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Hacks are lifesavers! They are perfect for when you need fast but effective tips and tricks. Whether it’s using ice bag to expand your new pair of shoes, using translucent powder to make shiny lipstick matte and more,they are work wonders.
There are hacks perfect for different skintones/skintypes, occasions, time/season as well as for those times when you need to get it over and done with fast or being plain lazy.

For when you really don’t want to be bothered but need to stay fab, try any of these five hacks:

If you can’t wait for your moisturizer, primer, toner etc to get dry, blast on a blow dryer to get the matte finish you want- granted some beauty products work best when they are dry before anything go on them. So grab a dryer, blast it across your face for a few seconds to dry off the products.


Keep your makeup remover,wipes, toner, acne cleanser (moisturizers) close to your bed so you have no excuses not to take off your makeup before you go to bed at night especially when you get too lazy to get in the shower.


Use mascara when you run out of your gel eyeliner. Take a small liner brush to get off mascara off the mascara wand to use as an eyeliner. It works because it has the same consistency as a gel eyeliner!

Wake up your eyes by lining the waterline (the inner rim of your eyes). Line your waterline- the lower eyelid- with a nude eye pencil to open the eyes up/look more awake. It’s also a pretty trend especially when you use a while liner.

Use lipstick for shine and colour. For days when you don’t want to go all out, achieve a pop of colour by using your pale lipstick on the lips, the apple of your checks and eyelids to add a bit of sparkle and shine

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