Welcome to the first edition in 2018. Without taking your time, the sole purpose of this interview segment is to unfold startup stories of individuals who have carved a niche for themselves in some certain specialized fields. This seeks to teach, educate, orientate and enlighten youths out there.
Today, we have someone very important and he is great at what he is into. Sit back, read, learn and enjoy.

Crystalverts: Good Afternoon sir, Its nice having you here on this platform, I’d like you to introduce yourself to our dear readers.
Tonye Photography: Good afternoon. My name is Stephen Sotonye Michael. I’m a student photographer from the University of Ibadan.
Crystalverts: Permit me to ask sir, how have you been able to manage being a student of a prestigious university with being a popular photographer in Ibadan, because research reveals you’ve covered a number of events and family portraits..
Tonye Photography: I must say it hasn’t been very easy at all but I try to balance school and work. 
Crystalverts: Hmmm. Balance school and work. For how many years have you been into photography?
Tonye Photography: I’ve been into photography for 2 years now. 
Crystalverts: and what has been the challenge so far?
Tonye Photography: The major challenge is getting better equipments for better output because photography equipments are super expensive. Also, trying to juggle school and work too is also a challenge. 
Crystalverts: Wao. Sir, During the course of studying your Instagram wall, we found some words: PHOTOGRAPHY IS LIFE”. Can you please explain what you mean by this? 
Tonye Photography: Photography is life as seen on my bio is me simply saying that pictures are very important in our everyday life to keep memories of events and happenings. So we cannot over emphasize how important photography is to our lives as human beings. Just imagine the world without pictures to keep records of previous happenings; it’ll be in shambles because pictures play a vital role for record keeping and also in our everyday life.
Crystalverts: You also typed some words: CREATING A BIGGER PICTURE. Sir, how do you educate yourself to take better and quality pictures?
Tonye Photography: I try to learn from those who have gone ahead of me. Shout out to Judahlinks Photography, Olere Photography, illusions Photography just to mention a few. These are people I look up to and try to learn one or two things from them. Also, I read up stuffs online and also watch YouTube videos about photography.
Crystalverts: Thanks for that sir. Permit me to ask. Among your works, which one is your favorite? And why?


Tonye Photography: Woooow! This question is hard to answer Lol. I really don’t have a favorite per say. I love all my works and I try as much as possible to get better each day. 
Crystalverts: That’s great. You love all your works. Which simply means you enjoy what you do, guess Im right.
Tonye Photography: Yes I do.
Crystalverts: Whose work has influenced you most?
Tonye Photography: There are quite a number of them but the person whose work I admire and has influenced me most is Olere Photography. I love his creativity and artistic touch when creating images.
Crystalverts: Sir, permit me to ask, what is that one thing you wish you knew when you started your career as a photographer?
Tonye Photography: I wish I knew how to invest in gadgets early enough and how important they are to your growth as a photographer.
Crystalverts: Wao. Sir you made mention of something, that you’ve been into photography for two years, how has it been relating with customers and getting clients to love your work
Tonye Photography: Nothing good comes easy so I’ll just say it has been God’s GRACE and HARDWORK. I try as much as possible to give my best to every client I come in contact with and most of them end up referring me to other people who love my work. God has been the plug!
Crystalverts: God’s grace and Hard work. Thanks for that sir. What’s your advice to youths out there who find it impossible to engage themselves in something profitable?
Tonye Photography: Nothing is impossible with God. Each and every day, say to yourself “I’m Possible” and see things start turning around. But whatever worthwhile stuff you have in mind to venture into, try as much as possible to remain steadfast to that course. Like I said earlier, “Nothing good comes easy” so it’ll never be easy but keep pushing and never give. In due time, the world will hear your story for good.
Crystalverts: Hmmm. Thanks for the words sir. I’d like you to drop your contacts for those who’d love to follow up and make transactions with you.
Tonye Photography: Okay. You can reach me on 09057053362.

Instagram:  @officialtonyephotography, @tonyephotographyweddings, @tonye_mb Twitter: @tonye_mb. 

Facebook: Stephen Tonye Michael, Officialtonyephotography
Crystalverts: Thanks a lot sir. We’d like to draw the curtains here. Thanks for taking time to have this interactive segment with us. God bless you sir. 
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