How to increase VLC Player Volume to 300%

Today’s tech tips show you how to increase the volume of your VLC to 300%, just in case you like it loud.

  • One of the best things about VLC player before version 2.1.1 was the ability to raise the volume up to 200% as watching a movie in a noisy room without a headset can be frustrating, but with VLC player volume raised way above the normal level, the loudness makes it easier.

For reasons best known to Video LAN Organization, they decided to remove this feature and dropped the maximum volume to 125% right from version 2.1.1.

Here is a trick to make the player volume work like it used to and even crank it up to 300%.

  1. Launch VLC Player and go to Tools > Preferences

  2. Under Show Settings, select the All radio button.

  3. On the left panel, locate and expand Main Interfaces, then select Qt.

  4. On the right panel, scroll down to the bottom and change the maximum volume displayed.

You can change the value to whatever you like but the maximum volume is 300%.  Save your changes and restart the player.

Note: we are not responsible if something goes wrong with your speakers. There’s a reason this setting is hidden. There are cases where VLC damaged speakers.

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