Osun PDP candidate, major ally in cold war over campaign funding

The warfare among members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State has taken another dimension following a rising but covert animosity between Akogun Lere Oyewumi, Osun West senatorial candidate of the party and his major political ally, the Adeleke family.

Revelations from an infallible source close to the family of Senator Ademola Adeleke and the senatorial candidate, on Monday, indicated that the animosity stemmed from a breach in the agreement between the parties and is hinged on the Adelekes’ lukewarm attitude towards the funding of the candidate’s campaign.

The parties were major allies during the last governorship elections in the state. In recognition and appreciation of his support for the Adelekes, the PDP candidate was expecting the Adelekes to fund his campaign but the family said that it has a lot in its hands and advised him to try to raise funds on his own.

The source who spoke under anonymity to avoid being castigated confirmed: “the issue between Akogun Lere Oyewumi and the Adelekes is gradually going out of hand. The Adelekes promised to support him and we all know what that means. But now, they don’t look like they mean what they said. Akogun sold his fuelling stations and some other properties but all he could raise is 100 million naira.”

“If you follow the sequence of events and observed what transpired during the last elections in Osun you would agree with me that he truly needs support but the Adelekes did not budge till now. They only gave him 3 million naira. So, he feels completely let down. ”

“The stand of the Adelekes, I can authoritatively confirm, is that huge sum of money was given to him before the gubernatorial primaries and run down to the September 22 governorship elections; and that he has already been duly compensated for his efforts and support.”

The concerned source urged the leadership of the PDP to look into the cold war before it escalates and become another full-blown warfare between the aggrieved candidate and the Adeleke.

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