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“By and large, we are living in a tough world, but the picture is not entirely dark. We must also remember that tough times often offer attractive opportunities, both for Capitalfield and its Group subsidiaries, and we are ready to act when the opportunities present themselves…” an instructive exert from the Group Managing Director of Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd on an occasion before satisfied shareholders and budding investors about the survival strategy adopted during the challenging economic year.

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Year in Review

Coming into 2017, Capitalfield Group makes bold to say that they have concluded effectively their three- year Business plan that ran from 2014. In clearer terms the Groups business objectives realized are:

  1. Revenue consolidation across board within the Group hedging diversification of businesses.
  2. The Group organizational restructuring now in transition went from an operating group model to a strategic architect/manager operating model due for completion in 2018
  3. Channel integration among Strategic Business Units is in place to ensure opportunities of scale within the Group.

Comforting to note were the steps taken to achieve and sustain these strategic objectives. During the year there was a consistent effort to recruit competent and suitable human resource into the various roles, especially Senior Management across the SBU’s and Group to compliment the larger objectives of transformation.

Furthermore, we deployed infrastructure investments in Information Technology and Risk Management to shore up operating efficiency and assurance.

This also came with a detailed polices and procedural framework for all operating functions to ensure control and best practice in service delivery

These are many strides taken which are deepening the Groups commitment to expanded business aspirations.


The Future Outlook

Granted the new vigor with the Federal Governments drive perform on the just passed 2017 national budget, Capitalfield will ensure it is well consolidated to reap the gains of various interventions programmed for the third and fourth quarter.

That is why they have been making extensive efforts to deepen their diversified subsidiary companies; in marine, mining and agro spheres. This consolidation will address enhancing viable product lines, market integration and business footprints. The Group is currently pursuing growth in line with the 4-G Growth Model: Thereby aggressively pursuing growth across the lines of consistent growth, competitive growth, responsible growth and profitable growth. In addition, while managing national geo-economic headwinds, Capitalfield has spotted viable opportunities on the continental front which they will be pursuing to enable their West African regional footprint.

Furthermore, cost efficiency underscored by value proposition remains the watchword in all their dealings; which led them to a more suitable fruit-bearing location in Victoria Island, which is cementing the Groups market presence as an emerging beacon of Nigerian enterprise.

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