How To Have Stronger Arms Without Lifting Weights

A lot of men lift weights either at home or in the gym to have a perfectly sculpted body that women will crave to touch.

A good way of getting that dream body is to work on your arms in such a way that every shirt you wear will hug your biceps and create a stylish fit.

There are a number of exercises that require you to carry weights to have strong and bulging arms but there are a number of others that you can do without lifting weights.

You don’t need a gym or machine to have great looking arms as all you need is yourself and a will to go through the pain and rigours.

You should however note that to get the best results from the arm exercises below, you should prepare your body my doing cardio and light stretching for between 5 to 10 minutes

Do the exercises below without weights, twice or thrice weekly to have the strong arms you desire.

The Downward Dog Push-up
This push up requires you to start your exercise from a yoga position known as the “downward dog”. It simply entails you putting your hands on the ground, with your legs straight in such a way that your body forms the shape of a triangle.

Proceed to point your feet and fingers forward, while sliding back and forth from a push-up position to a down-ward dog position. Perform this exercise 10 to twenty times, two to three repetitions.

The Swan Push-up

This arms exercise also has a good effect on the deltoid and chest muscles. The Swan push up requires you to get into a traditional push-up position and then bring your arms outward to your sides as far as you comfortably feel.

You can then go ahead and push your body to the floor and back up as you would do in a traditional push-up position. Ten of these arm exercises is sufficient, when repeated two to three times.

The Diamond Push-up

The diamond push-up requires you to place your hands under your chest, while making sure your fingers are pointed towards each other to form a triangle shape.

Slowly lower your body weight down to the floor by bending your elbow and extend your elbow to lift your body back up.

This exercise has good effect on the muscles lining your back and also on your triceps. Do two to three sets made up of 15 repetitions each.

The Frog Stand

The frog Stand can build your biceps and make your arms stronger. All you need to do is to place your hands on the ground so that your fingers are facing forward.

Pull yourself into a downward squat, with your knees positioned in a way that they are turned to form a 90 degree angle. Shift the weight of your body to the balls of your feet while leaning forward, so that your thighs are on top of your elbows.

You can modify this position by resting your head on the ground. Try and stay in this position for 10 seconds before repeating it twice or thrice.

The Crab Dips

Believe it or not, you can perform some of the best arm exercises with or without a piece of furniture such as a bench.

If you don’t have a piece of furniture readily available, all you need to do is go into a reverse push-up position, where you lower your arms until your buttocks is about a couple of inches away from the floor.

All you need to do after this is to bend your knees or attempt to walk your legs out in front of you. Do the crab Dips twenty times for two sets.

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