Easy recipe for chicken suya

Chicken suya is a delicious chicken recipe prepared with tasty spices. This delight will get you and your guests salivating for more during this holiday season. Ingredients 1/5 kg chicken thigh skinned... Read more »

Researchers Identify ‘Male Contraceptive Pill’ That Stops Sperm Without Affecting Hormones

Researchers have identified a compound which turns off the sperm’s ability to swim, thereby significantly limiting fertilisation capabilities without causing any physical side effects. The compound called EP055 affects the mobility of... Read more »
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5 foods to make your periods better

7 Foods You Should be Eating Before Having $ex

7 Foods You Should be Eating Before Having $ex Everyone has their own version of a ritual before it becomes their time to shine, however, are you maximizing your full potential before... Read more »
The health benefits of The health benefits of African star apple are wonderful are wonderful

The health benefits of ‘Agbalumo’ are wonderful

Studies have shown that a serving of Agbalumo contains just 67 calories; thus making it a good option for people with weight issues. playJust like every other fruit offered by nature, Agbalumo... Read more »
5 foods to make your periods better

5 foods to make your periods better

A few dietary changes could help to make this time of the month stress-free. If you suffer from heavy, painful periods, this is for you. We’ve found a comforting way for you... Read more »

How To Improve Your Eyesight With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a widely known for its numerous health benefits. In this post, lets consider advantage on the eyes. Gone are the days when poor eyesight was only as a result... Read more »

Seven Foods You Can Totally Eat After The Expiration Dates

hen you read labels either at home or at the grocery store you probably pay close attention to the expiration dates because you don’t want to consume anything that can be harmful... Read more »
getting stronger or building more muscles

How To Trick Your Body Into Building More Muscles Without Lifting More Weights

There is a high possibility that you are keen about getting stronger or building more muscles but you don’t want to go through the stress of lifting more weight. You can do... Read more »
JamaicaSki Bleaching

‘‘If Only Women Knew The Dangers Of Steroids In Bleaching Products…” – Dr Bruce Nwachi

Dr Bruce Nwachi is a renowned dermatologist who began his career in 1984 as one of the few male Estheticians, in an industry dominated by women. He started as a Nigerian immigrant... Read more »
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4 Dangerous Health Effects Of Artificial Eyelashes

Having thick, long lashes is every lady’s dream but how far can ladies go to get this lashes of their dreams? Ladies have gone beyond the trusty mascara wand to extreme measures... Read more »
Top 5 Beauty Supplements Every Woman Needs

Top 5 Beauty Supplements Every Woman Needs

We are much aware that we have to stick to routines such as eating right and exercising. They are surefire ways to look and feel great from head to toe, but if... Read more »

Exercise Routines That Gives Women Bigger Butts

African women have naturally being blessed with bigger butts but the improvement in science has helped everyone willing to have one, get one. While surgical methods exist, there are a number of... Read more »
How To Fade Stretch Marks With Coffee

How To Fade Stretch Marks With Coffee

Stretch marks especially on the waist and legs can make you feel awkward and restrict you from wearing certain clothes that can expose it. Stretch marks are unwanted marks that are triggered... Read more »
abortion story

5 Things That Can Happen After Abortion No One Tells You About

What most ladies don’t know is that abortion is physically and mentally traumatic while time can heal wounds, what follows right after an abortion can be very painful to handle. The body... Read more »

New weightloss secret revealed. Click here for more details

A new study has found that eating a healthy breakfast and quitting unhealthy snacking habits would prevent weight gain and promote a healthier life. Being overweight or obese are known risk factors... Read more »