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Marketing tips in terms of story selling

It’s about time Entrepreneurs learn the art and act of marketing or should I say marketing in terms of story selling. Honestly, you don’t need to read a book to understand story... Read more »
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How to save money to buy your first car

Having a personal car is probably on everybody’s list but the inability to save is one of the reasons many people have not got their own car. Some cars can be very... Read more »
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List Of Common Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Below are the 7 common job interview mistakes to avoid. Your next interview will land you your dream job, if you avoid these mistakes.   Dressing Shabbily Your dressing code is an important factor recruiters consider while interviewing... Read more »
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Business ideas in Nigeria to start this year

You just came across some money and want to invest it wisely. You are thinking of Business ideas in Nigeria you can start. So, you decided to start a business in Nigeria,... Read more »
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Small scale business ideas in Nigeria

One of the hardest things in setting up a business most especially in this part of the world is getting money to start a business, but with our list of small scale business ideas you... Read more »
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How to write a good CV

How to write a good CV A curriculum vitae is a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications for a job opportunity, that is allows you to summarise your education,... Read more »
How to use Whatsapp

How to use Whatsapp In 5 Lucrative ways for Business

The simplicity of Whatsapp messenger shouldn’t fool you into thinking its use is limited to mere casual chatter. Whatsapp messenger can be a powerful and highly cost-effective business tool to those who... Read more »
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Jobs in Nigeria you can start with 100K

Nowadays a lot of people are willing to start a small scale business/ Jobs in Nigeria. And fortunately, with an investment of N100, 000 you can open a business and get some... Read more »

Here are five things Entrepreneurs, CEOs should know

The best way to kick-start your mornings is to indulge in a fitness activity as exemplified by numerous entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs. It is true that becoming a successful entrepreneur can be... Read more »
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How To spend less than you earn

You save more money when you spend less than you earn. If you want to gain financial independence, you need to find ways to spend less than you earn. Spending more than... Read more »
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5 Digital Skills That Can Turn Money For You – As A Student

As a freelancer and a student in the digital age, you evolve your skills to meet the needs of your market. You remain agile and educated on new tools, tactics, and strategies.... Read more »

How To Make Money From Nollywood Without Making Films

Hello people and hope you all are having a great time transitioning into this new year. I know the frequency of posts reduced for the last half of 2017. The Wedding Party... Read more »


  Pretty bold statement to make, huh?? Yet this is how most people, Nigerians especially, think when it comes to making money online in Nigeria. Maybe due to their own bad experiences, or... Read more »