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Compliments of the season! Having you read our interviews is a great honor and trust you’ve been able to learnt from the series which were published in 2017. Seven wonderful editions were published to inspire, educate, orientate and motivate our dear readers, especially youth out there. Here is a review of the editions; this is to remind us of the key points and lessons learnt from our great personalities. Read and enjoy as we unfold their experiences, challenges and their advice to the youth. Stay connected.
Starting with our first edition which featured FWONDER. Sanni oluwafemi popularly known as FWONDER is a fast rising artist, guitarist and song writer in Lagos. According to him, he is also into something else apart from just being in the entertainment industry, which connotes he has numerous sources of income. This serves as an eye-opener to youths out there. He also explained that part of his challenges was having people to accept his genre of music, but he has been able to stay focused to achieve his aims.
Interview with SISDAB was the second. SISDABOFFICIAL, with the name Olaniyan Omodolapo Ifeoluwa is a multi talented rapper. He had his first recording in 2014, and has recorded over 10 tracks. According to him, what inspired him were exploration of a different field and the desire of creativity in Rap music. He explained that the road to stardom is totally rough if not disjointed. This means we all have to be ready to face and overcome challenges.
After a wonderful edition with SISDAB, we had AUNTYLANRE, Mrs Lanre Onasanya is the lead volunteer at Aunty Lanre Initiative, a non-governmental organization which provides support to Orphans and vulnerable children living in orphanage homes in Africa. For the past 3 years, they have worked with Orphanage homes in Ibadan, Oyo state. we can deduce that she’s passionate about seeing children grow into productive citizens of the country. In her words
“Working in a school environment, volunteering with a group of people at a particular orphanage every Tuesday (at that time) and the desire to be productive and busy with my “Singlehood” at that time ignited the passion”.
Over the years, there’s no record of gender related issues, as she’s married and greatly supported by her husband. This is an eye-opener to Great Ladies with vision; you can never share your visions with a partner who is logically blind.
Having our fourth edition was a great one; we had Mr Jolomi Raphael, popularly known as MC RAPINDADY. Wao. Mc Rapindady is a great personality who has mastered over 120 weddings in Ibadan and outside Oyo state. He’s an MC, on air personnel, comedian, recording artist and he’s also into fashion. In his words balancing his works hasn’t been so easy, but has been able to do that with positivity and hard work. During the course of unfolding his experiences, he explained this:
“Just like a lot of beginners out there, it wasn’t easy, there was no capital, no support, and at the beginning, the hope was very slight. But along the line things became better. I am a kind of person who never gives up, consistency is key. When you start something and you stop half way, people tend to label you as the non-serious type. Follow the tides of time, push through, and work on yourself. Then the results will follow”.
“When you have a direction and you are determined to walk in it, you will have a smooth ride. I’ve always wanted the best out of my craft, I’ve had a lot of disappointments, but I think I have been able to overcome the challenges I can overcome and am trying to manage the ones I can’t overcome. Winners don’t quit and they don’t give up. I am a very positive thinker, I always know that there is a solution hidden somewhere, only if i search for it. That’s the drive.”
He has always been a positive thinker and He believes that consistency is the key. This has helped him in overcoming challenges.
Followed by an Interview with a legal practitioner who also loves to surprise people was a wonderful and inspiring edition. Omotola Bello, legal practitioner and CEO of a Lagos based event planning company known as Bc_Showers which majors strictly bridal showers, baby showers, surprise proposal, and all form of surprises you could ever think of. She discovered her love for surprising people, and this gave birth to what she’s currently into. According to her, there are several challenges in business generally. Satisfying our customers sometimes can be quite challenging, and she has been able to solve this by beating customers’ expectations.
After this, we had Oke Olayemi as our personality of the week, CEO of SLEEM NATION CONCEPTS who is also the brain behind Sleem Nation Care Initiative. Sleem nation concepts is a Benin based news/media company with an initiative as a sub-brand. This initiative provides Charity services for the less privileges and orphans, thereby contributing to task of Nation Building. According to him, the brand rose as a result of what he refers to as PASSION and the ZEAL to make impact to lives! He has the zeal to attend to the needy, especially the prisoners, thereby having a project, which will feature distribution of new sets of relief materials.
We had our last edition which featured Samuel Oluwaseyi Otukoya, former Uber brand ambassador, equally known as CEO of a Lagos based media house known as SLIMXCLUSIVE. He got exposed to the entertainment atmosphere at an event which apparently changed him. During the course of unfolding his experiences, he explained that being a CEO can be frustrating but with more benefits. To overcome challenges, you just have to bottle up insults, keep your eyes on the prize, know why you’re there and block the noise: ignoring the insults, because at the end of the day you achieve your goal.
Now we’ve understood the key points which were extracted and explained from the editions, below are the advices given by each personality, do well to digest and reference them always:
Never be afraid of taking steps, always follow your instincts and learn to control your fear. -FWONDER
Just be real to yourselves; believe in your craft because you can’t convince the next man to do so if you’re a doubting Thomas yourself. If no one is motivating you, you have to motivate yourself. Above all, put God first.
Life is about others, don’t be self-centered. Do the little you can. If you can’t feed a thousand, feed one. If all you can give is a warm smile and a big hug, your time and attention, a sachet of water, go ahead! It starts with your little drop of water.
Remain focused; don’t be distracted by alcohol, women, affluence and all sorts that can make you lose focus. We will all get to the top.
If anyone has an idea, the person should put it to action. I believe in the word “Act” because usually it would go way beyond our expectations if we quit analyzing and do what we’ve to do. If someone had told me I’d be doing this In 2016 I would doubt the person but today I’m doing this and I really love it. You’re your own motivation; nobody will motivate you as much as you’ll motivate yourself. Finally, life improves only with consistent action towards a goal. I hope this little knowledge of mine would inspire someone to take that leap of faith and START!
Discover your talent, work on it, and don’t wait for anybody to tell you what to do (Be your own boss). Dedicate time for RESEARCH, be consistent, build a great team of intellectuals, and stay humble to everybody. Let your purpose drive you every day and be Prayerful!!! You are going places!!
There’s always something you can do to make it in life! Most importantly you can make it doing what you enjoy doing. Just put God first, read books and build connections
Much thanks for reading through, we love to impact youths. Stay connected to our social media pages to keep you abreast of our activities: IG/FB/TWITTER @Crystalverts. Contact us on 08106700405. More great personalities are still coming through. Have a great week!

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