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Mourinho Speaks On Closing Transfer Market Before Season Begins



Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has said he is in support of closing the transfer market before the beginning of a new season.

Clubs are set to vote on September 7, on whether to close the transfer window before the start of next season.

Addressing the media on Friday, Mourinho said: “My opinion is we have to adapt to the situation, it doesn’t matter what.

“But as a football manager and not a market man — just a football man just as somebody who wants to work with the team, work with the players — I would prefer the window to closer as soon as possible.



“So everybody knows the players we have and the deals will be done earlier and nobody would be waiting for the last week and we wouldn’t have the situation of sometimes a player plays game No. 1 for a team and game No. 2 for another team.


“And the question marks somebody puts, if other leagues don’t close at the same time are we in danger of losing players in the last couple of weeks? My question is how many clubs in the world are powerful enough buy the best players in the Premier League and the answer is I think is very obvious. So the risk is minimal and even those powerful clubs have to know if we can’t buy players we’re not going to sell.”

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