Multimedia director advocates reawakening film villages in all geopolitical zones, boost entertainment

Director of a multimedia institution in Lagos, Longe Bankole-Phillips has appealed to the Federal Government to reawaken film villages in all the geopolitical zones in the country to boost entertainment industry.
Bankole-Phillips, in charge of GRAIG-PHILLIPS college of Technology, in Maryland, Lagos, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN) at the end of a week long activities to mark maiden graduation of 100 students.
He said the institution, which is affiliated to a Canadian management, had spent over N3.5 million on the 100 students, who commenced the one-month two-batch free training from July to August.
He said they were trained in cinematography, animation, motion graphic designs, video editing, special effects, sound engineering, directing, and presentation.
According to him, the importance of the entertainment industry to the growth of the economy was sufficient to have functional film villages in the country that would boost the industry.
NAN reports that Hubert Ogunde film village, which existed in Ososa along Benin- Sagamu express, was abandoned after the death of the colossus artist.
“We need a functional film village in all the six geopolitical zones in the country so that artists, producers, musicians and entertainers can have access to location sites for their recordings.
” Existence of such facilities would definitely reduce the cost of productions, which would further increase the renumeration for artists and welfare package, ” he told NAN.
He said that the government should use the setting up of film villages as an investment in the entertainment industry because countries like Thailand generated over four billion dollars from arts.
“So many developed countries depend on the entertainment industry as a major source of revenue, Thailand generates over four billion dollars annually from their arts and crafts.
” We seecan likewise, domesticate our entertainment industry by building a conducive environment for artists to enable them operate at optimal level and thereby boost tourism in the country, ” he said.
Bankole-Philips, also said that having a film village constructed by the government would boost the nations culture to the world through the films recorded in such a traditional setting.
“Hubert Ogunde’s film village, which reinvigorated the film industry, through epic movie setting, because of the traditional arts and crafts in the sites.
” The film village, would definitely have a traditional feature and crafts that would promote the image of the country, ” he said.
The multimedia director, while commending the FG on the financial assistance to the development of creative industry through the Bank of Industry (BOI) loans, expressed concern over the standard of films being produced.
He also appealed that the BOI facility should be extended beyond the artists to animators, motion graphics, and editors, who he said, were part of the creative industry.
NAN reports that in Cape Coast, Ghana, the slave building built over 300 years ago was not only preserved, it was packaged and advertised to the whole world
The creator of maiden film village, Hubert Ogunde, who died April 4, 1990, bestroded the theatre world like a colossus, which he built during his career, as an embodiment of culture of the Yoruba people, was presently desolate.

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