Opinion: Here is to a Revolution

Talking about corruption and how corrupt our leaders can be is no news in Nigeria anymore. The news is how easy and lucrative it is to steal big and how stealing big is the only way of bypassing the law. Now the mouthwatering part is there is a prospect of you getting a hero’s welcome, when “against all odds” you “visit” the prison, and you can be rest assured you would not need to complete your “term” in prison.
Reacting to a previous article from my scholar friend, Badiru Kehinde who decried the way supporters of James Ibori welcomed him from prison in London and how preparations are on going to give him a hero’s welcome here in Nigeria.

James Ibori and supporters in jubilant mood after release from prison.
James Ibori and supporters in jubilant mood after release from prison.

I am saying, enough of the (empty) cries and shouts about corruption in high places, in fact James Ibori isn’t the first in this situation, it is actually a trend…there was a Bode George remember? I’m not mentioning other names.

While in prison, it is important to note that as an ex-governor, Ibori was being paid pension of 50 Million Naira yearly (a provision he effected before leaving office). And all the 50 million pounds he was convicted to have stolen remains his property even after he had only spent half of the thirteen years he’s supposed to use in prison. Things are a bit complicated with laws honestly, but this is a pointer to the fact that nobody will help us solve our own problem unless ourselves.

My point exactly is that until we are able to kill corruption in the lowest places, don’t let us dream about doing it in the highest places. There are lots of people closest to us who are conartist and fraud celebrities “instagram pastors” who use religion as a tool to defruad people on a daily basis. There is a lecturer who is helping you upgrade your marks and you pay them through any means possible. There’s a councillor who since elected has performed nothing but mediocrity, cut him off before he grows wings. A SUG cabinet that has no idea or will to serve but constitute nuisance, cut them off, because they will all grow with the idea of getting away with “bullshit”.

Until we make our leaders, (the ones we are closest to) understand and see offices/posts as responsibilities and that the people can do anything to save their present and future, leadership in this country will continue to be in tatters.
Until the citizens who cry about their politicians being corrupt become law abiding and not rush to bribe the police (the police thrive in corruption too because the citizens are not law abiding), then a new lucrative business opportunity just presented itself. It is simple, when you are stealing, steal big, very big.
Maybe this generation of leaders are only passing on what they got from the generation of leaders before them (heroes of our history), and maybe the books and documentary we read and watched about those leaders are false or filled with exaggerated events, maybe history told us lies.
One thing stands, no matter the hero’s welcome the lots of you will get (either convicted or not), I promise to tell the truth of how savage and barbaric you were while alive to my children and all young generation I come in contact with.
I promise to own a media outlet that will celebrate your demise as the breeds and packs of politician that would have been better off in motor parks as conductors and Agberos.
Because history is HOW someone has decided to tell the WHAT. I will tell it from the perspective of the downtrodden, the poor and the less privileged.

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