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#IamProud Campaign: “YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD” by Bayo-Tijani Bolaji



Triotinaija I am proud campaign
“God is the Epitome of Pride”. God is God because He knows that He is God. According to the Scripture, “Let us create Man in Our Own Image” said God to the Angels. Man was created with an auspicious identity. This depicts that; you are capable of running your own affairs.

I am proud campaign by triotinaija

With this, I say; “Man Up”.
Identifying one’s self is a phenomenon while realizing one’s self is another phenomenon. In between these lies your ‘confidence’ ( i.e believing in yourself and capabilities).
According to the 14th Dalai Lama, “With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better World”.

This statement can only appeal to the heart of an Achiever, so I ask; do you want to be an Achiever or just a Believer?
Who is a Believer? A Believer is one who accepts that a particular concept or issue is true. Who is an Achiever? An Achiever is one who succeeds in what he or she believes in. It does not suffice man just to be a Believer but to pursue his or her beliefs to become an Achiever.
The belief in one’s self and capabilities precedes success. Being proud of whom you are will only facilities one’s success.
Summarily, self-confidence is the recipe of success and the combatant against failure of man. It is mandatory for every achiever to possess and for a believer to graduate to being an Achiever, he or she must possess self-confidence because “Only the Feebles seek to be known by fathers’ name”.

Written by
Bayo-Tijani Bolaji Abdullahi



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