effected before leaving office). And all the 50 million pounds he was convicted to have stolen remains his property even after he had only spent half of the thirteen years he’s supposed to use in prison. Things are a bit complicated with laws honestly, but this is a pointer to the fact that nobody will help us solve our own problem unless ourselves.

My point exactly is that until we are able to kill corruption in the lowest places, don’t let us dream about doing it in the highest places. There are lots of people closest to us who are conartist and fraud celebrities “instagram pastors” who use religion as a tool to defruad people on a daily basis. There is a lecturer who is helping you upgrade your marks and you pay them through any means possible. There’s a councillor who since elected has performed nothing but mediocrity, cut him off before he grows wings. A SUG cabinet that has no idea or will to serve but constitute nuisance, cut them off, because they will all grow with the idea of getting away with “bullshit”.

Until we make our leaders, (the ones we are closest to) understand and see offices/posts as responsibilities and that the people can do anything to save their present and future, leadership in this country will continue to be in tatters.
Until the citizens who cry about their politicians being corrupt become law abiding and not rush to bribe the police (the police thrive in corruption too because the citizens are not law abiding), then a new lucrative business opportunity just presented itself. It is simple, when you are stealing, steal big, very big.
Maybe this generation of leaders are only passing on what they got from the generation of leaders before them (heroes of our history), and maybe the books and documentary we read and watched about those leaders are false or filled with exaggerated events, maybe history told us lies.
One thing stands, no matter the hero’s welcome the lots of you will get (either convicted or not), I promise to tell the truth of how savage and barbaric you were while alive to my children and all young generation I come in contact with.
I promise to own a media outlet that will celebrate your demise as the breeds and packs of politician that would have been better off in motor parks as conductors and Agberos.
Because history is HOW someone has decided to tell the WHAT. I will tell it from the perspective of the downtrodden, the poor and the less privileged.


See The Correct and Healthy Way of Using the Toilet Seat

Correct way to use the toilet seat

There is such a thing like sitting on the toilet seat correctly and before now a lot of people have been using it incorrectly.

How one sits on the toilet seat can pose a problem and in some cases cause inflammation of some organs in the body when the right position is not taken when using the toilet.

How to use the toilet correctlyThis position puts a strain on the rectum

(Why Don’t You Try This)

 One of worst ways to use the toilet is at the ’90 degree position’ where the hips are bent disrupting the passage of the intestines and sealing them up! This also results in constipation, hemorrhoids and in prolonged cases of colon cancer!

Correct way to use the toilet seatThe best way to use the toilet seat

(Why Don’t You Try This)

The best way to use the toilet seat is to squat using the ‘the 35 degree position’! Taking a position common amongst rural dwellers to avoid straining the colon, squat on a stool or box (with the feet put up) while taking the dump!

Most of us have been seating on toilets wrongly all our lives. It is not too late to adjust.


BREAKING: MMM Nigeria Freezes All Participants’ Money Till Next Year

Barely 24 hours after MMM founder, Sergey Mavrodi wrote an open letter to Nigerian Authorities, criticising the later’s constant attacks on the ponzi scheme,  the administrators of the scheme, early Tuesday, announced freezing of participants’ monies for one month.

In a letter posted on the scheme’s website, MMM said; “As usual, in the New Year season, the System is experiencing heavy workload.
Confirming the severity of constant attacks on the controversial scheme, the statement said “moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media.

“Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month”, the statement partly reads.

Mavro is the general name used to describe participants’ money in the system.

It added; “The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will definitely do.:-))

Urging participants not to panic, MMM said that “the things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-)) (Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.)

By implication, over three million Nigerian participants as claimed by the founder, Mavrodi, who were planning to withdraw their money ahead of the yuletide season will have to wait for one month.

Triotinaija recalls that similar scenario had played out in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where participants money were frozen for certain period, pausing the system, only to return with new adjustment in its terms.

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NYSC Should Be Examined -Senators

Following the death of three members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), namely, Ifedolapo Oladepo who died in Kano NYSC Orientation Camp, Elechi Chiyerom who died in Bayelsa State Orientation Camp and Ukeme Asuquo who died in Zamfara State Orientation Camp, recently, Senators are caling for its overhaul.

Senators also declared orientation camps across the country unfit for human habitation, in a motion by its Chief Whip, Olusola Adeyeye.

Senate subsequently resolved and called on the Federal Government “to improve on medical facilities in all our NYSC orientation camps across Nigeria” and “to deploy to these medical centers, experienced medical personnel.”

Senate also mandated its Committee on Sports and Youth Development to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the three corps members in order to guide against future occurrence.


VIDEO: Donald Trump Meets President Obama In White House


President Barrack Obama has met with President-elect and republican Donald Trump at the White House in Washington DC.

Billionaire Trump, against all odd, defeated Democrat and politician Hilary Clinton in the historic November 8, elections.

Obama had rejected Trump’s presidency prior to the election, declaring his support for fellow Democrat and his former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.


How To Set Priorities In Life

The wоrld is mоving at ѕuсh a fаѕt расе these days thаt thеrе iѕ always infоrmаtiоn being раѕѕеd аrоund, be it from bоѕѕеѕ, сliеntѕ, fаmilу, friеndѕ, acquaintances, еtс. dоwn tо уоu. Sо many thingѕ vying fоr our time аnd energy. Whаt dо уоu dо about thiѕ? Hоw dо you mоnitоr аnd mаnаgе уоur time? Sеt рriоritiеѕ, right? Gооd.

Sеtting Priоritiеѕ In Lifе iѕ knоw how tо mоnitоr аnd manage your timе.

Setting рriоritiеѕ iѕ vеrу important tо hаving аn еffiсiеnt lifе, but it dоеѕn’t аlwауѕ hаvе tо bе diffiсult. Whеn уоu take thе time tо ѕеt your рriоritiеѕ, уоu’rе mоrе likely to rеасh your goals аnd reach thеm fаѕtеr. Whо wоuldn’t want thаt?

Whilе ѕеtting thе right priorities, bе саrеful nоt tо fаll into the “urgency trap”. Phоnе calls, еmаilѕ, text messages, we gеt usually make thingѕ ѕееm ѕо fаѕt-расеd. Wе wаnt tо dо everything right hеrе, right now, thuѕ hurrying аnd getting in a fix еvеrу timе.

Whаt саn уоu do? Hоw саn уоu ѕеt priorities in lifе

Determine Your Goals. The firѕt thing tо соnѕidеr when уоu’rе lеаrning hоw to set priorities iѕ tо dеtеrminе whаt your gоаlѕ аnd priorities are. Yоu might hаvе big оnеѕ and ѕmаll оnеѕ, аnd you mау have one goal оr mаnу gоаlѕ. Yоu just nееd tо figurе оut whаt they аrе and writе them down if thаt hеlрѕ уоu. It’ѕ thе first ѕtер juѕt bесаuѕе уоu саn’t ѕеt уоur priorities withоut knowing whаt уоu wаnt tо achieve in thе firѕt рlасе.

Divide up уоur gоаlѕ intо the following 4 grоuрѕ:

Criѕiѕ: Imроrtаnt аnd Urgеnt
Plаnning, Prераrаtiоn and Prеvеntiоn: Important but Nоt Urgent
Triviаl Work: Urgеnt but Nоt Imроrtаnt
Timе Wаѕtеrѕ: Nоt Urgеnt and Nоt Imроrtаnt


Evеrуthing ѕееmѕ tо bе imроrtаnt but in fасt they аrеn’t. Put thеm аgаinѕt thе 4 grоuрѕ аnd decide what action tо take. Sеtting priorities must bе a priority for уоu. If уоu find уоurѕеlf living in the Crisis саtеgоrу most оf the timе, уоur productivity will wеаkеn аnd уоu will quite simply juѕt burn out. It’s unѕuѕtаinаblе. The only wау оut iѕ tо fосuѕ оn what уоu can dо tо рlаn fоr, prepare and рrеvеnt thе kindѕ оf things thаt fоrсе уоu to ореrаtе in a сriѕiѕ. Whеn thе сriѕiѕ dоеѕ оссur, уоu’ll bе еԛuiрреd tо hаndlе it аnd mоvе on muсh more еаѕilу.

Don’t ѕtrеѕѕ yourself оvеr асtivitiеѕ уоu еvеntuаllу find оut fаll intо thе lаѕt category. Lеаvе them fоr when you are lеѕѕ buѕу.

Whеn faced with аn imреnding deadline, аn аngrу сuѕtоmеr уоu need tо рlасаtе right now, ruѕhing оvеr to wоrk, оr solve a рrоblеm, ask уоurѕеlf the following questions:

“What could bе done tо рrеvеnt this frоm happening in thе futurе?”
“Whаt can I lеаrn tо mаkе thiѕ еаѕiеr next timе?”
“Whоѕе support оr аѕѕiѕtаnсе nееdѕ to be involved?”
“Whаt could оссur in thе future, аnd hоw саn I anticipate it and рlаn tо respond?

Whеn you hаvе thе right answers to these ԛuеѕtiоnѕ, you will find out thаt аutоmаtiсаllу уоu will find уоurѕеlf trying tо keep уоurѕеlf from hаving to ruѕh аnd that уоu will hеlр уоu fосuѕ on thе imроrtаnt tаѕkѕ. It is thе еnd оf thе mоnth, look at the rеѕоurсеѕ аt your diѕроѕаl and dесidе whiсh will hеlр уоu dеvеlор hаbitѕ tо соnѕiѕtеntlу fосuѕ оn уоur kеу рriоritiеѕ. When уоu dо so, and еvеntuаllу ѕеttlе intо a routine and аlrеаdу dеvеlор thе hаbitѕ and ѕkillѕ to fосuѕ оn уоur kеу рriоritiеѕ, accomplish greater rеѕultѕ, reduce уоur stress and mаѕtеr the use of уоur timе.

Gеt Organized. Organization iѕ also key when уоu’rе learning how to ѕеt priorities. Thеrе аrе diffеrеnt оrgаnizаtiоnаl styles thаt you can аdорt. It dоеѕn’t rеаllу mаttеr whаt you сhооѕе аѕ long аѕ уоu’rе nоt just lеаving thingѕ up tо chance. With оrgаnizаtiоnаl ѕkillѕ соmеѕ еffiсiеnсу. Yоu саn еvеntuаllу learn hоw tо dо mоrе with lеѕѕ timе, whiсh will allow уоu tо gеt to more of your рriоritiеѕ.


7 Insults Yoruba Mothers Use Often That Will Correct Your Bad Attitude

The Yoruba people of Nigeria are an ethnic group of Southwestern and North Central Nigeria as well as Southern and Central Benin, together known as Yoruba land.The Yoruba constitute over 40 million people in total. The majority of this population is from Nigeria and make up 21% of its population, according to the CIA world fact book this makes them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.

The majority of Yoruba people are known for a lot of things, one of those things is their penchant for colorful insults. Here are some insults all Yoruba mothers use freely:

1. Oponu

The word means an ignoramus or a very stupid person. So when you do something stupid, or appear confused, a Yoruba mother will surely hit you with: Oponu!

The insult will have you looking confused like….

2. Agba iya

Pronounced Agbaya, it means an older person, who despite his age, is still useless. Yoruba mothers usually use it when you do something especially childish.

Ironically, being called ‘agbaya’ will make you want to cry like a child.

3. Ode

Ode is a classic. Used by almost everyone with a grasp of Yoruba and it basically means stupid. It is so commonplace, many do not even feel insulted when it is used on them.

Imagine someone calling you Ode and expecting you to feel insulted, but you have been called Ode all your life.

4. Obun

This is used to call into question, a person’s personal hygiene, so it can mean anything from dirty to filthy. Usually used when your room looks like a pigsty that has not been cleaned in years.

If your room looks like this half the time, then you are an ‘Obun’.

5. Oloshi

As commonplace as Ode, it is used almost by everyone and it means someone who does rubbish a lot. many translate it as unfortunate, but it means someone who is interested in unnecessary things.

Oloshi is perfect as a suffix when you want to insult people.

6. Olodo

Olodo is an insult used to describe someone as having low intelligence. An Olodo is dull, slow and most likely has problems with school work or other academic activities.

You will likely hear a mother use it when her child comes home with poor school results.

7. Didirin

Didirin is a close relative of Olodo and Ode, it is a cross between the two and can be used to describe someone who has low mental faculties.

When someone calls you ‘Didirin’ you will most likely feel like the man in the picture above.


#MondayMotivation: Forgiveness – How to let go and forgive

There are numerous situations in life where a person hurts you so much that it seems impossible to forget, let alone to forgive, what this person has done to you.

As time passes by you accumulate a variety of people on your “list” that have hurt you in one way or the other. Be it those that left you for good, others that hurt you or a family member/friend physically, robbed or exploited you, lied to you or showed any other hurtful behavior one can think of. With each person that joins this “list” you bear another hurtful burden on your shoulder that you carry around with yourself. Basically, you begin to torture yourself for the behavior of others that you can neither influence nor change. It deeply hurts to rethink the situation over and over again, imagining what your life would have turned out if it had not happened to you at all.

Unfortunately, whatever happened cannot be undone. No one is able to wipe the slate clean (figuratively speaking). However, you have the very powerful chance to forgive and to let go of the ballast that you carry on your shoulders.

Buddha quote about forgiveness



Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.

How to let go and forgive

Forgiveness is the single most important step towards healing. It will also allow you to let go of anger and inner turmoil that you feel within. Even more important, it helps you to let go of the pain.

But how do you forgive? How do you forgive someone who hurt you so much, a person who took everything that you held dear? And why should you forgive in the first place?

The simple answer is: because it is necessary for your healing.

There are two alternatives to forgiveness. One is to take revenge the other is to continue carrying the anger and hatred around with you for several years or the rest of your life. Both options will not set you free from the pain, they will not allow you to let go. When taking revenge, one might notice a short-term relieve of the pain, but in the end you will realize that it did not contribute at all to the process of letting go. The avenger does not feel better at all, but there is the insight that he or she has stooped to the aggressor’s level. On the other hand, carrying the burden around with you doesn’t make anything undone. In fact, it will only continue to hurt you.

#1 Take yourself time

No one is rushing you to forgive. Take yourself all the time you need to heal (emotional) wounds. It is only natural that you will not be able to forgive a week, month or even a year after what happened. For as long as the pain can still be felt and the memory of the incident is still vivid, thinking about forgiveness might not be the right option for your healing. Instead, allow time to help you come to terms with what happened.

#2 Develop acceptance

Acceptance is the foundation for forgiveness. Acceptance means that you are ready to acknowledge that neither you nor anybody else can make the situation undone. It is the realization that you cannot change the past, but that you always have the chance to make the best of your situation from here on now.

#3 The act of forgiving – attribute of the strong

Many people associate forgiveness with weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Forgiveness quote from Gandhi



The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi2


The willingness to forgive takes an incredible amount of maturity, growth and wisdom. However, the person that is able to take up the strength to forgive will discover the true power of forgiveness: it empowers you to let go and to release the suffering.

#4 Realize the drawbacks of not forgiving

Again, people have a problematic relationship with forgiving, as they believe that forgiveness only sets the other part free. Once again, this isn’t the whole truth, as forgiveness will first and foremost set YOU free.

Holding on to your anger, however, can have numerous more or less significant drawbacks for your life. The most important disadvantage of all is that you will always remain in the role of the victim. Victimhood makes you powerless and only you can answer the question if it affects you from pursuing your dreams.

On the other hand, you have nothing to lose by forgiving the mistakes of others. You can only win, in particular your freedom.

#5 Empathize and develop an understanding

I personally find it by far easier to forgive and let go after I have developed an understanding of why a person did to me what they did. I try to empathize and to walk in this persons shoes (figuratively speaking) – even if it’s hard, which more often than not gives me a good understanding of this persons motives. And if I am brutally honest with myself, I realize that I might have done the same, if I found myself in a similar situation with the same background as the other part.

Empathizing will also lead to the understanding that we all make hurtful mistakes in life, but also that our behavior does hurt other people every once in a while.

#6 Avoid the spiral of aggression

Another important aspect that I feel should be mentioned in this article is the “spiral of aggression”. Have you ever been in a heated situation – which may have developed over years – where neither you nor your opponent knew who and what really started the argument? This is what I call the spiral of aggression, in which a relatively minor problem leads two opposing factions to attack and react to the opponents attack leading the aggression to spiral up high. However, if one of the opponents had the courage to forgive (the cleverer give in) this whole situation could have been avoided.

When you feel the time is ready, try to forgive. Not for another persons sake, but for your own sake.

Avoid this spiral. Try to avoid any kinds of ridiculous fights. Forgive, let go and go on in your life.

#7 Finally: forgive!

Forgive and set yourself free from the pain. It will take you a lot of courage and strength to do so, but you will be rewarded with the freedom to live your life without the burden that was put on your shoulder and without the pain that it created.


Afritalks Poetry Contest



Participant must be a registered member of If you are not, sign up.

Participant must be an African

Topic: The Other Room

Entry Fee: Free

Prize: #10,000

Number of Lines: No Restriction

Poem must be the original work of the participant, plagiarized poem will not be accepted

To post your poem, click literature thread
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; then post it there.

Poem must have been finally edited
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Attach your details with the poem


Olatunde Busayo (Nigeria) : Chief Judge
Larry Carter (Ghana) : Judge

Wafula p’khisa (Kenya) : Judge

The overall winner will be given a cash
prize of #10,000 while the shortlisted ones
will be certificated and published in
Afritalks Online Literary Journal.

Submission Date: 24th October, 2016

Deadline Date: 15th November, 2016

Visit to sign up and make your submission.


These are 4 Career Killers You Should Know

Nigeria our beloved country, where it is hard at times to get and keep a good job. There are certain things you shouldn’t allow to be the death of your career. Amongst other things do not allow.


Ohhhh that thief of time. You are given a task to work on for a week and you put it off until Wednesday and then something happens, say you forgot to save the work and all is lost or the computer crashes, what do you do? A big minus for you. Yes, putting off studying till a week to the exam worked in school, since you still managed to pull off decent grades. But in the workplace, kolewerk. Procrastination should be given a boot in your life, if it is an ingrained habit, else your career is going to suffer for it.


If you want to be the best at what you do, you have got to get some rest. Sleep please. Yes, there is no time and you have to hustle but “na only person wey dey alive dey work o!” Not getting enough sleep every day or any day affects how you function during the day. You might think it insignificant but you want the best out of yourself? Sleep well. Else, you will muddle up your work and reputation at work.


Everyone claims to be a team player most times, but when you think about it, are they? Are you? You want to get ahead at the office? Do not get stuck with this label. Yes, be able to work on your own but when it comes to teamwork, put in all your efforts and help the team even though your individual effort might not be recognized per se. Be a team player. Help out, showcase your skills and abilities. Do not overdo it though, you might come off as a selfish person who is only interested in looking out for him/herself.


This can kill your career faster than you can ever imagine. The same way you have been preparing reports is the same way you still prepare it 5 years later. The same way you have been making presentations for the past 20 years is still the same way you are doing it now. There are so many online courses, YouTube how-to tutorials to learn from… Upgrade your skills to stay relevant in your chosen career.

All these will kill your career faster than you can ever imagine.


Bring Back Our Superheroes: not Our Superlongthroats (THE DEBT WE OWE)

Moving forward from the first poem titled Our Warriors, to this second poem from a renowned poet and a lover of this country who believes and shares the dream of a good and great nation Nigeria is becoming (you’re all welcome too). However away from understanding the great works our warriors have done to keep the nation going, the fighters of the Ebola Virus in this context, we move to understand the fact that we owe them a huge debt and it is this  that Mr. Olalere Fagbola explicates through this poem. Enjoy and do not forget to leave comments.



They came as tourists with French disease

Riding roughshod over the Holy of holies

With packets of condom to appease syphilis

Though escaped the whips of shariya

They now end up in the quarantine of Okija


To ally with the appetite of Baal

Ebola down South; Boko haram up North

We sit on the keg of bomb blast

Everywhere, a harrowing tale of haram

Nigeria warms into the grip of deadly outcasts


Eating bats and gorilla, flesh and blood

As one who murders sleep Ben-ablow

Hitting the belly belt of sanitation below

He whose palms are lit with fire of ebola

Would have no time to chant hosanna


Give not our heroes the gift of flattery

As fast food of deceits taken at eateries

Eternal debts we owe to the gallants

On whose necks hang this garland of victory

They resist ebola, standing in gap for dear nation.





6 Things That Can Negatively Affect A Woman’s Fertility, No. 3 Will Shock You!

1. Obesity

According to a review on the relationship between obesity and infertility, extra pounds can disrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle. This can cause irregular periods, inhibit ovulation, and may increase risk of miscarriage. Obesity at a young age can also raise chances of infertility for a woman when she becomes an adult. These complications are likely due to excess insulin and insulin resistance. Shedding a few pounds may be helpful for those who are overweight and have difficulty conceiving.

2. Hypothyroidism

According to WebMD, the thyroid gland produces and releases hormones to the heart, skin, muscles, and brain. These thyroid hormones are needed for proper metabolism, which also affects your heartbeat, body temperature, and the rate in which you burn calories. When you’re low on these hormones, it causes your metabolism to slow down and may impact fertility. Mayo Clinic says a woman’s ovaries may not release eggs normally when thyroid hormone levels are low, decreasing your chances of becoming pregnant. If you suspect you have hypothyroidism, talk to your doctor about treatment options.

3. Too much exercise

According to Health, one study involving thousands of women showed those at a healthy weight (a BMI below 25) who exercise vigorously may experience delayed pregnancy. This doesn’t mean you should refrain from physical activity, though. Instead, it’s probably better to stick with moderate aerobic exercise when trying to conceive. More than five hours a week of strenuous exercise like cycling, gymnastics, running, and swimming may lead to infertility.

4. Ovulation issues

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development explains disrupted ovulation is the most common problem that leads to female infertility. This can be the result of primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), an issue where ovaries stop working before a woman turns 40. Hormonal imbalances because of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and the effects of aging can also cause menstruation issues. Speak with a doctor if you suspect your menstrual cycle is out of whack.

5. Smoking

You probably know smoking is bad for your heart and lungs, but you might not know it can also affect fertility. WebMD says smoking can make the uterus less responsive to receiving an egg. If you’re a regular smoker, you’ll still want to drop the habit after conceiving. It can be harmful for the developing child and may also increase risk of miscarriage.

6. Exposure to chemicals

When wear think of chemicals, our minds go to industrial factories, but potentially harmful chemicals are in tons of products we use every day. One study decided to look at the link between chemical exposure and female fertility, finding certain substances (like the kind used to make nonstick pans) can reduce the likelihood of getting pregnant. There’s more research to be done on how much exposure matters, but it’s something to be aware of.


#MondayMotivation: Let go of the Ego

The exact phrase „I need to let go of my ego” produces more than 42,000 hits on Google. It shows that there are thousands of people out there realizing that their egos are standing in the way in some way or the other – a helpful realization to begin with.

The ego polarizes to the extremes on both sites. It has been stylized by some as “the root of all evil” that divides us and makes us forget that we all are basically one and the same, only separated by superficial attributes. On the other hand there are those that go so far as praising the ego as our greatest asset that brought us individualism.

Certainly, both perceptions might hold some truths, but they both are in my opinion signs of an excessive ego, not of the ego in general. Besides these two points of view, religion provides another perspective. In many religious traditions, letting go of the ego is a key-requirement for progress. You often hear that the ego must be casted aside so that this life can be transcended.

But can you really absolutely let go of the ego? I hate to disappoint some of you, but in all honesty, one cannot erase the ego. Why is that you may ask? Well, just have a look at what the ego really is, as defined:

The noun e•go cognates with the Greek word “Εγώ”, which means “I” and is used to describe the “I”, “self” or “identity” of a person. Ego refers to

the consciousness of one’s own identity
the self esteem of a person (“Criticism hurt his ego.”)
the distinction between oneself and others
the perceived superiority to others
As you can see, the ego has positive as well as negative attributes. It’s a good thing to be aware of one’s identity, but perceiving oneself as superior to others is a characteristic of an imbalanced ego. What is important is to understand is that your ego and personality are so strong interconnected with each other that one couldn’t exist without the other. However, you can always loosen the hold of the ego to a slight minimum and/or reduce negative, selfish aspects of the ego.

Really, the ego isn’t such a bad thing as it is often proclaimed to be. After all it is responsible for your survival in this world; that you are “egoistic” enough to get some food, water and that you sleep long enough. A person without an ego would be lost and not capable of surviving.

But why are there so many people that claim to have overcome the ego mind? If a person tries to make it clear to you that they have no longer an ego, well that’s probably their ego talking right to you. They might have been successful in purifying and reducing the ego, but not in erasing it in its entirety. Think about it this way: if a person had no ego, they would not feel the need to boast – in front of everyone who is willing to listen – that they have erased their ego.

The issue is not to break free of the ego, escaping it or transcending it. Rather it is to learn how to harness the ego and transform it to use it in a way that serves us and helps us to create a life worth living. [ … ] It is about learning how to use the “I” of consciousness in wholeness as opposed to the separation it normally creates.

K. Ferlic in Shifting Consciousness

This is why I put so much emphasis on balancing the ego, not on erasing it. When the ego becomes imbalanced, all its hideous, negative aspects can act out. Therefore it is my intention to balance the ego, not to destroy it.

How to let go of the ego?

Or better: how to loosen the grip of the ego and reduce its influence?

1. Understanding the “job profile” of the ego

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand what the ego’s job is and what not. The ego has a very basic job to perform: securing your survival. The tasks range from acquiring food and shelter to reproduction. This part of the psyche, however, has not the responsibility to “run the show.” Yet, it is capable of doing exactly that. If one is not cautious or aware of it, the ego arises and that which was only a component of the being becomes the instrument that takes control of the whole. And as a result of a self-centered society where egocentric behavior is not only rewarded, but also stimulated by various sources, you can see many people that are controlled by a helmsman called “Ego.”

In this position of power, the ego takes over and its negative attributes manifest – from selfishness and egocentric behavior to other nasty expressions. These manifestations, however, are not part of the ego’s job profile. It wasn’t the ego’s job to take control in the first place.

2. Observing the ego, creating awareness

Now that you understand that the ego really is not in charge of running the show, the next step is to create awareness. By creating awareness I mean that you learn to observe your ego. The aim is that you can differentiate between actions that are clearly driven by your ego and those that are not. The intention behind this observation exercise is that you start to notice the situations in which your ego leaves its regular area of responsibility (i.e. as the survival mechanism) and does jobs it is not responsible for.

When you notice that your ego is active, be aware of it and observe it! This teaches you the dissociation from the self of the ego. You will soon understand to differentiate between the commands that originate from your ego’s insatiable craving for recognition and the guiding from a wiser aspect of your being.

3. Putting the ego in its right place

The ego does not need to be fought; it does not need to be eradicated and terminated. Instead, it simply needs to be put in its right place where it can function in a healthy, balanced way. From this place it functions as the survival mechanism that it was designed to be, but it will not have the chance to take control, go on the rampage or manifest in an egocentric attitude.

The extreme manifestations of an unbalanced ego range from low self-esteem to an excessive self-centeredness. It is, however, important to understand that these more popular expressions are only the two polarities of the ego spectrum. The right place of the ego lies in balance between those two polarities.

4. Returning to your true self

The balancing of the ego gives room for a wiser part of your being to unfold like a blossoming flower. Something that was dormant; suppressed by an overactive ego: your true, authentic self. The return to your true self allows you to act from a point of inner authenticity, instead of having to react to external influences from an ego-driven perspective. It means to stand in your own power and to be the person you truly want to be; not the man or woman that society, culture and advertising manipulates you to be. That is the distinctive difference between being the one who you truly are and roaming around as a faint expression of what your true potential could be, i.e. an instinct driven animal that amasses as much of anything in a never-ending endeavor to fulfill the desire of an unfulfilled ego.

Acting from your true self is a state of being centered within, without the need to respond to worries and fears in the animalistic way the ego would have done.

That’s how I assume the ego of some people looks like


#TNList: 5 Ways to be Happy in Your 20s

Here are five “happiness hacks” that will get you on track in your pursuit of happiness today.

1. Smile

People smile when they’re happy, but did you know that it can work the other way around too? Studies show that consciously smiling can increase our levels of happiness and reduce stress.

2. Keep a gratitude journal
One of the best ways to practice happiness is to focus on what is currently good in your life
By focusing on the positive, you literally start to rewire your brain. Our brains are naturally programmed to focus more heavily on the negative stimuli in our lives. Scientists call this the negativity bias. It is the result of our natural flight or fight response, making negative experiences leave stronger impressions on us.

3. Surround yourself with happy people

While people have a lot of control over their perceived reality, cultivating a positive and happy environment goes a long way to nurture happiness. According to a study conducted by Harvard University and the University of California, happiness is actually contagious. This means your close associations can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being, including how happy you feel.

4. Identify your purpose

Many 20-somethings struggle to find their fundamental purpose and their life’s raison d’etre. Instead, they may wander from job to job or relationship to relationship without a clear path or vision. Unfortunately, this can land you in a career you don’t value and relationships that are unfulfilling.

5. Unplug

Today’s 20-somethings are part of the mobile generation. For many of us, disconnecting from our phones or devices feels akin to losing a limb. But there may be more serious consequences to our 24/7 reliance on technology.

Studies show that heavy use of computers and mobile devices can lead to sleep disorders, stress, and mental health issues in young adults. And there is a clear connection between lack of sleep and higher rates of depression in people of all ages.