Man Utd fixtures 2019/20 in full: Man Utd faces Chelsea as opener

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer begins his first full season as Manchester United manager this summer and will be playing third place Chelsea in their opener.

It is an exciting time for United fans, as the former striker begins his rebuild of the squad and leads them into a new generation.

United fell short at the end of last season, finishing sixth, leaving them without Champions League football once again.

But the euphoria of the new campaign can now begin as the fixtures have been released, meaning that the fans can book their away day weekends and plan for derby day.

Here are Manchester United’s fixtures for the 2019/20 Premier League season: You can also see Liverpool full fixtures here

11: Chelsea , 4.30pm (h)

17: Wolves , 3pm (a)

24: Crystal Palace , 3pm (h)

31: Southampton , 3pm (a)

14: Leicester City, 3pm (h)

21: West Ham United, 3pm (a)

28: Arsenal , 3pm (h)

5: Newcastle United, 3pm (a)

19: Liverpool , 3pm (h)

26: Norwich City, 3pm (a)

2: Bournemouth , 3pm (a)

9: Brighton , 3pm (h)

23: Sheffield United, 3pm (a)

30: Aston Villa, 3pm (h)

3: Tottenham Hotspur, 3pm (h)

7: Manchester City , 3pm (a)

14: Everton , 3pm (h)

21: Watford , 3pm (a)

26: Newcastle United, 3pm (h)

28: Burnley , 3pm (a)

1: Arsenal, 3pm (a)

11: Norwich City, 3pm (h)

18: Liverpool, 3pm (a)

21: Burnley, 8pm (h)

1: Wolves, 3pm (h)

8: Chelsea, 3pm (a)

22: Watford, 3pm (h)

29: Everton, 3pm (a)

7: Manchester City, 3pm (h)

14: Tottenham Hotspur, 3pm (a)

21: Sheffield United, 3pm (h)

4: Brighton, 3pm (a)

11: Bournemouth, 3pm (h)

18: Aston Villa, 3pm (a)

25: Southampton, 3pm (h)

2: Crystal Palace, 3pm (a)

9: West Ham United, 3pm (h)

17: Leicester City, 3pm (a)

All fixture dates and times subject to change

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