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Meet Crystalverts Personality Of The Week: A Lawyer and an Event Planner, CEO BC showers



Good day everyone. Welcome to another edition of Crystalverts chat interview segment. This segment seeks to unfold success stories and startup experiences of people who live their lives as a role-model, with the aim of spurring youths to developing themselves. And today on this segment, we have the CEO of BC showers. We would love to you sit back, read, learn and enjoy.


Crystalverts: Hello ma’ám. I’m Crystal by name, a representative of Crystalverts. Can we please meet you?


Bc Showers: Good day, I’m Omotola Bello, a legal practitioner and CEO of Bc_Showers.



Crystalverts: Wao, that’s great. A legal practitioner and CEO of Bc_showers. What’s Bc_showers about, trust our readers would love to know.


Bc Showers: Thanks. Bc_showers is an event planning company. We plan strictly bridal showers, baby showers, surprise proposal, surprise welcome party, surprise birthday party for now. Our aim is to “surprise” whoever our clients want us to surprise and by God’s grace we’ve been able to achieve that over the time.


Crystalverts: That sounds great. Ma, the word “surprise” goes a long way, which also connotes making people smile. How do you go about this? As a lady, isn’t it very stressful?


Bc Showers: Yes you’re right. But i don’t see it as being stressful, I have passion for it, it gives me joy when I’m asked to surprise someone, like I even feel excited to do it.


Crystalverts: That really sounds great. Apart from being a CEO, you’re also a Legal practitioner. Can you please shed more light on this?


Bc Showers: Thanks. Oh yes I’m a legal practitioner and I’m practicing presently. I work with M.A Toyin Keshinro and associates.


Crystalverts: Ma’am what inspired you to start Bc_showers, and besides do you work alone or you have team members who always work with you?


Bc Showers: I discovered my love for surprising people, I also know how to put one or two things together to beat people’s expectations so I needed to put that to work. Then I’ve always been a business person, I’ve tried several businesses before finding my foot with bc_showers and it gives me joy to be doing this presently.

I have my team members who work with me because I definitely can’t be doing all of this on my own. Even though I didn’t have any team until after about 8months of starting the bc_showers.


Crystalverts: Until after 8 months?? Wao. How were you able to cope?


Bc Showers: Hmmmm the struggle was real! It wasn’t easy, I mean not even for once. I’ve had to pack all my instruments into 2big bags and walking a long distance just to catch a bus in the night after a job. So just imagine I had someone who was working with me I think the person would have been able to assist one way or the other. But I’m thankful still, it was actually a process.


Crystalverts: Process. I believe everything in life is a process. Ma, after taking a vivid analysis on your Instagram page, a question popped up, and permit me to ask, how have you been able to get customers, especially in Lagos?


Bc Showers: Wow! What a key question. Firstly I would say thanks to Instagram, because bc_showers is not yet on any other social media, secondly I would say thanks to my friends who allowed me to do free bridal shower for them just to show myself to the world, thirdly, I would say referral.


Crystalverts: Referral?? Hmmm, so how do you get paid, is there a fixed price on every of your services???


Bc Showers: Okay for bc_showers one of our major aim is to work with our Customer’s budget at every point in time so they don’t have to break the bank just to surprise their loved ones, so we do not have a fixed price as we usually work with our Customer’s budget most of the time.


Crystalverts: Wao. If I’m not wrong, that means you’re being considerate. Because all hands are not equal and everyone would love to surprise their precious ones. That’s great ma’am.


Bc Showers: Exactly. Thank you.


Crystalverts: You’ve been in this business quite a while, any challenges so far??


Bc Showers: Yes there are several challenges in business generally. Satisfying our customers sometimes can be quite challenging: reason being that some of them would contact you two days or even some a day to their supposed event and they expect me to set everything down and even beat their expectations.


Crystalverts: Two days or even a day? So how have you been able to beat their expectations??


Bc Showers: Sometimes getting the right customers can be quite challenging too because now there’s a whole lot of competition in this business and getting a good one is like winning a big contract. For their expectations, I always ask them for what they’d like to see or what their dream setting should be like, so once I get that, I try to add one or two things that would go beyond their expectations.


Crystalverts: That sounds great. Thank you ma. So, for how long have you been in to this?


Bc Showers: Just a year and two months gone


Crystalverts: Great. Ma, at this point in this country, we have youths out there who are on the edge to starting a business, but needs motivation to bring about a desired success. What would you like to say to our readers?


Bc Showers: I would say that if anyone has an idea, the person should put it to action.

I believe in the word “Act” because usually it would go way beyond our expectations if           we quit analyzing and do what we’ve to do. If someone had told me I’d be doing this In 2016 I would doubt the person but today I’m doing this and I really love it.

I would also say that you’re your own motivation; nobody will motivate you as much as you’ll motivate yourself. Finally, life improves only with consistent action towards a goal. I hope this little knowledge of mine would inspire someone to take that leap of faith and START!


Crystalverts: Thanks a lot ma for the words. I’m sure this would spur some youths into action. Thanks a lot ma. For more enquiries, sponsorship and for those who would love to make transactions with you ma, i would love you to drop your contacts


Bc Showers: Phone number- 07052477660

Whatsapp- 08105094811

Personal IG handle- @mz_beba

Business page – @bc_showers.

Thanks for having me on your platform. It’s a great pleasure to be here and I really appreciate this opportunity. May God continue to bless your handwork.


Crystalverts: Amen. On behalf of the team members, thanks a lot for your time . We really appreciate. We have come to the end of this week’s chat interview segment. We believe that you’ve learnt one thing or the other. Never hesitate to get updates on We seek to educate and inspire. Contact us On IG @Crystalverts, on FB @Crystal verts. You can also send us a mail

We are loyal and passion-driven. Join us next two weeks for another wonderful edition. Till then, STAY MOTIVATED!

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