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Meet the Fresible Team, An Information Technology Company


Fresible company limited is Nigerians fastest growing startup. It’s an Information Technology Company founded by Fred Oyetayo in 2012, a law graduate from AfeBabalola University Ado-Ekiti with programming skills of a genius. Rumour has it he has been tapped to be one of the names included in the Forbes 25 under 25 list set to be released soon.

Fred’s mission is to affect the world by creating a global company with the aim of breathing fresh ideas into businesses and aiding them in achieving their business goals. Our practice area includes Website & App Development Design,, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Events Management, Corporate Image Building and  Media Planning.


Fred Oyetayo, C.E.O and founder of Fresible
Fred Oyetayo, C.E.O and founder of Fresible


The team comprises of skilled, competent and innovative personnel who offer creative ideas to suit and meet the exact needs of its clients at any point in time with respect to their practice areas. A very interesting thing is that some of the names you are about to hear might be really huge to you but they were all present at the birth of Fresible in that little room in Afe Babalola University.

Side note guys, Afe Babalola University seems to be producing some huge talents, they must be doing something very right. Enough said, meet the team:


Fred Oyetayo (Cool Kid): He is the C.E.O and founder of Fresible. Fred is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He leads the design of Fresible service and development of its core technology and departments. Twitter:@fredoyetayo Instagram:@fredoyetayo.


Damilola Olowokere (D law): Damilola is the Executive Secretary and Legal Adviser of Fresible. Think of him as the man who sees everything and hears everything in Fresible. He is also a very competent lawyer and a graduate of Afe Babalola University.


Victor Salami (Marapolsa): Obviously most of you have heard that name Marapolsa, he is the head of digital marketing and one of Nigeria’s biggest digital marketers and social media influencers. He always has the juiciest news on his personal blog ‘’ and can flip a story from pending to trending at the touch of a button. Twiter:@Marapolsa Instagram:@Marapolsa


Elijah Fagbemi (Mastarcard): Elijah is the head of the Devopers/ICT section of Fresible. He is a seasoned programmer, art director and a comedian. He is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Afe Babalola University. Twitter: @mastarcard Instagram:@mastarcard           


Omotayo Odediran (Thadyours): Tayo is everything you want in a company’s management team as his crazy, creative thinker as he brings ideas outof the box ideas that has never seem to fail the Fresible team when he working on any campaign, I guess that’s why he’s the head of the Idea creation/Marketing team. Twitter:@thaddyours Ingrastam:@thaddyours


Yinka Adewuyi  (C.F.O): That’s right she handles everything money related and makes sure that those sheets are balanced.


Tosin Ige (Bartoglat): He is a valuable member of the team and was the manager of fresible ABUAD branch before he graduated. He is presently the Acting VP of the events  division of the Company.


Rapheal Esu (Ralph): Raphael is the current manager of Fresible (ABUAD branch) and the brain behind “Akaii” clothing line. His passion for creativity shows in his work.


Falilat (Pharlee): Probably heard of or seen her on social media displaying few of her many passions, like wig making and make up videos. The girl can pretty much fix a wig on her head in minutes. She is an integral part of the Fresible events team.


Oluwatomi Are (Tomi):            Tomi a gem and a fantastic smart worker. She brings something evidently unique to the team and always shows great team spirit while working on any project. Twitter:@cilla_esoteric Instagram:@cilla_are


Leo Kolade (LEO): He currently holds the position of Africa’s most retweeted tweet. He has consistently promoted the Fresible brand through social media and is one of our valuable digital marketers in Nigeria today. Twitter:@leokolade


Olamide Lawal (Midas): Olamide a brand strategist and consultant at Fresible . When it comes to drawing up strategies and making plays, he is your go to guy. His creativity level is always spot on and he never seems to run out of them. Twitter: @midasoffishall Instagram:@midasofficial


Okechukwu Opara (Oke): Okechukwu  part of the Fresible developers teaalways working day and night on new innovations. Twitter:@osons_jay Instagram:@osons_jay


Ikem Ngwoke (I.K): The big man with a very big heart, is also a part of the fresible developers team. Twitter: Instagram:


Yosola Odukoya (Yosi): Yosola  a marketing strategist at Fresible. She has a very sharp mind and knows the right questions to ask to deliver the right results. Instagram:


Vivian Ajibola: Vivian is in the Law department at Fresible, but has found a way to distinguish herself with her incredible work ethics and professionalism. Instagram:@Vivian_Ajibola Twitter:@Vivian_Ajibola


Bayo Olagunju-Sofiu (Bee): Bayo  a marketing intern on the Fresible team. His character and personality makes him very easy and interesting to work with

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