Intellectuals need to start participating in politics – Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani says the integrity and credibility of President Muhammadu Buhari are not enough lead a country like Nigeria.

Speaking at a symposium in Lagos on Thursday, May 3, 2018, Senator Sani said there was need for the emergence of a new political party made up by intellectuals, the working class and the youths to take Nigeria to the promised land.

“What we have here is one man whose major asset is integrity but how many within that camp can also beat their chests and say they are as credible as he is?” Sani asked.

“We are talking about building a nation and moving it forward, but can just the integrity of the President move the nation to the Promised Land? When we are talking about the qualities of leadership, if only integrity and credibility is what you need to be in public office… integrity or credibility is just one of so many things a leader needs, especially in a troublesome country like Nigeria; there as lot of things a leader needs.

“We need a leader that can give every person the confidence that he is going to be fair and just. We also need a leader who is visionary, who can move the country from where it is to where it should be,” he added.

While urging those in the academia to actively participate in politics, Sani maintained that the dominant political parties in Nigeria cannot move the country forward.

“The intellectuals need to move forward; you need not be scared of the political terrain. Most people you see in political offices, outside they say they are representing the people, but they represent an individual, a certain power broker.

“The existing dominant political parties cannot lead us to the Promised Land; there is a need for a progressive political class to come together, reach out to the academics, the intelligentsia, the working class, come out together with a party that is run on a certain ideology,” the Kaduna lawmaker said.

Senator Sani recently revealed that Nigerian lawmakers in the Red Chambers receive N13.5 million monthly as running cost.

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