How To Dress on a First Date

It’s Friday night. That guy you’ve been flirting has finally asked you out. It’s your first date… now what!?  

Ok let’s start from the beginning- first impressions matter a lot. The first that comesto mind is how to dress on a first date And yes this probably isn’t his very first impression of you. But it’s probably the first impression of you one-on-one for a long period of time. The perception we get of someone even before we talk to them, are usually gotten from their appearance. Here we are not going to spell out rules you must follow on how to dress on a first date (that list may be endless). Instead, here are style choices you should avoid on a first date (that’s if you want a second date or like, a walk down the aisle with him).

how to dress on a first date

Wearing something out of your laundry hamper: You have to look good for your first date and that does not include your wearing dirty clothes. It may not have been physically removed from the laundry hamper but if you have worn it all week then it has no business on your body. Wear something fresh that your date will not be able to pick out stains on it.

Overdoing it: This often the case since we are trying to impress the other party. Well, you shouldn’t stress out too much about what you wear on the first date because it’s the other dates’ outfits that matter. Research shows that when you begin to dress down subsequently then you are getting comfortable with the person. What’s the use of dating if you can’t be yourself?

Dressing for the wrong type of date: Everyone wants to make an impression but if you don’t dress appropriately for the date, then you will just look out of place. Hence, you can’t wear a tux to the movies, or jeans to a fancy restaurant. You will be the center of attention but for the wrong reasons. Feel free to inquire about the date plans beforehand.

Applying too much makeup: You have to find a balance. With makeup, try something simple and classy that will enhance the features you already have and not make the guy surprised when he finally sees you without makeup. Don’t underdo it either. Make good enough effort but not too distracting.

Adjusting yourself during the date: Avoid wearing clothes that will require you to keep tugging and pulling. This doesn’t show confidence and comfort. However, if you feel uncomfortable and need to adjust, excuse yourself and readjust in the restroom.

Avoid too tight clothes: This is important especially if you’re going to dinner or lunch or any kind of food-related date. Don’t put yourself through misery first dates are already stressful enough. Wear something free that will help you be more at ease. You have more to worry about than the possibility of ripping your dress.

All you have to keep in mind is wear what makes you feel good. With the right attitude, you can pull off anything. I hope these tips make getting ready for your first date less stressful.


How To Maintain Acrylic Nails

As much as it is beautiful to fix nail extensions, it is also important to pay close attention to health and safety. If not properly managed, artificial nails can ruin your natural nails. If this happens, you have just set up a home for fungus and bacteria to be fruitful and multiply. Below, I will share some tips with you on how to maintain your acrylic nails.

  • Keep Nails Clean Always

Tips On How You Can Maintain Acrylic Nails

Germs, germs and germs: avoid them in every way posible. Long nails especially are vulnerable to infections if you allow dirt to live in them. To avoid sick, get a nail brush and scrub out accumulated dirt from underneath the tips of your nails. Also, wash your hands as often as possible to reduce the risk of getting infection. Afterall, na fine you wan fine, you no kill pesin! 😉

  • Regular Refills

Tips On How You Can Maintain Acrylic Nails

I don’t care how much you had your nail extension fixed, all I know is they begin to look tacky when the natural ones start growing out. Besides, leaving refills till later increase the chances of splitting your own nails.

How To Maintain Acrylic Nails

To make it less stressful to refill, buy and keep your own nail supplies including acrylic powder and liquid. This way, you can do a prompt job of polishing your nails when necessary.

  • Remove Like A  Pro

Tips On How You Can Maintain Acrylic Nails

When you need to remove your extension, please don’t act like an agbero. Simply buy pure acetone and soak your nails in it. Do not, I repeat DO NOT force them off. Peeling off your acrylic nails would damage your natural nails irrevocably.


Sparkle & Dazzle In Your Friday Night Outfits (Photos)

It’s FRIYAY, another exciting time of the week because the weekend is here again. Friday night slay is something that is very real, it’s as real as the day itself. For those who love to party and have a good time, “Slaying” your fashion comes with the territory. This automatically means a well-executed ensemble that is a perfect fit for whatever function you would be attending.

Be Inspired.






Hairstyles & Accessories Ideas For Brides-To-Be (Photos)

Are you a bride struggling right now because you don’t know what bridal hairstyles or accessories to choose for your big day? Well, we have a few tips to share and also we have images to inspire you.

“As a bride to be it can be overwhelming trying to put together your look as well as trying to settle the wedding planning and so many times you might think that leaving your hair and accessories at the bottom of the list is a good choice but lets tell you, its one of the worst mistakes you can make; while you are looking at your wedding dress you should simultaneously look out for companies with the best hair accessories because once you find that dress you would need to find an accessory to match”.

There are different types of hairstyles and hair accessories and we would be showing you some of the latest styles and accessories we’ve seen thus far, we hope you are inspired by them;

These hairstyles and accessory ideas would help you make an informed decision.


bridal hairstylistsbridal hairstylistsbridal hairstylistsbridal hairstylistshair-5hair2hair3


Five Reasons Why Your Wristwatch Is An Important Part Of You

Wristwatches have come to be an important part of dressing up as they help to accentuate our individual style and fashion sense.

Watches have come in different styles including a pocket style which has mostly fazed out to give way to the wristwatch.

Generally, the importance of the wristwatch has been reduced in modern life as people now have various devices such as cell phones, tablets and other portable-carryable devices which tells the time.

However, for a person of fashion and style, Wristwatches are still very much worth wearing as they help to give an insight into your person while also helping out in difficult situations. Other reasons why your wristwatch is important are given below

It’s rude to check your phone all the time.

When meeting up with someone, it is a sign of rudeness and disrespect to continually check your phone.

Either for time or to check instant messages, peeking at your phone while having a discussion with your girlfriend, parents, acquaintance or friend during a date, meet up or interview is mostly bad and may sometime indicate impatience.

A wristwatch makes it easier to check the time without appearing impatient or disrespectful.

wrist watches

Wristwatches help check the time hands-free.
When on the move and you have your hands full with various items such as books, groceries or shopping bags, Wristwatches provide a level of ease and comfort to checking the time.

Using a phone in this situation will be cumbersome and difficult, thus making a wristwatch the ideal best bet.

Sometimes, we just don’t want our phones with us
Sometimes, when we want a bit of peace and quiet with people, we just want to leave our phones behind given the present struggle to detach ourselves from distracting features which come with our phones including games, instant messaging applications, emails and It’s already a struggle to tear ourselves away from email, texting and all the other distracting features on our phones.

Our wristwatch will serve the purpose of telling time and afford us the opportunity to leave distraction behind.

Wearing a watch shows you put in effort in your dressing.
When one puts on a wrist watch, it is apparent that such individual put in effort in his dressing. Just as putting on bracelets and rings add a touch of completeness to dressing, so does a wristwatch.

For instance, putting on just a tee shirt and Jean, adding a wristwatch will help to accentuate your appearance to the otherwise bare look you would have had.

And various colours and materials in which Wristwatches come makes it easier to match and complete dressing.

The watch you wear is part of your identity.
As one grows older, so does our taste in everything changes including our taste in Wristwatches. When we were younger, sports Wristwatches were the fad but growing older, we tend to change our taste to leather and metallic gold or silver straps.

Wristwatches just as belts, handbags and shoes are glaring symbols of our status, symbol and identity. For instance, a music artiste may wear a gold digital watch while a business man can be seen wearing a Rolex, an unintentional indication to the identity of both.

Lastly, we all seem to grow attached to wearing our Wristwatches after doing so for a long time which makes us feel ‘naked’ when we do not have them on. This is not a bad feeling but one that makes us realise how important our Wristwatches have become.


5 Reasons You May Want To Reconsider Wearing An Engagement Ring

For a number of reasons, getting engaged is one thing every woman looks forward to in this part of the world.

Asides family and societal expectations, a lot of Nigerian women tend to see getting engaged for a prospective marriage as a core achievement since it culturally cements their status in womanhood.

More so,  engagement rings are something women love to flaunt and swoon over. As such, it’s natural for you to want to wear your engagement ring all the time once you’ve gotten one.

This however shouldn’t be the case all the time. Some engaged people may see wearing a ring as a discomfort or a taboo while others simply see it as an inconvenience.


Even though flashing your gold, silver or platinum ring may seem like the normal thing to do, there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider leaving that shiny bling off your finger. Check out five reasons why you should reconsider putting on your engagement ring.

You Don’t Want Everyone To Know Your Story
There’s absolutely no rule that says a woman has to wear her engagement or wedding ring everyday and choosing to, or not to is entirely at each persons discretion.

Some people feel not everyone should be in on their story, i.e whether they are married, single or still searching. Given the cultural clime of the black world and the beliefs of some in spirituality, some would rather not wear an engagement ring until their better half walks down the aisle with them.

Walking around with a symbol on your finger doesn’t mean men will stay off you. In fact, some men have been known to be more attracted to women that are engaged.

You’ve Got A Hands-On Job
Wearing jewellery can be hazardous in certain professions. Professions such as the health care industry, engineering and art may require you to take off your jewellery including your rings to avoid them becoming a hazard to you or getting them messy.

As a result, it is easier to take your ring off, either before going to work (which is safer) or doing so at work. It’s best however to explain it to your significant other to avoid disagreement and distrust.

It’s Very Expensive
Quite a number of engagement rings are worth a fortune and putting them on all the time may expose you to thieves and armed robbery.

In some cases, some people have an engagement or wedding band that is of much value than the cash they have. This is a good reason to put it away in a safe place to avoid losing it.

Some may think this reason is silly, especially giving the fact that a lot of people will prefer to wear their ring all the time. But knowing that you have a possession that is too valuable to flaunt around carelessly on a daily basis is a good reason not to put it on.

You Prefer Not To Be Flashy
The type of ring you were given by your spouse is a good reason why a number of women choose not to down their engagement rings.

Some rings with large stones draw a lot of unwanted states to the finger which may make some people feel like they are showing off.

Some women prefer not to show off and avoid the uncomfortable atmosphere which unwanted states create. This may necessitate them not putting their rings on everyday.

You Leave It For Fancy Occasions
Some women prefer to wear their rings only on fancy and special occasions. This is because they tend to see their rings as special objects that should be reserved for happy and interesting moments.

This will usually mean that they leave their engagement finger bare most times and they would only be seen wearing their rings at special events and dressy occasions.


Fashion Styles You Should Modify In 2018

It’s a new year and there are lots of reasons to be happy that we made it. While some of us are making resolutions, others simply hope that the year would be better than the last in all ramifications.

One thing we all however should pay attention to is our appearance and also certain things that will make us more stylish than we were the previous year.

If your intention is to look stunning in 2018, sit back and analyse all your fashion knowledge in such a way that you twist them around in a form that people wonder how you’re able to look differently and immensely stunning.

While it would be ideal to drop some of your fashion styles, you can still turn around your look by putting together those socks, nerdy jeans and patterned shirts in such a way that it becomes fashionable and acceptable to the fashion police.

Here are some fashion styles you can blend and the ideal way to make them the go-to wears in your wardrobe.

The Female Colours
A number of colours are ascribed to the female gender and they include Pink, purple, metallic red, yellow, lily-pad green and orange. 2018 is however a year to bend the rules when it comes to colours ascribed to gender and pick two or three colours when you dress up.

The rule here however is to pick a colour that suits and complements your skin tone. You can choose a variety when it comes to picking the colours of your shirt, trouser, jacket and native Attires.

High Water Pants

High water pants are the new fad and was popularised by the Steve Urkel character in the 90’s sitcom ‘Family Matters’. High Water Pants allow you to show off your stunning shoes, lovely or weird socks pattern and any tattoos you may have around your ankles.

For you to however stun with it, you need to blend it in with a durable cotton pant, that comes in a subtly strong material. A high top sneakers is also the best form of shoe to wear to have an exceptionally interesting appearance.

Blousy Tops
If you flashback 2016, you’d realise that printed tops that come as short-sleeve shirts and and blousy Tops that come as long-sleeve shirts were a huge trend but they don’t seem to be going anywhere this new year.

This fashion style especially rocked the 80’s and if you’re going to use it this new year, it’s best for you to go for a bigger and boxier cut.

When you put on your blousy Tops, tuck them in and roll up your sleeves. Also remember to leave the top buttons open so as to have a tough guy look that people want to see.

Loud Printed Shirts
Patterned and loud printed shirts were all over the place in 2017 and they will still be around in 2018 and beyond. If you’re thinking of going on with wearing your loud printed shirts this year, you may want to update the ones you have in your wardrobe.

Let go of the stripes and go instead for motifs such as check, camouflage and cheetahs.


For two to three years now, straight-up trippy socks, and sporty ones have come to make a huge statement on the male fashion scene. These socks have basically relegated the bare-ankle look that has been around for an incredibly long time.

While you don’t need to discard the bare-ankle look that makes you look like you’re a fish out of water, you can adopt the patterned and sporty looks of modern socks. Also remember that wearing socks with chinos and loafers is acceptable and cool.


Stylish Ways To Rock Your Ankara Dungarees

Ankara prints have been turned and styled to different outfits over the years. It is of no doubt that we have ankara shirts, trousers and other styles you can think of for men and even for women. This is just to say the ankara prints are ever versatile. In this post, I gave different styles of how the ankara fabric can be crafted in any style as a dungaree, making the dungaree trend one to try for the weekend.

Dungarees are one of the fashionable clothing that have refused to go out of style, not only because they are super comfortable but because they are super stylish if rocked properly. If you have been at a loss about how to rock your Ankara dungarees, these are some stylish ways you can rock them to create different looks.

Armless Top

Ankara Dungarees 3

Collared Shirt

ankara Dungarees 4

Crop Top

Ankara Dungarees 2

Short Arm Top

Ankara Dungarees


Do you need a fashion designer to get you any of these styles?  CLICK HERE


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Ring Finger & Symbolism Infographic | Man’s Guide To Rings & Hand Jewelry

A ring is a round band, usually of metal, worn as an ornamental piece of jewellery around the finger, or sometimes the toe; it is the most common current meaning of the word “ring”. Strictly speaking a normal ring is a finger ring (which may be hyphenated); other types of rings worn as ornaments are earrings, bracelets for the wrist, armlets or arm rings, toe rings and torc or neck rings, but except perhaps for toe rings, the plain term “ring” is not normally used to refer to these.

Rings are most often made of metal but can be of almost any material: metal, plastic, stone, wood, bone, glass, or gemstone. They may be set with a stone or stones, often a gemstone such as diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald.

They have a long history with mankind.

These small pieces of jewelry have been used by kings, merchants, and just regular men to relay messages and signal power, trust, and love.

The below infographic on rings is meant to give you a quick insight to their meaning and symbolism.




10 Cool Shoes to Wear Instead of Sneakers


10. Grenson


7. Walk Over


6. Del Toro


5. Cole Haan


4. Dr. Martens


3. Eastland


2. Quoddy

1. Swear



The Correct Term: Waistcoat or Vest ?

These past few months, I have become very fond of a certain clothing item that has fostered divided thoughts on its correct label. Americans refer to it as a vest, and the English refer to it as a waistcoat. Ideally, the only difference between the two terms is a matter of where one resides.


A waistcoat is an item of clothing that is traditionally a third of the classic three piece suit. It shields the upper half of one’s body, has no sleeves and is close fitting with a cinch in the back to adjust accordingly. A vest is an item of clothing that is traditionally a third of the classic three piece suit. It shields the upper half of one’s body, has no sleeves and is close fitting with a cinch in the back to adjust accordingly. Point being, they’re both the same.

Sure, the “vest” is seen more as an informal choice to be worn casually while a waistcoat is supposed to be worn formally underneath a jacket with a shirt and neck tie. However, both can do the job since they serve very similar objectives.

I prefer the term “waistcoat”. There is more of an original ring to it.


Written by: Igee Okafor


Yomi Casual Latest Ankara Styles For Men


The Ankara fabric is versatile and bends to the skill of the designer. The variety in designs also makes it a great choice for any style you plan to work with. Whether it’s a full native Ankara style or a part native, part English ankara combo.


Take a look at these few ankara styles, ankara styles you can rock to wedding, unique ankara styles that makes you look unique, current ankara styles,  these ankara styles are designed and worn by the design guru himself-Yomi Casual!They are simple yet classy!





lace 7 @oshewabeauty 8 lace 7 @soo_nhia in @mianfego9 lace @bimmms24 lace@she_is_caro lace@modior_kors lace@hrmsignaturebeads  lace@spacomedia dress @ironyofashi in @tubo__ lace@chachaekefanni


Wedding Glam: Adorable Flower Girld Pictures That Will Make You Swoon

The cuteness that flower girls bring to a wedding can not be overemphasised, the brides are usually the star at wedding parties, but now flower girls are bringing their own special sparkle down the aisle.

Flower girls are perhaps the sweetest little guests at weddings these days as they often steal the show with their cuteness. “There is a special kind of joy in seeing pretty little flower girls at weddings especially those miniature versions of the brides, they always add an element of innocent childlike charm and warmth to any wedding”. “The role of the flower girl is to proceed down the aisle either before the maid of honour or the bride herself, scattering petals or blowing bubbles to create a romantic atmosphere for when the bride walks down the aisle”.


Are you getting married soon but have no idea what your flower girl should wear? Below are collections of flower girls dresses to help you decide that perfect miniature you for your wedding. Be inspired.


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9 Celebrities who have spoken out about being photoshopped

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