The planned protest has however brought about different reactions with some people slamming 2face and refusing to join him in the march.

Some Nigerian celebrities have also revealed that they will boycott his planned protest on February 6, 2017.

Five of them are:

1. Femi Kuti

Vocal son of the late Fela Kuti and four-time Grammy award nominee, Femi Kuti is not going to be part of 2face’s protest.

NET reports he said, “I hear say they want to do protest here, they even choose the day Sunday, Sunday is my day.


So I was thinking, 2face say some people come meet am say make he broadcast am, so no be him sit down for him house com plan am, I for no vex.

Who be the people wey come meet you?” he questioned.

Femi was also heard saying there’s something ‘dodgy’ about the protest because it was planned without him and they decided to use the Afrika Shrine.

2. Bovi

Comedian Bovi Ugboma said he would not be joining the protest.

Bovi took to Instagram on February 1, 2017, saying “Boycott” is too strong a word to describe my not attending. I won’t be there. Simple. It doesn’t define whether I support it or not.

I am not joining the protest, and stop saying ‘we’ and ‘us.’ You don’t belong… life is not governed by your opinions of me.

3. Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus took to Facebook live yesterday, February 2, 2017, saying she doesn’t support 2face’s proposed nationwide protest to hold on Monday, February 6, 2017.

The actress has said she will rather spend her time on more important things than a protest.

In her words, “That time I will use to protest and talk, I will use it to do something good for the people I can help.

Before protesting anything, you have to have a clear focus.

When we hear this and hear this, we will not hear the exact story or know the exact information before you start protesting.

People who know what’s going on in Nigeria, they are protesting, I am not inside Nigeria right now, so I can not protest something that I don’t have the facts for.

So, like I was saying, I’m praying for all of you.” she said.

4. Funke Adesiyan

Yoruba actress and politician Funke Adesiyan also disagrees with 2face over the protest.

The actress, who recently completed a course in film-making and directing at the New York Film Academy in the U.S, stressed the importance of youth participation in governance.

According to her,

When people ask me why I joined politics, I tell them from the truest of my heart that it is because I got tired of how things were being done in my country.

It’s not enough for us to protest, it’s more important for us, youths of this beloved nation, to get involved in governance. You could try many times before you achieve it,” Adesiyan stated.

Adesiyan contested and lost Oyo State House of assembly election under the umbrella of PDP back in 2015

5. Blackface

Former pal Blackface and former member of the defunct group Plantashun Boiz says he’s not in support of 2face’s march.

According to him, “Why didn’t you lead a protest against these governors who mismanaged the Buhari bail out funds and the Paris Club refund money?

Why did you not protest against GEJ’s looting of N51 trillion naira and the Godswill Akpabio alleged looting of over N1 trillion naira from the Akwa Ibom state treasury for which he is being prosecuted by the EFCC?

Why didn’t you protest Akpabio’s alleged corrupting of a Supreme Court justice who is currently being tried for corrupt practices on the bench? Is it because you are a corruption apologist