How To Maintain Acrylic Nails

As much as it is beautiful to fix nail extensions, it is also important to pay close attention to health and safety. If not properly managed, artificial nails can ruin your natural nails. If this happens, you have just set up a home for fungus and bacteria to be fruitful and multiply. Below, I will share some tips with you on how to maintain your acrylic nails.

  • Keep Nails Clean Always

Tips On How You Can Maintain Acrylic Nails

Germs, germs and germs: avoid them in every way posible. Long nails especially are vulnerable to infections if you allow dirt to live in them. To avoid sick, get a nail brush and scrub out accumulated dirt from underneath the tips of your nails. Also, wash your hands as often as possible to reduce the risk of getting infection. Afterall, na fine you wan fine, you no kill pesin! 😉

  • Regular Refills

Tips On How You Can Maintain Acrylic Nails

I don’t care how much you had your nail extension fixed, all I know is they begin to look tacky when the natural ones start growing out. Besides, leaving refills till later increase the chances of splitting your own nails.

How To Maintain Acrylic Nails

To make it less stressful to refill, buy and keep your own nail supplies including acrylic powder and liquid. This way, you can do a prompt job of polishing your nails when necessary.

  • Remove Like A  Pro

Tips On How You Can Maintain Acrylic Nails

When you need to remove your extension, please don’t act like an agbero. Simply buy pure acetone and soak your nails in it. Do not, I repeat DO NOT force them off. Peeling off your acrylic nails would damage your natural nails irrevocably.

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