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Marketing tips in terms of story selling

It’s about time Entrepreneurs learn the art and act of marketing or should I say marketing in terms of story selling.

Honestly, you don’t need to read a book to understand story selling, it’s just simple logic, reasoning and clues from day to day selling/advertisement of products and services.

Let me just say that as an entrepreneur, “captivation” is a very important business in selling your products and services.

Captivationg forforme means “wowing your customers”, keeping their jaws on the ground or taking their breathes away.

In other words, while selling your goods to your potential clients, remember, at the end of all your adverts, story telling and marketing, you want to get a “wow, breathing taking or amazing” in return.

Let’s use this as an example, when a client says “Sell me this pen”, think about it, relax, remember, you want amaze your clients.

Popular answer would be “this pen is the cheapest in Africa, it is very affordable, the ink lasts for 30 years”, trust me the next thing going on in your clients head is “so, what?

Every other pen is cheap, every other ink can last” and the next thing that follows in their mind is “you’re not different from the others, you can even sway me or convince or tell me why I should use this pen, all you’re concerned about is the price?”.

Entrepreneurs, take my advice, next time this is what your response should be or this is what my response would be, “ the secrets to your success or fortunes/ wealth is writing your way to it.

Everyday we are thinking of the next big idea, the next big deal, how to make sure your products takes lead in the market and by so doing different ideas pops into our head at different intervals, maybe at church, a wedding or on your bed, take this pen and write it down, write down every piece of information that comes into your head, the informations may be distorted but keep writing.

Like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, they did take notes while embarking on their various researches and in the end all notes gave birth to theories, formulas and the likes which is still in use till this moment. i

It might take a while to understand all your notes, but it would be worth it to take my pen and put down your thoughts, problems and possible solutions because in the end it will unlock a brand new big, bright and beautiful Idea that will, in all ways, lead to your success”.

Go on to add a little bit of wit and say “I know you have amazing and creative thoughts running through your head already , but my pen might be the one thing you’re lacking right now” and bam! the deal is done!

You might be a shoemaker, a hair vendor, a caterer, an advocate, whatever it is, it takes more than I am simply the best or I have over 1000 clients to land certain deals, sometimes or most times it takes story selling, not fake stories, but stories that inspire, are reasonable , breathtaking, and also quench the thirst and hunger of your prospective client.

If you are a hair vendor, give them reasons why they should rather wear a certain hair instead of the initial one, might be shape of their faces or anything, those who have Naomi Campbell’s kind of face, let them know the style that would work better.

If you make shoes, let them know they can walk in style and why their shoes can speak for them even before they a utter any word in a positive manner!

Goodluck and Cheers to a better future!

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