Osun PDP chieftain compelled me to withdraw suit against Adekele at gun point – plaintiff

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State, Mr. Ojetade Kolawole has pointed accusing finger at a chieftain of the party, Reverend Bunmi Jenyo alleging that the party authority compelled him at a gun point to sign a withdrawal document in respect of a suit he jointly instituted against senator Ademola Adeleke’s eligibility to contest the September 22 governorship election in the state.

Triotinaija reported how Kolawole together with Awosiyan Kingsley and Awodire Peter on October 30 approached a high court sitting in Osogbo, contending that the participation of the senator at, and his return as the winner of the governorship primary election conducted by the PDP on the 21st of July, 2018 for the purposes of electing the gubernatorial candidate of the party and his subsequent participation at the governorship election of the 22nd of September, 2018 as the party’s candidate was null and void on the account of false information and submission of false documents to electoral commission.

The plaintiffs told the court to cause the defendant to respond to the suit within 21 days. But, on Saturday, 17th November, Kolawole stated at a press conference in Osogbo on Tuesday, “while I was on my way to work, certain two men known to me as friends and neighbours in the community also as same PDP members with me; Messrs Kazeem Ogunsola and Dele Onigbinde accosted and lured me into coming to Parakin Area where I was scheduled to meet with a party chieftain. After a little debate on it, I obliged and we went.”

“At a spot in Parakin, I met with a certain party chieftain also known to me before though from afar as one of the leaders at the state level. His name is Rev Bunmi Jenyo. After our exchange of pleasantries, I was asked to enter into a waiting vehicle with him and I did with a mindset that we were going to hold a meeting right there in the vehicle. Contrary to my expectation, Reverend Bunmi Jenyo told his driver that was waiting behind the steering to take off and the driver obeyed.”

“I sought to know where we were going but nobody among the four men in the vehicle with me answered me. The other occupants with me are; Reverend Jenyo, Kazeem Ogunsola, the driver and one policeman who was Rev Jenyo’s orderly. As we travelled in the vehicle and without anybody talking, I suspected we were going probably to Osogbo because I was familiar with the route. We arrived Osogbo after about an hour drive. We arrived into an estate with the inscription AMORITE. This Estate is a large one with many separate houses standing at reasonable distances from one another. It was a very lonely environment with no one in sight.”

“We went into a particular one among the building that was well fenced but we never entered into the main building. It was while we were there that Rev Jenyo started calling a number to say to the person at the other end that we were already there but didn’t meet anybody. I heard him when he further instructed the person to bring the documents; What documents, I didn’t know.”

“However, after some time, a slim, fit and a little light in complexion came with some documents which he handed over to Rev Jenyo and which I was also asked to sign. I was reluctant to sign because I didn’t know the content. It was then the policeman who had a gun with him told me to sign for the sake of my life and those of my wife and children. He was firm in his directive to me.”

“Thereafter, Rev Jenyo called a number; spoke to the person at the other end saying: ‘Yes Sir, we got him. He is here now’. He gave the phone to me and said I should speak. The voice at the other end introduced himself as Senator Ademola Adeleke. I recognized the voice immediately and greeted him. He told me to cooperate with the people I was with. He said that that was the only way my safety can be guaranteed and he went off the line.”

”At that stage, I knew I was in trouble and the only way I could get out was to ‘cooperate’ like they said. So, with my hands shaking due to the sight of the gun, I later signed the documents. After signing, I was commended by Reverend Jenyo who then gladly offered me a sum of #5,000 for my transfort fare back to Modakeke.”

“He told me they would come back for me on Monday so that I could complete the rest processes at the court. I knew it was safer and better for me not to ask questions in order to get out of the captivity. I was let off their hook late into the night on that same day. The following morning wisdom prevailed I should report the incident to the police and I did.”

“Thereafter, I switched off my telephone line and ran into cover. Unknown to me kazeem Ogunsola was detailed by Reverend Jenyo to mount surveillance on me till Monday. Immediately he lost track on me on that Sunday, Kazeem led some men in the evening to my wife at my house where they harassed, intimidated, threatened and requested that she should produce me otherwise, severe consequences may follow. This was again reported to the police and kazeem was arrested, interrogated and released on bail.”

“These have been my horrible experience in the last four days in the hands of senator Ademola Adeleke’s men led by Rev. Bunmi jenyo. I decided to share this as a Save Our Soul with the Nigeria public and security agencies so that in a case of any untoward incident against me or any member of my family, the authority will know where exactly to beam their search light.” Kolawole stated.

When for his response, Reverend Jenyo denied the allegation saying that he only waded into the matter to broker peace.

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