Neville: City Needs To Survive Winter To Win EPL

Gary Neville believes Manchester City will run into problems if they fail to improve on their mid-season performance of the last two seasons.

Guardiola’s side are off to a quick lead at the top of the table, with 28 points from 10 games and a five points lead.

However, the last two seasons has seen City start out strong and falter in the winter and Neville believes they can win the league if they better that.

“They are at an outstandingly high level,” he told Sky Sports .

“They can only stop themselves. I mention the words robustness and resilience.

“I look at the winter months and it seems like an old cliche – can you go away to Stoke and that sort of garbage – but there’s a little bit more to it than that.

“If you look at Manchester City’s last two seasons, one under Manuel Pellegrini and one under Guardiola, and you look at November, December and January. They probably would have won two titles in those two seasons if they’d have maintained their championship-winning level.

“If they drop to that level in November, December and January again then they’ll be in trouble. Those months are tough, the toughest months; I don’t care what anybody says [to the contrary].

“They’re the toughest months to play football – the games, the weather, the injuries, the stockpile of fixtures, the Champions League, the Christmas period.

“Can they get through to February, March and April when the weather gets better again and it’s an easier time of year to play football?

“My view is that has cost them in the last two seasons and if they can get through those three months then it could be one of the most outstanding performances. It is brilliant to watch, a great level of football.”

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