Akin Ogunbiyi: Celebrating an icon at 57

By Ismail Afolabi

Riches never fascinate me unless combined with distinction and humanity. When you walk in distinction, even the photocopying machine can’t perfectly replicate your unique quality. When you walk in humanity, you would stand out among equals.

In Dr Akin Ogunbiyi, distinction and humanity form a unified meaningful whole. He personifies so much of what makes humility, humanity and distinction enviable traits.

He is a man who respects human dignity and places premium on distinction and humanity. This, perhaps, is why he was recently conferred with “Achievers Merit Award in Business Frontline” in recognition of his philanthropic gestures and contribution to wealth redistribution by Rotary International.

The award, as well as several others to his well-decorated cap, is no doubt a testament to his outstanding contributions to the riches and development of humanity with respect to insurance and economic growth within Nigeria and a number of other African countries including Niger Republic, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In his response titled, “The Wheel of Truth Never will Rust”, Dr Ogunbiyi expressed happiness at the recognition of his contribution to the betterment of humanity, declaring that he was further encouraged not to relent in his vision and commitment to the development of Osun State and Nigeria.

His words, “in all honesty, we (Rotary Club and him) share same passion on issues concerning the development of communities and society in general, and it was for this reason that, after much pressure, I heeded the ‘come to Osun State Macedonia CALL’ to help accelerate contributions to society. I am further encouraged and won’t relent.”

I have had the opportunity to observe him at close quarters. The chairman of Mutual Benefits Assurance observes simple principles of business and leadership. He is a visionary and uncommon entrepreneur. None of his enviable traits influences his estimation of his worth and interpersonal relationship with others. Despite his proficiency and acclaim, he affects a humble poise levelling up with people around him, joking with them and networking without discrimination.

He demonstrated rare leadership and high standing sense of service which will never fade away in my cognitive system. During the National Convention of the People’s Democratic Party in Port Harcourt last year, I saw him moving around without an entourage at his back. No! That’s not it. As the Deputy Chairman, Hospitality Committee of the convention, he leveled up and participated in direct distribution of welfare packages to thousands of party delegates in attendance.

Of course, servers were on ground. He just could not fold his arms and watch things get messy or pretend as if he did not hear some complaints. He brings clarity of purpose to whatever he does. He is a team player and humanist who comes to the table with an open mind.

Born on September 12, 1962, the native of Ile Ogbo in Osun State is, at his core, a bundle of positive vibes. He is a determined and principled man whose ingenious approach to businesses and result driven leadership has distinguished him as one of Osun’s formidable and respected icons.

Nothing good comes on a platter of gold, they say. Same as Ogunbiyi’s leadership qualities and iconic personality. It did not come by accident. Over the years, the alumnus of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University had attended management and leadership courses at several prestigious institutions including Yale School of Management, USA, Said Business School, University of Oxford, England, Lagos Business School, Nigeria and International Graduate School of Management, Spain.

Back in his home base, as part of his love for distinction and humanity, Ogunbiyi invested and is still investing in agriculture and education. In spite of the betrayal of trust and blackmail from some quarters, he remains unperturbed and continues to affect a conscious desire to impact lives positively, giving back to the society through his foundation, Idera de Movement.

He must be a good fan of Onyi Anyado, the philosopher, who once said, “Entrepreneur, if your distinction isn’t angering the mediocre, it’s actually mediocre.” Today, Dr Akin Ogunbiyi’s conglomerate encompasses insurance firms, oil and gas industry and real estate to mention but a few. The unassuming and inspiring leader is a year better. Therefore, here is wishing him more feathers to his already awesomely feathered cap and many happy returns.

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Open letter to Osun PDP members

Dear democrats and comrades, I find it really hard to bottle up on how I am feeling over our loss at the Supreme Court. I felt extremely bad for a number of reasons.
First, I nearly lost my life at Alekuwodo fighting for the party to win. The ruling party and her dreadful boys almost overran us but we stood and faced the intimidation. Some of us were beaten with charms and wounded but thank God we are still alive.

Secondly, I have been a loyal member of the People’s Democratic Party for the past 16 years and I was hoping that a victory for the party would compensate many of us who have stayed through thick and thin but another 4 years now stares us in the face. Thirdly, we would have won at first ballot and averted the waste of money at the courts and dire disappointment. We had every reason to win and we should have won.

Furthermore, the hopes of the suffering masses of Osun was dashed. My pains are enormous and I am going to let out my mind the way I feel. Anyone is free to disagree with me but this is my truth and sincere feelings.

After the judgement was delivered but justice denied, I have read a few comments from our leaders. I will take the liberty to replicate one sent to me here. This is it: “Chairman (Dr Deji Adeleke), your presence here and reactions to comments are the tonic needed to keep hope alive and give life to dampened spirits. ‘No retreat no surrender’ from you is the key word and by the Grace of God, in no distance time, victory will be ours.”

Sincerely, messages like the cited one which was attributed to Prince Diran Odeyemi are necessary to raise the hope and spirit of every concerned member. That our Osun based national officer has finally come out of hiding and found his voice is great. I know he would feel aggrieved and his bootlickers too would not be happy if I ask where he was when we were shouting our lungs at the coalition centre and putting our lives on the line for the party. Even if that is the case, at this point, we should not hesitate to speak up and be worried about leaders who talk and talk but vanish to thin air when it’s time for action. When your enemies are strategic and determined to achieve their goal by all means possible, you have got enough reason to be true to yourself and walk your talk.

Dr Deji, responded well to our challenge and I appreciate him. His words are indeed very encouraging but can never assuage the painful sore in my heart and replenish the dashed hope. I will explain to you so that you can understand that we just lost a won and sealed battle.

– We got a candidate with serious deficits

If we talk we shall die. If we don’t, we shall die. So, it’s better to admit and speak the truth and die with a clear conscience. Thanks to Senator Dino Malaye!

The greatest disservice Dr Deji did to our party was presenting senator Ademola Adeleke knowing fully well that he didn’t have the academic and intellectual capacity for the job.
If we won’t deceive ourselves any longer, a member of the family was the one who first blew the whistle and let the cat out of the bag before the ruling party and others picked it. If we had presented a better candidate, (I know no one is perfect) we would have won at first ballot. Osun people were with us and their only expectation from us was to present an efficient, not a trifling, candidate with the capacity to perform and restore ease to the suffering masses.

– Keep your friends close and our enemies closer

It’s sad that PDP parted ways with Otunba Iyiola Omisore and lost his huge followers to the Social Democratic Party. Notwithstanding, the outcome of the first ballot gave us a second chance, going by the political atmosphere against the ruling party. But, the opportunity for a golden goal was bungled too. No thanks to those who talked down the simple but logical step to prevail on the political giant. They confidently fumed that we were going to win with or without the short but mighty gladiator and his supporters at the crucial period.

– Leaders failed us

Our leaders failed us. When the Ogunbiyi & Adeleke feud started, it should have been nipped in the bud. Sincere, genuine and frantic efforts should have been made to reconcile both sides. The leaders failed to speak out and meditate for so long. I almost felt that our national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus did not wish our party well in the State.

– We won the votes but lost the seat long ago

Most people’s loyalty is to the aspirants and not to the party as such they cannot see anything wrong in their deeds and actions. This is a big shame and it must be corrected. It is even a bigger shame that we won no fewer than 14 local governments during the governorship elections but struggled to defend and hold on to just three seats at the state House of Assembly.

Besides, I wonder why some of our senatorial, House of Representative and House of Assembly candidates could not raise fund to support their own elections but fought tooth and nail to get the tickets as if the race was automatic. How H.E Atiku Abubarka support funds developed wings and vanished into the deep pockets of some people sucks and still hurts.

– Youths, get a life

My utmost sympathy is to myself and my fellow youths who laboured tirelessly for the party and will have to wait for another four years. I advise my colleagues to get a life, look for a job or acquire skills. Politics is not a profession. Second and third address matters. The havoc done by some of the so-called social media warriors in an attempt to impress their bosses and curry financial favours from them cannot be underestimated. Many caused bad blood, wrote and posted lies and made people hate each other within the party to our collective loss.

– Hon Soji Adagunodo did his best but, yes it’s not enough

I would have been the happiest person on earth if our chairman had achieved his dream of producing the Governor. Sad, sad and sad but such is life. In life, you can only win some battles and lose some. No one has ever won all. Hon. Adagunodo has done his best. Even though it was not enough and the battle was lost, one will not be wrong to say that he gave a good fight and stood his ground for the party. Those plotting to remove him should fear God and have mercy on the suffering members of the party who are always at the receiving end and bear the brunt of any crisis and foolish animosity within.

– The 3 Musketeers

At the heart of this terrible situation we have found ourselves are three musketeers. They were the ones who sent a thief to the farm and still called the farm owner to come to catch the thief. Sadly, they didn’t lose anything. No political dealer lost out outright in the struggle. We the members and a few leaders with good intentions are the losers. I hear that they have started plotting for 2022 already without reflecting on how, where and why we got it wrong. I can only pray God to have mercy on us and again, urge concerned youths to get a life of their own.

– As we prepare for the future

As usual, the dealers have started shopping for governorship aspirants less than 48 hours after losing a major court case. Obviously, they are looking for who to milk again and live on during the years ahead and may be out for another goose chase. No sane members should rest on his or her oars but rather get a life while hoping and praying that the jobless dealers who have no interest of the party at heart receive sense and realise that winning the governorship seat is the ultimate joy and not the instant money and largesse that they foolishly care about, not minding, as recently learnt, that our next set of candidates must possess basic leadership qualities and meet the expectations of the people of Osun if we are truly willing to make a difference.

If care is not taken, I see the party making the same mistakes second and third time. Virile, its time to take stock and move on. We have done our best for the House of Adeleke. The family and all of us have our share of disappointment but God will reward everyone accordingly

As we prepare for the future, I leave you with what the Israelites said to Rehoboam in 1 Kings 12:16, ”So when all Israel saw that the king hearkened not unto them, the people answered the king, saying, what portion have we in David? neither have we inheritance in the son of Jesse: to your tents, O Israel: now see to thine own house, David. So, Israel departed unto their tents.”

The dice is cast and our consciousness should be awakened. This is PDP and not DPP! The party should be open to innovative ideas and accommodate all. Where “I” is replaced with “we”, even “illness” becomes “wellness.” God bless PDP. God bless Osun State. God bless you.

Habeeb Adewale,
Concerned PDP member from Osogbo, Osun State.

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Marketing tips in terms of story selling

It’s about time Entrepreneurs learn the art and act of marketing or should I say marketing in terms of story selling.

Honestly, you don’t need to read a book to understand story selling, it’s just simple logic, reasoning and clues from day to day selling/advertisement of products and services.

Let me just say that as an entrepreneur, “captivation” is a very important business in selling your products and services.

Captivationg forforme means “wowing your customers”, keeping their jaws on the ground or taking their breathes away.

In other words, while selling your goods to your potential clients, remember, at the end of all your adverts, story telling and marketing, you want to get a “wow, breathing taking or amazing” in return.

Let’s use this as an example, when a client says “Sell me this pen”, think about it, relax, remember, you want amaze your clients.

Popular answer would be “this pen is the cheapest in Africa, it is very affordable, the ink lasts for 30 years”, trust me the next thing going on in your clients head is “so, what?

Every other pen is cheap, every other ink can last” and the next thing that follows in their mind is “you’re not different from the others, you can even sway me or convince or tell me why I should use this pen, all you’re concerned about is the price?”.

Entrepreneurs, take my advice, next time this is what your response should be or this is what my response would be, “ the secrets to your success or fortunes/ wealth is writing your way to it.

Everyday we are thinking of the next big idea, the next big deal, how to make sure your products takes lead in the market and by so doing different ideas pops into our head at different intervals, maybe at church, a wedding or on your bed, take this pen and write it down, write down every piece of information that comes into your head, the informations may be distorted but keep writing.

Like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, they did take notes while embarking on their various researches and in the end all notes gave birth to theories, formulas and the likes which is still in use till this moment. i

It might take a while to understand all your notes, but it would be worth it to take my pen and put down your thoughts, problems and possible solutions because in the end it will unlock a brand new big, bright and beautiful Idea that will, in all ways, lead to your success”.

Go on to add a little bit of wit and say “I know you have amazing and creative thoughts running through your head already , but my pen might be the one thing you’re lacking right now” and bam! the deal is done!

You might be a shoemaker, a hair vendor, a caterer, an advocate, whatever it is, it takes more than I am simply the best or I have over 1000 clients to land certain deals, sometimes or most times it takes story selling, not fake stories, but stories that inspire, are reasonable , breathtaking, and also quench the thirst and hunger of your prospective client.

If you are a hair vendor, give them reasons why they should rather wear a certain hair instead of the initial one, might be shape of their faces or anything, those who have Naomi Campbell’s kind of face, let them know the style that would work better.

If you make shoes, let them know they can walk in style and why their shoes can speak for them even before they a utter any word in a positive manner!

Goodluck and Cheers to a better future!

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ON SUICIDE: The new Nigerian stage play

My friend and Radio brother, Tosin wrote about Suicide and its increasing rate. I had been silent on this issue but I have to make this clear because it’s disturbing.

Refresh your Home page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and major blogs in Nigeria, you would have your eyes fed with sad tales of suicide and post-suicide victims. While still grappling with why they took their own lives, your eyes will also be decorated with the suicide notes they left behind, some in fine writings at that.

Even though Popular Culture and Media, and its social nuances have brought us closer to the world and the idea of the Post-Modern (or if you so wish) your own idea of being Modern in a Post-traumatic Nigerian State, I find it erratic, yet heart-smelting to say that Suicide amongst Nigerian youth is a product of what we consume online and the Nigerian dystopia is enough inspiration to buy a rope or ‘Sniper’.

In the whole of last year, and with the gory statistics of those who had committed suicide this year, the blame had allegedly been pinned to Buhari’s harsh regime. I find this as a shift-blame/blame-shift mechanism.

Sadly, we are trapped in a nation where there are hardly National Rehabilitation Centres or even Forensic teams who would look into the issues and cases of suicides. Don’t be forced to ‘replace your tea with water’ when you discover that in the real sense of it, only 40% of the Suicide cases might actually be true. What if serial killers are out there strategically killing their victims then staging their death scenes and the actual death as a ‘suicide’?

I confidently put it to you that Suicide is a serious issue, that which the right persons are not paying attention to. Your President is in Saudi Arabia at the moment, I don’t think it concerns him (Maybe, when he returns from his 35th ‘Ajala’ excursion)

Suicide is not the way but can be the way to those who are having the thought(s) of it. Let’s help our friends, families and colleagues. Talk to people, monitor (sudden/irrational) changes in behaviours and what have you. Show love.

We have work to do.
God will not stop you from killing yourself; He has given us Choice already. Be guided.

NB: If the government comes for me after this post, don’t be sober, be glad truth prevailed.

Written by Badiru Kehinde

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Miracles, plot twists and last-day drama to come – what a week of football


By Eni Aluko, contributor at TheGuardian UK

This week, football has improvised the perfect movie script, full of fight, heart, desire, determination, tears of anguish, tears of joy, unsung heroes taking centre stage and the impossible becoming possible.

This movie is a true story that ended with two English teams reaching the Champions League final, proving that maybe the Premier League is the best in the world after all.

Now it goes into its final weekend with Manchester City one apparently inevitable win from the title while just behind them Liverpool, after Tuesday night’s miracle at Anfield, can make up for any domestic disappointment at the Champions League final in Madrid next month.

With City determined one day to complete their transformation under Sheikh Mansour with victory in Europe’s top club competition and Liverpool desperately seeking their first league title for 29 years, I suspect that if the two teams had been offered their choice of either of those positions at the start of the season, City would immediately have taken Liverpool’s and the Reds would have delightedly snatched City’s.

Belief fuels era of remarkable Champions League comebacks | Jonathan Wilson

But what a journey they have taken to reach this spot. On Monday Vincent Kompany was in tears at the Etihad Stadium after his incredible shot sealed victory for City over Leicester. On Tuesday there was hardly a dry eye at Anfield after Liverpool’s astonishing comeback against Barcelona. Mo Salah might not have been able to play but he even gets his T-shirts right: the slogan he was wearing, “Never give up”, said it all.

On Wednesday, we saw Lucas Moura demonstrate that being allowed to leave by PSG last January and his lack of playing time since does not restrict his ability to achieve a superhero hat-trick in a Champions League semi-final.

I am sure I was not the only player watching Liverpool’s victory over Barcelona on television who identified one big emotion in themselves: jealousy.

Some of those jealous players might even play for Manchester City, the team that are probably about to win the league at Liverpool’s expense. I was jealous of Liverpool fans, able to watch that team and call it their own. I was jealous of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s youth and ingenuity, the way he walked away from that corner before turning back to set up the fourth goal.

And I was jealous of all the players who shared that experience, and who are part of a team blessed with such spirit and drive. A quote from Jürgen Klopp’s pre-match team talk later emerged: “I think it’s impossible, but because it’s you we have a chance.”

What more can you ask of a manager than to come up with things like that, and what more can you expect of a team than to actually live up to it?

Then came the tears of joy in Mauricio Pochettino’s post-match interview the following night that left me choked, understanding that after five years in the job, unable to buy players in the previous transfer window, he and his team had gone way above and far beyond expectations.

It shows that this game is not all about technique and that character, will and emotion also have a massive impact. There can be no other explanation for the fact that Lionel Messi, one of the greatest players of his era and of all time, was so massively outshone by Gini Wijnaldum and Divock Origi.

Tuesday was not the first time that I have seen Messi, when his back is against the wall either for Barcelona or for Argentina, somehow look sorry for himself. When his teams need leadership and look to him, sometimes he seems just to have a blank expression.

Compare that to the character shown by players such as Origi and Tottenham’s hat-trick scorer, Lucas Moura, who bore huge responsibility on their shoulders in the absence of Mo Salah and Harry Kane.

One of the things that made Liverpool’s achievement all the more impressive was that this is the same squad that were seven points clear at the top of the Premier League in January, that looked certain to win the title, and have probably messed it up.

Other teams, having had to come to terms with that kind of disappointment, would not be fighting the way Liverpool are fighting now. They did not let that failure define them or defeat them, and instead that same side will now be defined by a brilliant victory over one of the greatest teams and probably the greatest player in the world.

Tottenham go into today’s home game against Everton knowing a place in the top four, their key objective this season, is virtually guaranteed. Had Tuesday night gone differently Liverpool would have gone into their match against Wolves knowing that a brilliant season was likely to end 90 minutes later with nothing to show for it. I am sure they will still feel devastated to have let such a fabulous opportunity to end that long wait for a title slip through their hands, if the incredible form they have shown domestically since August in the end brings them nothing in return.

But what might have been a miserable atmosphere will now be a celebration, and perhaps – who knows – Anfield might yet witness its second miracle of the week.

‘Wow’ factor puts Trent Alexander-Arnold centre stage for Liverpool
Sunday is a last opportunity to watch two of the great teams in modern English football history complete one of the most remarkable league campaigns.

City’s win over Leicester was their 13th in a row in the league; Liverpool have lost one league game all season. The table tells me City are the better side, and they remain on course for a domestic treble.

For all the praise Liverpool have got and deserve since Tuesday, however great their fans, their manager and their players, after 37 games they remain second.

But if I had to pick a team of the year from the Premier League, it would be Liverpool. It has to be.

Pep Guardiola’s side faltered in Europe where Liverpool have succeeded, and for all the grit and skill they have shown in somehow conjuring winning goals in game after game during the title run-in, I don’t believe that Manchester City could have achieved what Liverpool achieved against Barcelona or what Spurs did against Ajax.

Watching the unbearably tense final moments of both semi-finals I was stunned and nearly in tears. Regardless of what team we support they were two nights that, if only for a few hours, made us fall in love with football all over again.

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OPINION: Before you vote Buhari for a second term

By Temidayo Ayodele
Without a doubt, Nigerians’ experience of President Muhammadu Buhari during his days as a military leader spurred high expectations of his government to be the ‘fixer’ Nigeria always wanted.

He was perceived to be a military dictator-cum-democratic hero in a country where corruption was on the rampage, the economy was deteriorating and a country held hostage by the Boko Haram insurgency groups and other security challenges.

Prior to his election, Buhari promised us that his government will give corruption a ‘no nonsense’ approach. He told us that the Naira that was at N147 to the dollar then will be N1 equal through programmes earmarked to revive the economy. And lastly, Buhari assured us that we would be sleeping with our two eyes closed because insecurity would be death with.

Buhari also promised us that the price of petrol products would drop from N87 to N60.

Three years since his election, the reverse is the case. I’m disappointed. A lot of Nigerians are disappointed likewise. Petrol price is now almost doubled at N147.

The fight against corruption under Buhari is partisan and witch hunting of opposition. Naira is now N360 against the dollar and Boko Haram has killed over two thousand Nigerians, while over 500,000 have been displaced due to increasing insecurity challenges.

Maybe the warning signs against our expectations were there but many of us didn’t see it or we just wanted ‘somebody else’ asides former president Goodluck Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Who would forget how Buhari (PMB for short) was a big media darling? How excited we were of displacing a government and a political party adjudged to be corrupt with a “man of integrity and high values”. We are not to be blamed for trusting Buhari to sail our ship to the promised land. We just wanted to leave Egypt.

Like the Israelites were displeased with Moses, we are in a similar dilemma. Socially, economically and politically, a few of us can relate to the blurry future that awaits us should PMB remain in the helms of affairs.

I plead with my fellow Nigerians that chanted ‘Sai Baba’ in 2015 to listen to words of the elders, which says, “A dog that is about to go astray will not listen to the hunters whistle”

Ironically, one would expect that a man who had previously contested and lost in an election three times will understand national issues better after previous losses.

It is disheartening to note that a man who the people voted to lead them comfortably led a government for 6 months without ministers. His excuse was that he was scouting for the “right” persons. What did Nigerians do? We did nothing and as usual, we moved on!

Besides all other inadequacies in governance, Buhari is undoubtedly nepotic, tribalistic and divisive leader.

“I hope you have a copy of the election results. The constituents, for example, gave me 97% (votes)- (they) cannot, in all honesty, be treated on some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%. I think these are the political reality,” Buhari said in an address at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) on 22nd of July 2015.

While some may argue that Buhari’s statement is merely political reality, I think it is careless to say as a leader of over 190 million people. It also portrays PMB’s intent of being a leader who is not willing to unite us a people. Hence, the talks of PMB running an uninclusive and lopsided government is evident in words and in deeds.

Another matter of concern is President Buhari’s medical fitness. Buhari is 76 with a rich history of medical vacations, including the historic unofficial vacation of 104 days in the United Kingdom. The responsibility of leading the most popular black nation on earth is beyond Buhari’s strength.

The consistent derail in Buhari’s physical and mental strength cannot be overemphasized. Twice at the his re-election campaign rallies in Delta and Ekiti State, Buhari committed some politically unforgivable blunders.

In Delta State, he pronounced the APC governorship candidate Ogboru as the presidential candidate, despite correction, he doubled the blunder, saying the governorship candidate was the senatorial candidate before assimilating the corrections after a third attempt.

Similarly in Ekiti State, the same blunder was not just committed, but toppled when Buhari fell off a walk path at the rally and had to be helped up by escorts. Buhari is not fit to lead us for another four years.

A man of his age ought to be resting with his family. However, a few ‘powerful’ Nigerians are imposing Buhari on a larger population for their selfish and gains.

It is no longer news that since his election as president in 2015, Buhari was never in charge of governing Nigeria as he was elected to, instead a few people.

Buhari’s wife, Aisha, on two occasions attested to this when she said he husband was not in control of Nigeria, but ‘two powerful people’.

Conclusively, President Muhammadu Buhari, you have run a good run, we thank you for all you have done, please return to Daura and get a much-deserved rest.We love you.

As we go to the polls again, we have to be wise, conscientious and logical in committing the next four years of our lives to the hands of any individual.

Your vote counts. If it does not, politicians won’t lobby to buy it. Your vote is your future, do not trade it for anything.

The time has come to determine which path our ship will sail for the next four years. Together, let’s sail Nigeria to the promise land, to the land flowing with milk and honey. God bless Nigeria.

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‘Write Now’ commences Lagos State Creative Writing Schools’ Initiative

Stephen Covey wrote that “What you do has far greater impact than what you say.”

In achieving great impact, ‘Write Now’ commences her Lagos State Creative Writing Schools’ Initiative.

After training over 150 young Students in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and over 200 in Ibadan, Oyo State, we are training Students in Lagos for free on the craft of Writing. Also we would donate books and writing materials to them for free.
Write Now Lagos Tour

If you support what we do and how much we want to reposition Nigeria’s Literature, we want you to join our Fund-raising Project through this link as we need funds to meet these needs.

Below is the link for donation. Your #1000:00, more or less can go a long way. But more importantly is in the power of sharing which is caring. You may not be rich but with your network is enough riches.
Write Now Crowd Funding Design

For Sponsorship | Enquiries | Volunteering | Partnership
Call +234 (0) 813 535 9053 | +234 (0) 811 432 2712
e-mail –

Know more about ‘Write Now’

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Will Osun’s inconclusive election end Tinubu’s reign in Lagos?

“When shall we meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?” asks the First Witch in Macbeth, William Shakespeare’s shortest and grimiest tragedy.

The Second Witch replies: “When the hurly-burly’s done. When the battle is lost and won.” Just as the Third Witch says, “That will be ere (before) the set of sun.” And together, the three witches chorus: “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.”

This article was written by By Tunde Odesola.

It was published in The Punch on Monday, September 24, 2018

Fair was foul, and foul was fair in the Osun State governorship election held on Saturday, September 22, 2018, a day when democracy was stripped naked before sunset and raped to the applause of voters while a number of induced observers looked away in pretentious ignorance.

“You can’t rig in areas where you’re not popular” was a crazy phrase which found its way into Nigeria’s political lexicon in 2007, the year when President Olusegun Obasanjo pronounced election a do-or-die affair.

Election in Nigeria has remained so ever since with modifications in modus operandi, however.

Today, the death of impoverished voters on election days has been replaced by monetary inducement while faith and hope have succumbed to despair and compromise.

Voters don’t harvest death and violence on election days anymore, now they reap beforehand, in one day, the yield of four impending seasons – democracy is truly growing in Nigeria. Mortuaries no longer overflow on election days, voters’ pockets do.

An innovative and cheerful giver, anti-corruption Nigeria has reinvented voting to include cash awards to ease voters’ pain in the sun and rain just as the mass movement of mercenaries across states continued unabated.

After more than 14 hours of agonizing wait, the Independent National Electoral Commission announced in Osogbo, Osun State capital, on Sunday that the keenly contested governorship election was inconclusive, lowering high blood pressures across the country.

The reason for INEC’s declaration is tenable because the 353-winning margin between the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Ademola Adeleke and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gboyega Oyetola, was lesser than the 3,498 voided votes in the election.

By vote figures, the dancing Adeleke squeezed victory from Osun rock to the shock of fervent APC supporters, who looked forward to the cult-like figure of the Jagaban of Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and charismatic Governor Rauf Aregbesola, to not let Osun go to the opposition. But the mask of invincibility has been torn.

The APC is licking its wounds, ruing some missed opportunities and wishing it had done things differently in some aspects.

The same thing goes for the PDP which could have won the election if it avoided some needless ego squabbles that made some chieftains of the party, like ex-Speaker Adejare Bello, defect at the last minute.

Bello, who was deputy governor to Senator Iyiola Omisore in the Osun 2014 governorship election, won his Ede area by over 400 votes. Like Adeleke, Bello is from Ede; he declared his ambition to become governor long before Adeleke, but he doesn’t have the financial muscle of Deji Adeleke, the immediate younger brother to the late Serubawon of Osun, Isiaka Adeleke.

Deji supported his younger brother, Ademola, for the Osun-West senatorial district seat, which the boogieing Ademola won by defeating the candidate of the APC, Chief Mudasiru Husain.

In the worst case scenario, Bello and his supporters across Osun would have mustered at least 2,000 votes for the APC. If you minus 2,000 votes from APC’s votes and add them to Adeleke’s votes, the voided votes would have been much lower than the margin of difference between the two parties, giving ultimate victory to Adeleke.

These are many more ifs of governorship election. From the outset, the election was for the Rauf Aregbesola-led APC to win or lose – despite a growing disenchantment to some policies and actions of the state government.

With the final results, the APC was far more popular than the PDP, but it failed woefully to manage its popularity and crises, and set itself up for a defeat long foretold. If the APC had curbed the intra-party squabble that saw the immediate past Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Moshood Adeoti aka Shehu, dump the ruling party for the Action Democratic Party, the 49,000 votes Adeoti recorded in the election could easily have fetched victory for the APC.

There are several other bigwigs of the APC like Oluomo Sunday Akere, Alhaji Fatai Diekola, Chief Peter Babalola, Chief Bayo Salami, Alhaji Azeez Adesiji, Chief Lai Oyedutan, Dr Demola Onifade, Chief Dotun Adeyemi, etc who left the APC in protest of alleged marginalization and favoritism of politicians from Lagos State in the cabinet.

Despite paying civil servants half salaries occasioned by the downturn in the state’s economic fortunes, if the APC remained as one entity, it would have trounced Adeleke, who had an F9 in English Language and failed to sit for other subjects in his West African Examination Council Ordinary Level exam in 1981.

Also, if the leading opposition candidates were truly committed to ending the rule of the APC in Osun, they should have formed a common alliance and presented a candidate to face Oyetola in the election, but it appeared that each candidate was driven more by personal ambition rather than the need to unite against the APC.

Last-minute talks broke down among the candidates of the PDP, SDP, ANDP and the African Democratic Congress led by its gentleman candidate, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade.

Apart from the ‘ifs’ and ‘ifs not’ of the election, the issue of rampant vote buying by the APC and the PDP was a sore point of the election.

No doubt, the outcome of the election was vitiated by systemic vote-buying which saw a vote going as high as N6,000 in Osogbo and N5,000 in Ede even as two-party agents were caught with large sums of money at polling booths to induce voters.

Unlike in the Ekiti election where votes were bought openly, in the Osun election, votes were bought mainly on the night before the election with buyers and voters swearing to oaths.

In doing an appraisal of his tenure, its strengths and weaknesses, Aregbosola should have a rethink of the single uniform for all primary and secondary school students in the state as this has remained a major talking point against his government. The Aregbesola government, had no doubt, opened up Osun to innovative developments, but his government failed to marry the successes recorded in infrastructure with a compassionate ear to the yearnings of the citizenry, who faulted the merger of schools and the change in their names, among other calls.

However, I don’t see any sense in the clamour for the governorship to go to Osun-West senatorial district because I’m an advocate of the emergence of the best brains at any point in time and the fact that such a clamour breeds mediocrity and complacency.

It is not in doubt that the non-appearance of Adeleke at three consecutive governorship debates made many see Omisore as a more credible alternative and gave their votes to the Ife-born engineer. It’s also arguable that Adeleke’s appearance at the debates could also have nailed his ambition if he bungled questions at the debate and revealed the suspicion in some quarters that he doesn’t possess the capacity to govern.

It wasn’t only voters that got induced before the election, the clergy also got their hands soiled by filthy lucre as some pastors and imams predicted that certain politicians would win the election. In a viral video,a particular pastor of a white-garment church predicted Omisore would win the election.

But the most shocking aspect of the election is Aregbesola’s loss of his Ijesa community, an indication that the days of APC invincibility in Osun were over, and a warning to Tinubu to be wary of Akinwunmi Ambode’s banana peel in Lagos.

What does the Osun downpour need; a broom or an umbrella?


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Ambode’s current troubles are beyond performance and he may not get that 2nd term

If Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode survives the next couple of weeks and nicks the second term ticket he so badly craves, he’ll survive anything.


Such is the groundswell of opposition against him at the moment.

And much of that opposition is coming from within his own party, the APC. All of Ambode’s current travails are self-inflicted.

“Not even Bola Ahmed Tinubu can save him right now”, one source said of Ambode’s September to forget.

Like everyone already knows, Ambode has fallen out with Tinubu who stuck out a neck for him to get his first term. Tinubu isn’t pleased that Ambode went about the task of dismantling and rolling back a few contracts once he took over the reins in 2015, the grapevine says.

The Lagos Waste Managing Authority (LAWMA) and PSP operators were also shown the door by Ambode in preference for Visionscape—a so-called smart waste company that has only compounded the waste problem in an over-populated city.

Tinubu is also not pleased that Ambode isn’t following the Lagos masterplan that was put together by Tinubu and his eggheads between 1999 and 2007.

But beyond Tinubu, the 57 local councils in Lagos have all but rejected Ambode. And because council chairmen wield enormous grassroot influence and answer to Tinubu who controls the patronage network in Lagos, camp Ambode has been understandably jittery.

Not only is Jide Sanwo-Olu the anointed candidate of godfather Tinubu, the council chairmen have been mandated to “deliver him” for the APC during the primaries and during next year’s general elections. It is little wonder that these chairmen purchased the N22.5million nomination form for Sanwo-Olu and declared to the media that Ambode’s reign is over.

During one late night peace meeting convened by the Oba of Lagos to save Ambode and ensure he gets the second term ticket, the powerful council chairmen told the traditional ruler off and rudely asked him to mind his business.


Beyond biting the hand that fed him, Ambode hasn’t really posted a stellar performance as governor, given the state’s enormous resources, humongous internally generated revenue and sizeable allocation from the center.

Lagos currently boasts some of the worst road surfaces in the country, there is so much fanfare about big projects that are never completed, articulated trucks have been parked on major roads for a year with the governor looking so powerless in the face of all the gridlock, clogged drainage channels have remained that way to compound the city’s flood problems, inner city roads have virtually collapsed, Lagos is back to being filthy and smelly, there is little innovation from Alausa to solve the city’s perennial traffic woes, bedlam and chaos; and area boys (otherwise called street urchins) have been having a field day extorting from commercial motorists with not a soul to challenge them.

The lawlessness in Lagos, which was on the verge of extinction during the Babatunde Fashola era, has all but returned.

But maybe Ambode needs more time to sort out the city’s many challenges. Maybe Tinubu should really stop choosing his successors and let the electorate and party delegates decide for themselves for once. Maybe Tinubu’s overbearing influence in Lagos helps no governor and leaves them confused. But Ambode hasn’t helped his own cause with his below par performance either.

The groundswell of public opinion tilts toward his replacement because he has impressed only but a few. When Fashola fell out with Tinubu and was almost denied a second term by Bourdillon, the people stood by him because he was performing. At the time, Tinubu knew better than to mess with the people’s choice. Ambode is neither pleasing his godfather nor getting the people behind him—all of which leaves him in a precarious position.

Lagos is a special state thanks to its sheer population and premier economic status. It deserves a governor who isn’t as tone deaf as Ambode, who thinks on his feet, who is innovative and who fixes problems as they arise. Ambode goes to sleep until the problems become mountains he can no longer fix.

Should he brave the odds, ride the storm from Bourdillon and somehow manages to nick the second term ticket on the APC platform, Ambode should spend the first few weeks of his new term assembling a better team and promising himself not to be as disastrous and ineffectual as he’s been in his first term.

Godspeed Ambode, you’ll need all the prayers you can get right now.

Source: PulseNG

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‘’Don’t Marry a Fool Or The Son Of A Rich Man’’ – Ibukun Awosika

-By Oba Samuel


One of the finest private Universities in Nigeria-Covenant University Ota which is owned by the Living Faith Church, A.K.A Winners’ Chapel held their 13th Convocation ceremony recently where 238 students emerged with First Class among the 1522 students graduated by the University.

The event which was tagged ‘’The Release of Eagles 2018’’which was for the award of First and Higher Degrees and presentation of prizes, also saw the University churning out 365 graduands from her School of Postgraduate Studies.

The high point of the occasion was when the Keynote Speaker, Mrs.Ibukun Awosika, the Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, towards the conclusion of her speech advised the graduands to take their choice of life-partner seriously.

“One of the biggest decisions you can make in your life is to choose the man or woman you marry, people take it lightly but it can make or break your life,” she said.

With all the ambition and vision you have, with all the dreams your parents had for you, it can be derailed if you marry the wrong person. So, don’t play with it, don’t marry a fool.”

Have a sense of who you are and when you have a sense of who you are, you will understand who is fit for you as the Lord leads. It’s not about naira and kobo, it’s not about silver and Gold. The son of a rich man is not a rich boy because only the one that has the cash flow has the money.

They will organize a big wedding but it is not for you but for their own image.T hey will give you a big house and many cars from day one.

All the cars will get old at the same time and if you don’t have the capacity to maintain them, you are already in trouble.

Marrying the son of a rich man is not the solution, marry the bone of your bone who can help and support you, an enabler who can help you to emerge. He might not look like it now but have it at the back of your mind that people manifest in seasons.’’

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3 Reasons Miracle Won BBNaija 2018 | Do You Agree?


The 85 day long reality TV show, Big Brother Naija has come to an end and a winner has been announced. The handsome pilot and suave personality, Miracle emerged the winner.

Truth be told, Miracle’s victory is beyond luck. There were some things he did right and things that worked for him, that got him massive votes. Let’s examine them.

1. ‘Fine boy’ factor

Researchers have found that physical attractiveness greatly influence investor backings, where good-looking men are more persuasive and 36% more likely to be successful than unattractive men.

How does this relate to Miracle you may ask, Miracle is the dude most ardent female fans of BBNaija have a crush on.

From our findings, most of his fans are mostly females who are more attracted to his charm than to his intelligence.

2. The Celebrity influence

Why are you bothered about Don Jazzy’s favourite BBNaija housemate?

Why are you bothered about Liz Anjorin’s favourite BBNaija housemate? This is as a result of the influence celebrities have on pop culture.

The likes of DJ Xclusive, Desmond Elliot, Don Jazzy, Inem Peter and others supported Miracle.

This celeb endorsement and influence gave Miracle more edge and leverage compared to the other housemates.

Even some of the evicted housemates like Ifu Ennada and Rico predicted that Miracle will emerge as the winner.

3. Miracle’s successive wins

Everyone loves to associate with a win. Amazingly, Miracle holds the record for most wins in the Payport arena games with three wins, therefore guaranteeing him another N1 million at the end of the current edition of the reality TV show.

He was also rewarded with N1 million and a year supply of Pepsi products , an all-expense paid trip to Dubai for winning the Pepsi ‘Refresh The Mix’ challenge.

Everyone loves a winner. People gravitate towards successful people. This must have contributed to Miracle’s victory.

Congrats to him once again 🎊🎊




Introducing: “Connecttoby”, A Digital Agency that creates websites for businesses

In this era of fast advancement in technology, a business can’t afford to ignore the potentials of technological advancements on its business. We at CONNECTTOBY intend to harness these potentials in creating online solutions for businesses and individuals to seamlessly link business up, reducing the redundancy of information and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data and information.
WHAT YOU NEED: Brand/Organizational Sites,  Personal Profile Website,  E-Commerce Site, Blogs, Web Portals, Social Networks and more.
Additionally, we Re-Design, Code,  Re-Modify and Run Maintenance for already developed websites.
We work with the following core technologies:
PHP: This is the serverside programming language that will handle all serverside requests and manipulation of data.
MySQL: This is the database engine that will be used to store all data in an optimised manner that is easy to retrieve and update.
HTML & CSS & JavaScript: These three technologies will be used for the user interface presentation and structure.
AJAX: This will be used for asynchronous server requests in specific areas of the portal
Linux: This is the operating system that will power the servers
Connect via:
Instagram: connecttoby
CALL & WHATSAPP: 08133296451

How’s President Buhari’s visit to Lagos affecting You? SEE REACTIONS!!!

How's President Buhari's visit to Lagos affecting You? - BellaNaijaWe’re all aware President Muhammadu Buhari is on Thursday visiting Lagos, where he’ll be for 2 days.

The president will commission the Ikeja Bus Terminal on his visit, and will inspect the Eko Atlantic City Project and flag off the construction of the Lekki Deep Sea Port.

To host the president, the Lagos State Government announced a work free day in the state.

The state government also blocked roads in areas the president is expected to drive through.

Of course, this will have its effect on a state already plagued with insane traffic.

As usual, Nigerians have taken to their social media account to lament their anger, expressing just how much the president’s visit has affected them.

See their tweets below, and share yours in the comment section.

source: Bellanaija


Meet THM #WCW For This Week – Dada Gbemisola, A Rising Star In The film industry

TN Women Crush Wednesday as you all know is to celebrate female individuals doing pretty well in their crafts.

Its another wonderful day and certainly the last Wednesday of the month of March, we trust that the week has been splendid, even as Trioti House Media commemorates the week with the Woman Crush Wednesday WCW who is no other person than the elegant actress, a writer model and Hairstylist, Dada Gbemisola Miracle

Dada Gbemisola Miracle.

She is presently on a film project (Series Film to be precise). She hails from Osun State and currently a bonafide student of Obafemi Awolowo University.

She recently won Youth Writer at ENYAA’18

Dada Gbemisola Miracle

Miracle is so passionate about her crafts and dedicates her time to them
As our #WCW, we wish you greater grace for even greater achievements.

Instagram : @Quin_meerah

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5 simple guide to help you save for your child’s education

It is important to remind yourself that irrespective of how hard or difficult the situation may be, a good education is the right of every child.

  • The idea of saving for a child’s education is promising enough to immediately get one started.

But with the economic situation, it is difficult for one to make a move.

However, it is important to remind yourself that irrespective of how hard or difficult the situation may be, good education is the right of every child.

In other words, a child’s education is a must; and saving for that education beforehand takes the pressure off you in the coming years.

So if you’ve ever thought about saving or  planning for your child’s education but really don’t know how to go about it then you should see below the following steps.

Saving for your child's educationHere are five simple guide to help you save for your child’s education

1. Know what you can save by cutting your coat according to your size.

Get a clear picture of your income and identify what can be erased with ease from your expenditure and start the saving with that.

Also, there are other habitual spendings that are not really necessary: Do away with them and channel their money to the saving kit.

2. There should be no limit to your savings.

You might have more than one child and the prospect of saving for them all might seem ridiculous, especially if your financial income is not as big- as big should be.

However, you should bear in mind that there is no limit to your savings. You can save as much as you can if you really want to save.

All you need do is to set a target for yourself and see to it that you find every possible means to make it work. Of course, it will be hard but with sacrifice it is possible.

Saving for your child's education 
3. Create a savings account

You must try as much as you can to constantly remind yourself that you have a limited time to save after opening a savings account. Because that is the only way you can actually come up with something reasonable.

Discipline yourself to save on the account everything that will concern the education of the child. From tuition fee to feeding, as well as transportation to accommodation.

Of course, there’s no way you can tell the exact amount as the cost of things changes with time. However, you can always estimate and by doing so, you will surely have a direction.

4. Make use of the family resource

This might sound ridiculous but it will pay off in the long run. Encourage grandparents, godparents and other family members to add their contribution to the plan instead of Christmas and birthday gifts.

Suggest to them that contributing to the education of your child, which is also their child, is the best legacy they can give.

Admittedly, this idea might sound ridiculous. It might even look embarrassing to those with high shoulders. But It’s your child’s godparents and grandparents we are talking about here, right? And it’s your child’s education we are also talking about.

Saving for your child's education5. Involve the child

There’s no better way to introduce your child into the world of savings than this. Educate the child about the importance of saving as you encourage him/her to contribute to the scheme, however small their contribution maybe.

The idea is to give the child a sense of involvement and not to make him/her source for funds.