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Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves is having eye implants next



Rodrigo Alves who is famous for his many cosmetic surgeries in a bid to transform himself into a human version of popular toy, Ken Doll was rushed to emergencies after his drink was spiked in New York. The 33yr old said:

‘I had been out for dinner at Catch with my friend Diane, who is a socialite, and we headed to the Boom Boom lounge on top of a hotel, before going to a place called Marquee.
‘People were being very friendly and asking for selfies and offering me drinks. We bumped into lots of different faces and I was turning down shots because I only drink champagne or prosecco when I am out. I had been working really hard all week and so I didn’t want to drink too much, but I felt like letting my hair down as a treat to myself.

‘When we went to the Marquee club, we met another group of people and by then, I was cautious but still had my wits about me.  It really wasn’t my scene there as everyone was in jeans and trainers, with baseball caps and I had a red velvet Dolce and Gabbana suit with glitter running through it.

But he claims that something suddenly felt wrong, saying: ‘ I started feeling a little strange and dizzy, so I started sipping on some iced water.

‘I remember someone bought some Dom Perignon, but I wasn’t really drinking, and all of a sudden I collapsed by the DJ booth and woke up in the emergency room.
‘Diane was holding my hand and doctors told me I had my drink spiked. They said if I had carried on drinking, my body could have gone into shock.


‘They also said that because I’ve had so much surgery and had general anaesthetic so many times, I am more fragile if something like this happens.’
‘I questioned why someone would do this to me. I’m sure they didn’t want any funny business, if you know what I mean.

‘But maybe they wanted to rob me, or beat me up, kidnap me, or throw me in the Hudson River.
‘I’m feeling much better now, but it’s so embarrassing and my suit is ruined. It’s so dirty from when I fell down. My bones ache. It’s very unpleasant.’

He revealed he’ll be flying out to India soon for yet another cosmetic procedure to have his eye colour permanently changed. He said:

‘I’m having eye implants so I don’t have to keep wearing expensive hand-painted lenses. I’m not scared at all. I can’t wait to have it done.’

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