You Know Nothing – Chelsea Goalkeeper Blasts Van Gaal

Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, has fired back at former Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal for his statement about his goalkeeping abilities.

Van Gaal blasted Courtois and Chelsea’s goalkeepers coaching crew after Lionel Messi had the best of the Belgian in two different occasion in Champions League defeat to Barcelona, both of Messi’s goals went through the Belgian’s legs.

While speaking to Sporza today March 25, Courtois said: “When I hear so-called experts talking, I think they know nothing about goalkeeping.

“Van Gaal, for example, such people should not talk about goalkeepers. I know that I am doing well and I am growing to be in top form for the World Cup.

“I can laugh with those jokes on social media. After the game I sent to my friends myself: do you have a net for me? Those swear words are of course something else. There is a lot of jealousy, but I know that every day I work hard to get better.”

Courtois was found wanting in two occasions with Leo Messi twice putting the ball between his legs.

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